Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For October 23 - 29, 2023

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus brings a lucky turn of events.

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Your greatest joys will always be found within moments of transformation as you excavate your greatness from the challenges. There is a reason Henry Kissinger's quote, "A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure," aptly describes the astrology of October 23 - 29, 2023. No matter what this year or the last few years brought to you, you can turn your darkest moment into the gold that will sustain you for a lifetime. 


Scorpio Season starts the week with an induction ceremony into the alchemist's transformation process. Scorpio rules the idea of taking anything you've been given and making it into what benefits you. This is the process of alchemy. One that allows you to take challenges and turn them into blessings, struggles into luck and lack into overflowing abundance.

Scorpio also reminds you that beyond sheer will, the ability to harness and work from the truth allows you to transform anything you wish into what you desire. This zodiac season embraces the depths of a situation, focuses all your energy into creating what you most dream about and allows the truth to guide you forward like a shining beacon sent straight from the divine.  


Just as Scorpio Season begins, the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will rise, heralding the end of a cycle and gifting you the freedom to start a new one. The eclipses have been moving along the Scorpio and Taurus axis since November 2021, during which you were called to focus on themes of self-worth, confidence, passion and stability.



This is especially important when it comes to the luck you seek to create because there will always be a leap of faith required to make the most of your dreams, yet the universe supports it as you continually choose your soul's path. Now, as the energies merge, you are being reminded that nothing stays the same because even a piece of coal must embrace the process of alchemy to become the diamond eventually.  

Each zodiac sign's luckiest day of the week for October 23 - 29, 2023

Aries Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, ruler of your sector of value 


As the first sign of the zodiac and the leader of the cosmos, endings can often be challenging for you as you're more apt to focus all your energy on the beginnings. While you already have an inkling about where this new chapter will lead you, don't try to bypass this ending, as it's an essential part of your process and healing from the last two years. When you embrace the end, no matter what form it appears in, you also prepare yourself more abundantly for the new you already dream of.  

The series of eclipses that will end with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus has activated themes of self-worth, finances, priorities, passion and transformation. As this final one occurs, you also need to spend time genuinely reflecting on what no longer resonates with you. This will come down to the limiting beliefs you've let rule what is possible and what isn't. Allow yourself to shed the doubt from the past two years because not only will you be lighter once you do, but you'll see that the very thing you've been dreaming of isn't as far out of your reach as you first thought.  

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Taurus Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, ruler of your house of self  


Some moments ask you to rise and take arms for what you want to accomplish, but others ask you to sit down, observe and let the emotions wash over your heart like water quenching the dry earth. It's been an intense two-year eclipse cycle for you as you've done incredible inner growth and healing. Still, this phase is ending, and you can take everything you've been through and move forward in an exciting new direction. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus rises in your zodiac sign, allowing you to process and settle into all the changes within your life over the past two years. This is your moment to realize that the past is behind you and everything you need to continue creating a life of authenticity and truth is inside you. Release all that was, take the lessons to heart and then focus on the horizon because there isn't anything you can accomplish once you've honored your inner truth.  

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Gemini Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Scorpio Season, ruler of your sector of well-being and health 


There is exhaustion surrounding you. Lately, that isn't necessarily from doing so much but from not giving yourself the attention you need to feel your best. Things may not have gone according to plan, but that doesn't mean you must run from yourself. At times, it can seem like putting all your energy into those you care about, your work or your dream endeavors will be what pays off overall. All these ideas and meaningful relationships stem from yourself. You need to make sure you're finding balance in the busyness of life and giving to others from a full cup. 

As the Sun shifts into Scorpio, the focus shifts to your house of health and well-being. While this may involve taking a step back and getting more rest, you also might find yourself embracing a more holistic view of health as you begin to honor what you need to feel your best. Your health is where all your luck blooms, regardless of your physical or emotional well-being. The more you care for yourself and feel good about yourself, the more energy and intuitive guidance you'll have for the path forward.  

