How The Astrology Of Sagittarius Season Effects All Zodiac Signs Until The End Of The Year

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sagittarius season 2023

Welcome to the party, or in astrological terms, welcome to Sagittarius season which will effect us until the end of the year. Whether we want to be involved or not, we won't be able to help but get pulled into one party situation or another simply because Sagittarius season coincides with the holidays. Whether we're there for it all or not, 'the holiday season' is upon us.

Sagittarius is a fantastic zodiac sign. We're fortunate to experience it at the end of the year simply because this zodiac sign is the number one fan of positivity and optimism. During Sagittarius season, we feel better than usual. We want to believe, we want to love and we want to trust that the future has something great in store for us.



This is also the season where we get courageous. Mercury will leave Sagittarius to enter Capricorn on December 1st, but it will retrograde mid-December and return to the sign of Sagittarius where it will be through it's retrograde season. It will station direct in Sagittarius on January 1, 2024, and go through a shadow period for two weeks when it reenters Capricorn. This is when we do a lot of 'popping the question' or suggesting that we take our love lives to the next level.

This party is just beginning, but one thing we know is that during Sagittarius season, we're not going anywhere unless it shows us a good time — past, present or future. We are here for the gold. This is the time of the year when we make our resolutions. Let them be filled with light and hope.

Here is how the changes during Sagittarius season effect all zodiac signs until the end of the year:


(March 21 - April 19)

Fire signs do well during fire sign season, and you'll be feeling it big time during Sagittarius season. Expect love to flow your way in terms of family and romance. You absolutely refuse to go down with the ship, and the last thing you'll accept is the idea that next year will be anything like this year: you need hope, and Sagittarius season gives it to you in heaping doses. You feel amazing, charged up and ready to go during Sagittarius season.



You're going to get the Sagittarius season kick right off the bat, meaning that November is when everything about your attitude changes. You're going to step up and remember that you're an Aries and that failure is not an option here. You move through the world with style and grace and you show them all who's boss. It's all good during Sagittarius season for you, Aries.

Keywords for the season: power, change, resilience

Most loving days: You've got a lot to look forward to and many positive transits to back you up during this time. If falling in love is part of your agenda, count on days like November 23 and 24 for romance, curiosity and passion. December dates include the 7th for falling in love. Great luck occurs on December 10, 11 and 12.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Sagittarius season brings you a well-needed change when it comes to how you perceive the trials and tribulations that have occurred in your romantic life. You do not want your romance to fail and you've put in much time, effort AND money; you want to see a return. You want to know that your efforts to keep this thing going have worked out, and it will be during December that you'll see great good fortune.

While November is looking good, it's more about finding positivity and sticking with it. You won't want to lose that, and as soon as Sagittarius season kicks in, you'll start to feel more secure in the idea that positive energy creates positive results. One good feeling leads to the next, and all of it points towards the idea that you and your partner will work this out, one way or another.

Keywords for the season: persistence, stamina, stubbornness

Most loving days: November 22 brings in the first glimmer of hope, but it's not until December 15 - 18 that the real fun starts. What you wanted is coming back and it's all because you're not the only one who picks up on the good Sagittarius season vibe. Count on your partner to come through for you. Trust in them. They love you as much as you love them.

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(May 21 - June 20)

What you've been in need of is what you'll be getting during Sagittarius season, and that's more than likely a good attitude and the idea that you haven't been left out of the picture. It's been a trying year for you, and while you don't exactly feel like you've failed yourself, you're still waiting around for your big break. What you'll see is that during Sagittarius season, breaks seem to make themselves available to you, especially in December, which comes as a surprise for you.

While November feels promising, something interesting is coming your way in December and that is ... love. Wow, who knew! There's this awesome New Moon energy coming your way and it puts energy into your step, which in turn makes you feel attractive to others. Mid-December starts to turn up the flame a bit, showing you that you still have what it takes. For the first time in a long while, you're looking at what it's like to have hope again.

Keywords for the season: surprise, encouragement, attraction

Most loving days: December 12 starts up the magic in your love life,  but it's not going to be truly believable for you until the 20th when things really start looking romantic. Yes, it can happen to you, and while you might not be able to understand that right now, you can trust in the idea that there really is something loving to look forward to.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Sagittarius season always puts a smile on your face and in a way, you've been ready for this sun season, as it coincides with so many of the plans you like tending to during this time of the year. You're already in a good mood and Sagittarius season only serves to take that good mood up a notch. The optimism that comes with this season allows you to trust in your own love life, knowing that all things will work out as planned.

