The Type Of Intelligence You Naturally Embody, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your intelligence archetype is the purest manifestation of your personality in the intellectual arena.

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Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself. It can reveal the intricate details about your personality, who you will be the most compatible with, why you may prefer Wednesdays to Sundays and more. But this is not about type-casting you into a box. It's more about revealing the various zodiac archetypes that live within us so we can be the best version of ourselves and focus our attention on our strengths.


Your intelligence archetype is the purest manifestation of your personality in the intellectual arena. And working with it, not against it, is the best thing one can do. After all, one shouldn't ask a fish to climb a tree or be a technician when one's talent lies in music, so to speak. 

Here's your intelligence archetype, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries intelligence archetype: the implementor

The intelligence archetype of fast-acting Aries is that of The Implementor. While Aries may not be the ultimate mastermind of intricate plans and strategies, they are excellent at executing plans and being an enforcer. They can do this just as easily by themselves or in a team led by them, but they need to have the reins in their own hands. Listening to podcasts is a great way to hone this intelligence archetype as the more hacks and workarounds you know of, the faster you will be able to accomplish your goals.

Taurus intelligence archetype: the investor

The intelligence archetype of patient Taurus is that of The Investor. As a zodiac sign that has fortune's hand firmly placed on its head, Taurus can easily use their intelligence to make themselves tons of money, invest in companies and ideas before they blow up, or build their own enterprise to success. It all requires time, patience, and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time without letting doubt shackle your legs.

Gemini intelligence archetype: the wit

The intelligence archetype of mercurial Gemini is that of The Wit. What else can one expect from a zodiac sign ruled by the planet of intelligence? Whether they are sinking humorous one-lines into their target or charming the pants off of their lover, Gemini knows how to use their intelligence to get what they want in the most fun manner possible. Their intelligence tends to shine best when they have an audience and are in a social setting.

Cancer intelligence archetype: the intuitive

The intelligence archetype of gentle Cancer is that of The Intuitive. And it's all because of the influence of the Moon on this zodiac sign. Yes, they can suffer from extreme mood swings and bouts of tear fall, but Cancers are really good at reading between the lines and understanding the sensitivities of others. When they use their powers for good, Cancers can use their intelligence to bring comfort and kindness to a lot of people, whether they are family members, acquaintances, or strangers.


Leo intelligence archetype: the creative genius

The intelligence archetype of bold Leo is that of The Creative Genius. Leo does not like to be told what to do, and they definitely don't like to do things the way everyone else is doing them. This, when coupled with their natural creativity, boldness, and larger-than-life personality, gives rise to trends that no one could see coming. In fact, Leo is not just a creative genius, they are a creative director because when they really lean into their intelligence archetype, they can be just as picky about the details as any Virgo worth their salt.

Virgo intelligence archetype: the astute

The intelligence archetype of observant Virgo is that of The Astute. Just like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by the planet of intelligence, Mercury. So you can bet your bottom dollar Virgo knows exactly what they want at all times and how to get to the finish line with the least amount of nuisance and the most amount of pride in what they have produced. And while they can be good team players, Virgos are better suited to solo endeavors where they can really let their expertise and attention to detail take front-row seats.

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Libra intelligence archetype: the social climber

The intelligence archetype of balanced Libra is that of The Social Climber. And that's not a judgment on the zodiac sign of judgments. Libras are excellent at socializing with people and know how to find common goals with everyone to foster good friendships and increase the reliability of their network. Combine this with their reticence for impulsive actions and desire to come across as fair, beautiful and beneficient in all dealings, Libras almost always get to the top of the food chain in one way or another. And they do it in the classiest manner possible.


Scorpio intelligence archetype: the politician

The intelligence archetype of powerful Scorpio is that of The Politician. Scorpios are excellent at reading between the lines and knowing when to say what to get what they want. They can definitely use this power for evil if they want to, but there's no reason why it can't be used for good. Of course, this does give Scorpios a reputation for being manipulative and controlling, but if they are good at using their intelligence archetype, they can easily flip the script and be seen as charismatic and alluring instead.

Sagittarius intelligence archetype: the learner

The intelligence archetype of friendly Sagittarius is that of The Learner. Sagittarius is known for being a life-long learner, and they are excellent at having deep conversations with people about anything and everything under the sun. They are just as good listeners (when a topic interests them) as speakers (when they are sharing information about things they know). By the end of their life, they usually have a rolodex of the weirdest facts stored away in their mind along with a smorgasbord of experiences from all around the world.

Capricorn intelligence archetype: the general

The intelligence archetype of strategic Capricorn is that of The General. Capricorn does not like losing their battles and wars. So they prefer to strategize intensively before they set their plans into action. This can be seen just as easily in the career space as in the game of love. But since Capricorn is usually averse to emotional displays in themselves and others, they often use their intelligence in a way that doesn't take other's well-being or emotions into consideration. So they definitely need to watch out for that!

Aquarius intelligence archetype: the mad scientist

The intelligence archetype of future-focused Aquarius is that of The Mad Scientist. You can also call it the “eccentric genius” or the “Mad Hatter.” The point is, Aquarius is usually thirty steps ahead of most people around them. And even in the company of like-minded and equally gifted peers, Aquarius can still find a way to be two steps ahead of the curve. This intelligence archetype, unfortunately, can make Aquarius feel outcasted by the general population. But most Aquarians grow up to prefer having a smaller circle of like-minded friends and learn not to be bothered by this disconnect.


Pisces intelligence archetype: the mystic

The intelligence archetype of intuitive Pisces is that of The Mystic. As the last zodiac sign on the zodiac wheel, Pisces is an extremely spiritual sign. They are often said to have one foot in another world, which is why they often come across as unfocused or lost in the clouds. Interestingly, this attunement to the collective gives rise to a brilliant intelligence that cannot be quantified or explained but still gives rise to the most extraordinary and intriguing outcomes. But Pisces needs to watch out for insecurities and low self-esteem as that can get in the way of this intelligence archetype.

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