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Cancer Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, ruler of your social sector and house of wishes 


Your path of self-discovery has led to remarkable discoveries as you've embraced more of your dreams and goals for your life. This is all part of you leaving behind self-sacrificing choices and honoring that you can be there for others and yourself simultaneously. While you are feeling more confident in this new path, it's also something that is still just beginning. Don't feel like you must have everything figured out, and embrace each new day as a chance to learn something different.  

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings cumulation to the themes you've been moving through since November 2021. This has brought you up to focus more on committing to your happiness while also broadening your social circles to find more significant support and opportunities in those essential relationships that surround you. As the eclipse occurs, let yourself find gratitude for how far you've come. Don't worry about the next part just yet because, for now, simply realizing how much you've embraced your power and taken charge of your life is the luckiest thing you can do.  

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Leo Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, highlighting your house of career 


To find the luck you seek, you go on a journey of balance as you figure out what you need to live the life you dream of. For you, there is always a space of far-off new adventures and the grounding roots of home, which you must find a way to navigate. When you release thinking that you have to do life in a particular way or have it look like everyone else's, you end up being able to create the most magic. This, of course, lets you attract the abundant success and happiness you're after.  

As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus rises, it highlights your professional life. However, the Sun is in Scorpio, ruler of your home sector. These themes have been playing out in your life over the past two years and you may have had to change your home to suit your professional aspirations better. Now, it's all winding down.

Not that your luck is ending, but you've done the work necessary to keep moving toward all you've desired. Making sure that you are open to receiving the success and abundance you're set to accept is essential, especially as you return to the awareness that there are no coincidences and, at this moment, you are precisely where you are meant to be.  

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Virgo Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus activates your sector of luck 

Reflect on November 2021 and all that was in your heart to manifest or create. Now, bring awareness to all you have accomplished since then and find gratitude and appreciation for it all. The area of your life that governs luck also rules over themes of expansion, adventure and being able to learn to implement new ways of looking at things. You have expanded yourself and your life so much in the past few years to include many of the dreams you've carried in your heart.  

While the energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus helps you to embrace gratitude for all you've created, take a moment and make sure you're also fully emotionally receiving all the abundance and happiness you're now surrounded with. Having an eye toward the future is one of the reasons you always find success, but if you don't let yourself emotionally realize that you've reached the pinnacle of the mountain you've been trying to climb, you tend to think you must keep trying harder. This new part of your life isn't about working harder but opening to receive all you have already put into motion. Set your intention to genuinely embrace and enjoy all you've created so you can feel like every moment of life is lucky.  

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Libra Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Scorpio Season, ruler of your house of value 

The past two years have been more transformative in your life as you've dedicated yourself to honoring your self-worth and surrendering to the changes you know align with your soul. This has brought up themes of self-worth and finances, intimacy and the passion you can embrace for your life. As this one chapter is beginning to close, let yourself grow into the version of you that can attract all you desire.  

Scorpio Season rules over all aspects of value in your life, showing you the direct connection between how you feel about yourself and the financial abundance you can create. Even if life has changed unimaginably since the eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus began, you have continually risen to the challenge. There have been some critical benchmarks of honoring and fully stepping into your worthiness for what you know you deserve from your life, love and career. Now is the time to celebrate who you were, what you've grown out of along the process, and all you can now see glittering on the horizon, sparkling like hope. Everything is beginning anew for you, and now you will also get to know the purpose of all you've been through as you step into a brand-new chapter of your life.  

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Scorpio Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Scorpio Season, ruler of your house of self and the beginning of your solar return 

Scorpio Season for you means it's also the beginning of your solar return, which marks the Sun returning to the very position it was in at your birth. This is a magical new year for you, made more significant because the cycle of eclipses on the Scorpio and Taurus axis is ending. The lessons and powerful moments of growth you've been moving through are now part of the foundation for the life you will build from then on. If you decide there is no going back, you will finally see what it means to move forward.  