You'll get to experience the full Sagittarius season in both months, November and December, as many dates work in your favor. While you might find that things aren't moving fast enough for your taste, you'll be able to kick back once December hits and you start seeing just how fortunate you really are during this time. There's a lot to look forward to; have patience and trust in the universe.

Keywords for the season: trust, happiness, organization

Most loving days: While November 7 and 8 bring you very good reasons to think that your love life will be glorious, it's not until December 11 and 12 that the real deal comes to clarify everything for you. Not to mention that December is also a great money month for you, so between love and finance, you're going to find yourself a happy person. Not too shabby, Cancer!

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(July 23 - August 22)

Bring it on, fellow fire sign! You love Sagittarius season and you know what it does for you, as it never fails to deliver the upbeat feelings and the positive energy in gigantic ways. You, being Leo, do not let a bit of that amazing optimism go to waste. November starts up your creative energy, but it's December that has you looking like a true superstar when it comes to love and romance.

Partnered or not, you won't be lacking in anything or any department during Sagittarius season of '23. You feel playful and competitive; you want to win it all, and your hunger for life and love is enormous. What's nice about all of this is that you can back it all up with kindness and gracious behavior. You're not just eager to please. You are attractive and irresistible during Sagittarius season. This is when you get to lay on the charm, big time.

Keywords for the season: charm, lust, humor

Most loving days: Your absolute best day of the season is December 12, as you're able to wrangle that New Moon energy into something that becomes a beacon sent out in search of love. What this day brings you is a future filled with love and kindness. What you do on this day resonates with the universe, so keep those thoughts beautiful and filled with hope on this day, Leo.

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(August 23 - September 22)

While November may still bring you some of the stress that comes with 'thinking' about the holidays to come, you'll find that as soon as Sagittarius season kicks in, you'll almost automatically start to feel more accepting of your situation. Your love life isn't as bad as you'd like to think it is, and once you get on that positive energy kick, you'll start to feel as though everything you've gone through with your partner is part of the greater plan.

That plan is starting to look very, very good to you. During Sagittarius season, there will be days of extreme joy followed by humbling moments of gratitude. You really do love your life, even if you don't like to admit it. As the fear in you subsides, you allow in some of the crazy Sagittarius optimism. Whether it's blind optimism or not, it does the trick and sets you on a much happier path.

Keywords for the season: attitude, shift, change

Most loving days: While December is going to bring you some awesomely fun days, such as the 4th and 5th, you are going to experience the romance that you have always wanted around the 16th and 17th of the month. Look for a renewed sense of desire, and expect your partner to refresh their desire for you, as well.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Sagittarius season has a profound influence on just about everything you do, and while you've always enjoyed this season, you tend to drink it all in as if it were an elixir. Not only is your love life about to blossom and flower, but your bank account seems pretty likely to expand as well and you're certainly not complaining about that. In fact, there's a noticeable absence of complaints altogether during Sagittarius season.

At this time, you're also getting ready for the holidays, despite your usual grumbling about the cost, etc. The truth is, you're a secret holiday fan, and while you know it shows the world that you're not as 'cool' as you'd like to come across, this season brings you close to family and friends, and well, you're a softy. Sagittarius season pumps off the softy in you, and you have to admit you love it.

Keywords for the season: vulnerability, kindness, generosity

Most loving days: November 22 feels pretty dang good to you as you get a palpable feeling when you exit Scorpio; suddenly, there's hope again. You don't feel stuck in the rut that Scorpio had you assigned to. December brings you great fortune on the 13th and 14th, and love comes to the rescue on the 20th and 21st. Enjoy the season, Libra. It seems tailor-made for you.

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(October 23 - November 21)

The irony for you is that ... you can't wait to hit Sagittarius season, as your own Sun sign's season was pretty heavy and you look forward to feeling good again. That's where your neighbor, Sagittarius season, comes in to save the day. It was well worth the wait, too. You were feeling a little too much pressure during Scorpio season, and with Sagittarius season in place now, you feel as though you can cope with the holidays to come.



Your love life improves greatly during this time, and so much of this has to do with the fact that Sagittarius season brings optimism, hope and zodiac. Your zodiac sign made you feel skeptical and analytical. All you've really wanted is some downtime to 'reintroduce' the idea of romance back into your life, into your partnership. This is when you finally get a break; this is the season where you can feel safe again about life, love and the future.

