5 Subtle Clues The Universe Gives When It's Time To Make A Big Change In Your Life

Find a new path toward your destiny.

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Few people actually stick with their childhood dreams. Sometimes, what we believe to be our destiny shows that it is not. We don't reach our destiny — at least not the destiny we believed we were meant for.

But there's no need to worry, because there are certain times in which it is okay to gracefully bow out of the great race to your dreams. The universe, or maybe something inside of you, knows when it's time to seek out a new life.


Here are 5 signs from the universe that it's time to make a big change in your life

1. You stop believing in yourself

You can only make things go your way, against all the odds, if you believe in yourself. You should always be confident in your potential and capability of pulling out what some people think is impossible.

When you stop believing in your abilities, you seek others to motivate you to perform. Not all people around you are able to or will do that heavy lifting, though.



Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even the people around you. When you dare to dream, you have to understand that dreams don’t work like this. Others will only believe in you when you keep thinking that you can.


If you feel you can, only then will you be able to achieve your goals. And with a gentle nudge from the universe, you'll have that confidence in yourself once more.

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2. You feel your path won't lead to success

Your results are a by-product of the process. Ideally, you should enjoy the journey and not think much about the destination. Most people believe excessively in the outcome, but while doing that they push their dreams away.

When you invest in something, a certain amount of risk remains involved. Goals and the path of achieving them work just like that. On the contrary, uncertainty makes the journey full of excitement.


However, it is the fear attached to this uncertainty that causes people to stop seeking their goals. So when you begin feeling like you're on the wrong path, the universe will course-correct.

3. You lose discipline

To make your dreams into reality, you need to be disciplined. When you fail to maintain that discipline in your life, at some point you have to give up on your goals.

You may have started the journey in a thoroughly disciplined manner. Still, somewhere between your starting and end points, you need to gain more focus, determination, and discipline.



Lack of all these qualities has led to your downfall and inability to fulfill your deepest desires. Instead of losing hope, turn to the universe for guidance, and you'll find that the loss of this trait is all to tell you a big change is coming.


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4. You feel bored

In this life journey, you can keep trying without fearing failure. For example, if you stop running in a race, you can’t win a race. You need to understand that you can’t just stop while pursuing something you want.

Some people stop chasing their dreams because they get bored with the process. This boredom comes from the failure to reinvent oneself. People stop their persuasion, which is a sad reality.

Roadblocks will keep on coming your way, which changes the path. Many people fail to change and ultimately become frustrated by the unpredictable nature of the journey. But don't decide that the journey is over; instead, consider it one of the biggest signs from the universe that it's time to make a big change in your life.


5. You think others won't value your dreams

Most people fail to make others realize what they want from life. This failure to vocalize their opinion leads them to doubt their own aspirations.

Moreover, what others will think about their goals, and what will make their friends and family happy, often prevent people from valuing their desires. This guarantees nothing but an unhappy feeling.



You can let people misunderstand your objectives, but don’t let them decide your fate. A person who fears being misunderstood often lets others prove them wrong, but when it feels like others simply don't get it, trust in the power of the universe.


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Sidhharrth Kumaar is an astro-numerologist and Founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge of modern sciences to solve real-world problems in the areas of mental well-being and relationship growth.