Scorpio Season is a time to embrace your new beginning and inner truth with unwavering dedication. You can shine more brilliantly around this time by adopting greater confidence and trust in yourself. Use this to attract new possibilities into your life and take a leap of faith to make more dreams come true. The Sun is one of the luckiest planetary bodies in the universe. Now, back in your zodiac sign, it's helping you see the more you are yourself, the more luck you will inevitably attract.  

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Sagittarius Luckiest Day: Saturday, October 28 

Leading Energy: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, ruler of your sector of well-being and dedication 

It can sometimes be challenging to slow down your pace of life, especially when all you're dreaming of is the future. The universe has been trying to teach you what it means to go slow, to make sure that you are transforming your life from the inside out and that you honor your commitment to do things differently.  

Since November 2021, you have moved through so much that it has brought reflection about how significant your inner circle is for how you feel about yourself and even what you are guided to create. This has been a balance of focusing on yourself and selecting healthier connections that support you in genuinely becoming the best version of yourself. Now, as the final eclipse in Taurus occurs, you should be able to put some final pieces in place that allow you to manifest the deepest wishes of your soul. You've stayed dedicated to the path; now it's about choosing to move forward as you honor yourself and all you've learned through this time.  

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Capricorn Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Scorpio Season, ruler of your sector of community and dreams 

As Scorpio Season begins, it's time to expand your inner circle to make room for the opportunities surrounding you. Instead of thinking that your success can only be found in one area of your life, such as your career or home, embrace all that is unknown by engaging in the connections surrounding you. The more you leave room for the unexpected, the more the universe can work in those spaces to help bring about divine encounters and luck.  

Scorpio Season is a time to break out of your routine and do things you usually might shy away from. Trust in the stability you've created in your life, and let yourself become more social, take chances and be open to unexpected possibilities. The water energy of Scorpio helps bring a new truth into your life as you find that some meaningful connections in your life were placed there to help you reach your dreams for your future. To truly make the most of them, you must create space to investigate, to have conversations and to say yes to new ideas.  


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Aquarius Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Sun in Scorpio, ruler of your professional sector 

It's not enough to live a life that others feel is successful, but one that genuinely aligns with what you desire from life. You've been searching for a career that also nourishes your soul's purpose while leaving just enough room for you to enjoy the personal connections that bring significant meaning to your life. In this journey, you've had to try things out; some have worked, and some have not, but regardless of the outcome, nothing has been lost. You must remember that it's the ability to try new things that leads to success and that is something you've always excelled at. 

The Sun in Scorpio brings another wave of transformation to your career sector, resulting in a promotion at your current position or something entirely new. Scorpio is a sign that represents significant changes, so if you feel you've held quite a few jobs or always felt like you were searching for something better, this is why. Scorpio also rules truth and a deep connection, which you've been searching for. Even if it was unplanned, let yourself embrace the new career opportunities that start filtering this week, ensuring that you don't end up talking yourself out of the very thing you've always wanted. Just because your path is different doesn't mean you won't find all you've ever dreamed of.  


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Pisces Luckiest Day: Monday, October 23 

Leading Energy: Sun in Scorpio, ruler of your house of luck  

Luck will always invite you to step out of your comfort zone as you are challenged to approach life more expansively. This is the journey of traveling a path you never had imagined; all the while, it still feels like you are meant to. Usually, it will involve learning new things, traveling, adventure and embracing a deeper spiritual relationship as you are encouraged to trust. As you move forward, the path will continue to appear.  

As the Sun shifts into Scorpio, you move toward another vast growth opportunity. Bring your awareness to every invitation, conversation and correspondence you receive because within them could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Usually, this aspect of your life involves travel, so if you feel called to pursue or join others in a new adventure, please agree wholeheartedly. For you, this season is about embracing the unexpected divine opportunities life brings as you are encouraged to see that the best moments of life are those you might never have planned for.  


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