What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest This Week By Journalling During The Last New Moon Of The Year

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings fire to our intention setting.

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The last New Moon of the year sets the stage for powerful writing and intention setting. The New Moon in Sagittarius says we are ALL about our emotions. This is the time to mend any lingering rifts we may have because we have the emotional bandwidth for it right now.

The Last New Moon will lead us to the Moon entering Capricorn on December 13, allows us to reflect and have mental bandwidth. So, any big projects or tasks we should totally jump on now. Things are definitely looking up and we are having a whole new beginning. This works great because on December 13, Mercury turns retrograde and this will last until the New Year. There may be some lags in tech or needed information. Our patience may be short.


Then Moon Square Aquarius gets up amped up and moodier than usual but like all bad moods, it passes. Spinoza said, "If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past." That's what journaling is for. Combining a journaling practice with your scripting practices allows you to reflect on the past and then CREATE your future.

So, for your overall scripting homework, try writing about your firsts this coming year. But write it from the perspective of the end of 2023. Start it by writing, "2023 has been a super successful year. I have completed many firsts. I went skydiving for the first time, etc." The point is to be intentional. Everything we do and want to do will be intentional in this coming year, and we will start with the end in mind.


Here's what your zodiac sign can manifest during the New Moon this week:

Aries Manifest: A voice

Once Mercury turns retrograde, you'll need to prioritize what's actually important in your life. As well as review what you've done as well. It will be a balancing act as some questions are being raised in some areas of your life while answers are swiftly being provided in others.

Journal Prompt: What is the number 1 thing you worry won't be completed by the end of the year?

What is pressing you right now that needs to be said? Write it out and get it out. Sometimes, that is all you need to feel relieved but it doesn't have to stop there. Use this as a script to say to someone or to repeat it to your friends for extra relief before you start or complete the project.

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Taurus Manifest: magic

It's hard to make magic in the middle of a terograde but if anyone can do it, it's you, Taurus. The most important thing is making sure everything is done in the right order. Think of your task list like an assembly line. You need to do steps 1-7 before you jump to step 10.

Journal Prompt: what have I already manifested?

The best way to pump yourself up is to realize. You have already manifested so many things in life. Perhaps it's your new job or partner. Maybe it's getting better from an illness or being able to see someone who said they wouldn't be able to see you. Your prayers are your manifestations and seeing them happen in real life is true magic.

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Gemini Manifest: love

The new Moon could very much mean new love or bettering existing relationships in your life. However you view it, healthfully use this energy. Look at all financial statements and forms that you've been putting off completing before you gift-give yourself into possible debt. 

Journal Prompt: pre-plan how you will healthily handle conflict.

Anything pressing in your internal world is a source of conflict. Having a plan will help you fight back against overthinking, racing thoughts or thinking you could have or should have done things differently. In your perfect world, how would you react to it all?

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Cancer Manifest: your new reality

The New Moon has you ready to sort everything in your life into neat little piles. And unlike others who might be starting a new project or goal in the coming year, you will just be continuing what you've already started. Look at how far you've come thus far. 

Journal Prompt: take it step by step. Tonight, script your day for tomorrow. No, to-do lists. Just write what small steps you're taking toward your goals.

Use present tense: "Pick up kids from school and be grateful I have them in my life. Cook a nutritious meal for myself and/or family that will nourish those that I love." Applying a why to your tasks gives them purpose and makes sure you're more likely to do them with joy.

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Leo Manifest: Awareness

The New Moon will bring new people into your life. You like new people because then you can start fresh and there is no baggage. But inevitably, at some point, conflict will enter every new relationship. Let's approach said conflict in a healthy way, shall we?

Journal Prompt: what automatic behaviors would you categorize as not as healthy? For ex. Is it cutting people off while they say things you don't want to hear? 

You just need to be aware of them, as old habits die hard. Add to the list as you go along this week. Just take notice of things you do without thinking about them.

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Virgo Manifest: Allies

For you, Virgo, you currently have a lot of ideas on how to support your family. This is excellent. Just make sure they are supporting you as well. This goal works great because both your home and family will center you this month.

Journal Prompt: Who helps you directly or indirectly with your goals?

Your allies are your vital support network for your dream life. It could be a product service, a religious network, or people who care for you, but everyone needs support to manifest their ideal reality.

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Libra Manifest: gratitude

New beginnings abound with this New Moon. Retrograde comes along with it but that's just called universal balance. It's nothing to fret over.


Journal Prompt: reflect on past journal entries, find worries that have now resolved themselves, and express gratitude for past manifestations.

The secret to scripting is realizing we are ALWAYS manifesting a new reality whether we intend to or not. By being intentional and observant, we can curate more of the good stuff and less of the not-so-good stuff.

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Scorpio Manifest: divine sensuality

You're always antsy this time of year and this year is no different. You realize you want to do a million things. Slow down, and take stock of your time. Everything you want is within your reach but your happiness will dictate how much energy you have for them.


Journal Prompt: How can you take more information in from your senses? How can you taste more, smell more, and experience more?

Your senses are heightened, much more than any other zodiac sign, so tending to them and creating unique experiences for them is of the utmost importance.

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Sagittarius Manifest: gratitude

This month's retrograde will require slowing down before you speed up. You truly want to reinvent yourself, and you will have the chance, but take stock of what is working before you start working on everything that is faulty. And that is because a lot is going your way. You just need to realize it.


Journal Prompt: Use these fill-in gratitude prompts to get you focused on all that is going right in life

1. I'm so grateful that I completed xyz before it was due.

2. I'm so grateful that my xyz came right on time.

3. I'm so grateful that my xyz is in working order today and does not need repair.

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Capricorn Manifest: allies

Cap retrograde works differently for you. It will give you the utmost introspection and have you overthink everything. Allow the new Moon to help you start fresh and leave behind any residual resentment in 2023. Now is the time to heal.


Journal Prompt: Write out 5 of your main allies and what you have learned from them. 

Your allies can be whoever and whatever you wish but they must be helpful to your life in some way. Sometimes, people who wrong us can right us with an apology. Sometimes, you can find mentorship in the most hopeless of places. Take note of each.

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Aquarius Manifest: cycle syncing, routines, nature

Aquarius, a dream is within arms reach but retrograde may account for some temporary delays. Be patient. Your time will come.

Journal Prompt: What natural cycles are ending in your life right now? 

Maybe a co-worker is leaving or you are ending a relationship. Learn to respect and expect cycles of beginning and ending because life is full of them.


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Pisces Manifest: opportunity

Pisces, you have steamed through a bunch of creative tough periods this year to produce a lot. You have a mountain of almost completed work. Just make sure to edit it and streamline it for your audience so it can have maximum impact when it comes out!

Journal Prompt: opportunity knocks on your door. Are you dressed and prepared for it? What can you do to be 100% prepared for 2024?

Do you need to go to the DMV or tie up other loose ends? Brainstorm a list and appropriate them to get to it!

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