Keywords for the season: renewal, patience, calm

Most loving days: The latter days in November will work out well for you, as you're finally getting the idea that it's not all 'pain and suffering.' You walk into December ready for the positive energy that you know is there, waiting for you, and on the 20 and 21 of the month, you'll find that your love life skyrockets. These are the days that can potentially change everything ... for the better.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You've never once been anything but a total Sagittarius fan, and as one of the folks who proudly touts their zodiac sign, you feel that during Sagittarius season, you're here to show the world how it's done. In love, you're the person you want to be for your partner and in business, you're the mover and shaker who can't be held back. You are pure success during Sagittarius season, and you like it that way.

Being competitive has caused you heartache as well as moments of great victory. Because you seek success, you create jealousy around you due to the fact that you are a relentless competitor. You will win what you attempt to win. In love and romance, you'll take as long as you need to in order to secure the person you want, and during Sagittarius season, you'll see to it that this is created in love, kindness and honesty.

Keywords for the season: truth, freedom, independence

Most loving days: You were there with Sagittarius season before it started, so you might as well say that every day of the season is something you can consider to be your best day. Your intense optimism doesn't allow for even the consideration of a negative day; you see it all as positive, hopeful, made for you, and loving. Your romantic partner looks at you as if you were a god, and that's just fine by you.

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(December 22 - January 19)

What you know is that after Sagittarius season arrives and departs, so comes your sun season, Capricorn, and while that might suggest that you are racing to get to the end of the year, there is some truth to that. Sagittarius season represents great times for you but it's also a drag in so much as you simply can't wait for the year to be over with already. Both you and your romantic partner have big plans, but you also know that you have to survive the 'holiday seasons.' Yikes.

OK, no big deal, you'll get through it. In fact, you'll even allow yourself to have a great time during Sagittarius season. One thing you won't be able to put on hold is the love you have for your partner. The two of you do everything together, and the soothing and positive influence of Sagittarius seems to work well on you, whether you'd like to admit it or not. Fun times will be had, and you may even feel 'at peace' during this time.

Keywords for the season: relaxation, acceptance, laughter

Most loving days: November 23 and 24 bring you a hopeful outlook that gives you the idea that maybe the holiday season won't be as stressful as it usually is. Then again, as you approach December, you'll start to appreciate that everything you're doing for the holiday season is an act of love. That's pure Sagittarius season material right there. Own it. It's meant for you to love and enjoy.

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(January 20 - February 18)

There's something about Sagittarius season that represents the dark and the cold ... in all the right ways. You like this season as you are a big fan of the Fall, and for all the accouterments that come with Sagittarius season, it all makes you feel very romantic and passionate. The idea of snuggling with your romantic partner is the highlight of your day, and you plan on having this highlight every day of the season.

You aren't as concerned with the holiday season as much as you are totally enjoying the Autumn season itself, and with Winter around the corner, it all just brings out your desire to hunker down with the person you love. You are a hibernator, Aquarius; you love Sagittarius season because it allows you to get into your creative little niche with the person you love and adore most in the world. Good times ahead, that's for sure.

Keywords for the season: hibernation, creativity, secrets

Most loving days: December is when the real action takes place, as you'll be having some of your best days on December 20 and 21. Expect to hear good news around this time, as well, as your partner has something planned for you and it's a surprise. This is a great season for the two of you to share secrets and to know that your love affair has only just begun ... again.

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(February 19 - March 20)

While the world around you seems to be unnecessarily freaking out and overspending for the holidays, there you are, fully into Sagittarius season and all it brings you. You don't really care about the holidays and if pressed, you'll do your part. Still, Sagittarius season is much more about being with your partner and working out the differences that have prevented you from growing during the year.

This is all positive, by the way. Working out the problems is a sign of maturity, and you know that if you want your relationship to be strong, then it's time to do some heavy confronting. Confrontation is a Sagittarius power, and while Sagittarius doesn't always speak softly when it enters the Sun in transit, it is honest, forthright and meant for goodness. What you do during Sagittarius season has no place to go but to a better place. You will succeed with your heart-to-heart talks.

Keywords for the season: communication, honesty, blunt

Most loving days: November 22 begins the conversation that is well-needed in your life, and you will find that this positive communication paves the way for just about all of December's days to be good ones. Note the dates of December 20 and 21 as romantically inclined. By this time, you will know that what you both wanted to communicate to each other has worked. You will know your love life as successful by this point. 

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