The Luckiest Day This Week For Each Zodiac Sign March 4 - 10, 2024

You must always be willing to take a risk on your dreams.

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"Risk something or forever sit with your dreams." - H. Brooks. There are moments in life and astrology when you are guided to have patience. You need to focus on the steps to take and process your emotions, yet others invite you to simply decide what kind of life you want to live and then go after it with reckless abandon. This is one of those moments, and it's yours to make of it whatever you will.  


In the week of March 4, Mercury will shift into Aries just before the New Moon in Pisces rises. It gives you a supercharged sense of confidence to be more decisive and to take action on whatever dreams you have for yourself or your life.

Mercury in Aries directs you to become more focused on the goals and outcomes rather than talking through what-if scenarios or the opinions of others. This helps you realize what is most important to you. Then, as the New Moon in Pisces occurs, it brings you to the brink where you know the only way to set about changing your life is to take a leap of faith.  


It's said that sometimes you just need to take a leap and trust that your wings will appear once you fly. This speaks to the idea that there is no way to know what the next steps will be unless you give yourself over to your destiny.

The week of March 4 isn't a time for overthinking, nor is it one where you should be entertaining the suggestions of everyone in your life. Instead, spend some time in quiet with yourself, become crystal clear on what it is that you want for yourself — and then let yourself be moved to take action.


The only dreams that are guaranteed never to come true are also those you never take a risk to achieve. It's far better to say you tried, learned and accepted the redirection than to sit with, never knowing what would have happened if you had. Embrace the opportunity for a lucky turn of events in the week of March 4 as you realize that you are fully empowered not only to believe in yourself but also to create the life your soul craves.  

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Each zodiac sign's luckiest day of the week from March 4 - 10, 2024:


Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your house of authenticity  

Mercury will return to your zodiac sign on Saturday, March 9, helping you to return to what it is you want for yourself. Although the start of the year has brought challenges and made you feel like you haven't been able to shine as brightly as you would like, there is a positive change in store for you.  


As Mercury shifts into Aries, pay more attention to how you speak to yourself and advocate for what you want. Release the need to talk yourself out of your inner desires or dreams and instead validate yourself. Use this sense of confidence to choose what you want and to make tough decisions. Most of all, you should no longer look back over the graveyard of what-ifs in your life.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your house of strength  

Pisces energy governs your house of strength, which helps you make your wishes come true and become more discerning in those you include on your journey. A New Moon does bring that new beginning that you have been craving. You're also going to need to be firm about what it is that you deserve from life. Don't be afraid to dig in your heels a bit or cut off those who don't have your best interests at heart because it all goes into you being able to move from a place of luck.  


The New Moon in Pisces fills you with the strength and hope to believe in the decisions you are making for yourself. Take advantage of this and reflect more on how the opinions of others have shaped your life while being determined to make the necessary changes. When you honor your inner strength, you will also be able to make any decision that helps put you in the place to receive the luck that is destined for you.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your sector of career  

There is a new beginning in your career in the week of March 4 as the New Moon in Pisces rises in your sector of career. This is your chance to take all you've reflected on and learned over the past year. Now, strike out in a completely new direction. Don't waste time second-guessing yourself; instead, trust that whatever seeds were meant to be planted already have.  


The New Moon in Pisces brings about a new beginning and redirection — which can mean a new job, promotion, change of major, or the opportunity to combine your financial success with your soul purpose. You will have to take a risk here, likely being able to give up what seems stable to step into this new chapter. You should know you are being fully supported here. You are ready for this change, even if it feels risky.

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your house of luck  

Pisces rules over your house of luck, so this is an incredibly lucky New Moon for you. You have been working to reconnect to your purpose and feel like yourself after some major life changes. This has even resulted in your being uncertain about the direction or path of your life. Still, as the New Moon in Pisces rises, you will be filled with the inspiration necessary to take advantage of each opportunity the universe presents. 


The New Moon in Pisces is all about luck by venturing outside of your comfort zone. Whatever new opportunity you've been considering or that comes your way during this time is connected to this, but you must consciously choose it. Just because your fate is meant for you doesn't mean you also won't have to decide it's meant for you. When you can believe that the universe is conspiring in your favor, then you can also have faith that every choice will only lead you closer to the life destined for you.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your sector of abundance  

Mercury will shift into Aries on Saturday, March 9, highlighting your sector of abundance. Mercury rules conversations, your inner dialogue, and the opportunities presented to you. In this part of your life, expect invitations to travel, to take a new course or to participate in a business venture. As much as it may seem you have a lot going on in your life, you must also leave space for the magic of the unexpected.  


Mercury in Aries helps you become more focused on your goals, so you will be able to be more determined in knowing which opportunities will lead to the life you want to live and which won't. This can also help you feel more empowered as Aries is another fire sign, so if you've been neglecting your dreams or desires, expect a return to living life more on your terms — which is often the luckiest choice you can make.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your house of transformation 

Aries energy rules over your sector of transformation, which helps you take a more proactive role in moving through whatever the universe is bringing in the present moment. While surrender is always an important feat, there is also the willingness to take on what is being presented to you, knowing that the only way is to start walking that way.  


Expect a greater excitement to embrace the changes in your life while Mercury is in Aries. This can help you formulate more in-depth plans for what you want for yourself and your romantic relationship. Allow yourself to be direct and honest with those in your life, prioritizing growth over any feelings and reminding yourself that by taking charge of your destiny, you are sure to create it as well.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your sector of determination  

Pisces energy highlights your house of determination. Often, Pisces is seen as a softer sign, one that may not be known for determination. You must also remember the power of water that this sign represents. It may not burn bridges like fire signs or move heaven and earth to bring a dream to reality. By sheer persistence and will, water is able to forge a path where nothing else could.  


Lean into your determination, knowing that it doesn't have to be forceful or without rest, but only that you refuse to give up on what you most want. Life does move slower than you'd like it to at times, but that doesn't mean anything isn't happening. As the New Moon in Pisces rises, it really represents your new beginning, so this is not the time to give up — your breakthrough is almost here.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your house of boundaries  

Mercury is the planet of communication, and in Aries, it highlights your need for boundaries. This area of your natal chart governs all matters of well-being. For you to truly feel like your best self, you mustn't struggle with deciding who gets to be a part of it or not. You feel the way you do for a reason, so trust that as you move forward.  


As Mercury shifts into Aries, take the time to become unapologetic about your wants and dreams for life. Aries is direct focused and can help you not worry about hurting the feelings of others just because you want something different than they do. Boundaries come in where you need to protect yourself from this. Whether it's the opinions or wants of others, you get to decide what you will accept or what you want. This becomes the beginning of everything you have ever dreamed of.

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your sector of healing  

As the energies of the New Moon in Pisces reach you, there will be a wave of healing energy surrounding you and your life. While not as glitzy as travel or finances, healing allows you to change your life from the ground up. When you can understand there's a difference in the decisions your wounded self would make versus those of your healing self, then you can also start to trust yourself more.  


Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith in the choices you make for your life this week, especially if it all comes down to the healing you've been so diligently working through. When you heal the parts of yourself that doubted or feared greatness, then you also are finally able to create it. Lean into the faith that you have that this new chapter will be your best yet and rise to any occasion that occurs.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, March 10, New Moon in Pisces in your house of communication 

Communication is one of the most important parts of your life because it lets you feel in control of your destiny. Learning to communicate what is necessary for the goal to be achieved versus what makes up a truly fulfilling life is something you must often learn. It's never too late to have a new beginning, and that's precisely what the New Moon in Pisces brings this week for you.  


The New Moon in Pisces offers you a new beginning in how you speak to yourself and how you communicate with others. This helps you mend fences, heal any recent challenges, and feel as if you are the master of your universe. Don't be afraid to be the one to offer an olive branch, as it may just be the necessary step to feel like luck is truly on your side.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your sector of agreements 

Mercury will shift into Aries and help you become more confident in the agreements you make and those you disregard as well. Mercury is the planet that rules over communication. In this area of your natal chart, you feel that impact intensified as conversations and written communication will serve as the portal to your luckiest fate.  


Mercury in Aries will help you make important decisions about your worth. This can apply to professional aspects and those closer to home. You are no longer second-guessing yourself or worrying about being nice.

Instead, you know that the only way to create what you deserve is to honor that inner sense of worth. Try to trust your intuitive instincts more this week and your ability to decide now so that you don't miss a single opportunity that is truly heaven-sent.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, March 9, Mercury in Aries in your house of wealth  

With the North Node in Aries all year, you already know that financial and professional success is on the horizon. You've been wondering exactly when that would arrive. Lucky for you, as Mercury shifts into Aries, following the North Node Chiron conjunction in February, you should expect that the good news you've been dreaming of is finally arising.  


Mercury will shift into Aries, highlighting themes of success and wealth, which will bring in new offers or rewards for your past work. Everything you've been doing has been leading to this moment so that you'd be able to receive it fully, and now that is all you must do.

Don't be afraid to take a risk and ask for more if you don't feel like your worth is being honored, as the more you declare what you deserve, the more the universe will work to make it a reality.  

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