Weekly Love Horoscope For October 9 - 15, 2023

Make the most of the divine new beginnings in your romantic life as the New Moon Solar Eclipse rises in Libra the week of October 9 - 15, 2023.

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As a new week begins to crest on the horizon, let the words of Margaret Drabble settle into the spaces of your heart; "When nothing is certain, anything becomes possible." This is the beginning of the Eclipse Portal, which will last from October 14 - 28 and dramatically shift the landscape of your life and relationship. Eclipses carry unpredictable energy as they hide and reveal to help you jump timelines and merge with your true destiny.  


It's a changing of the guards as one eclipse cycle officially prepares to end, just as another one is beginning. The first eclipse, part of the brand-new cycle, started on April 21, 2023 and will create ripples of change within your life through 2025.

The Aries Libra axis is powerful for relationships because it highlights the focus on yourself and the partnership you create within your connection. Still, it also asks you to ensure you are speaking and moving from your truth rather than simply trying to keep the peace.  

With Pluto stationing directly and closer to shifting into Aquarius for its new era permanently, there is a more significant transition within your life and relationship. It's time to focus on your truth and ensure you're letting your romantic life evolve with you instead of merely trying to keep convenient aspects of your life the same. As Pluto moves through its last lessons for you, the Aries and Libra eclipses will have you stepping more vehemently into your power as you truly become a warrior for love and your divine fate.  


Although the new cycle of eclipses began in April, this month, the previous process of Taurus and Scorpio also ends as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the 28th will have you focus on what is truly meant to be put behind you for good. This is the way of life. Often, a beginning precedes an ending, but it's only to help you realize that you can't remain where you have been, even if it feels safe or familiar.  

This is your moment to break free, ground yourself and remember that you will be okay no matter what happens. Sometimes, the worst thing in life isn't going through an unexpected change but instead trying to resist it. Be an observer of your life and recognize when the universe is nudging you into a new chapter because anything becomes possible as the stars continue to turn.  

Most important dates for October 10 - 15

Tuesday, October 10 

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn for one of its last phases in this earth sign before moving into Aquarius. Pluto is the underworld lord and represents all buried deep within yourself. This might be the truth of your desires, secrets or life-changing realizations. As Pluto shifts through Capricorn and Aquarius, it prepares you for the new era.  


Life is a spiral, and this retrograde allowed you to revisit essential themes of your past for better understanding. Still, between now and January, when Pluto will move into Aquarius, it's a time for liberation. Look for ways to honor your growth and step more into the truth of what you want rather than upholding any outdated obligations regarding your relationship.  

Thursday, October 12 

Mars, ruler of passion, determination, motivation and sex, will shift into the sensual erotic water sign of Scorpio, highlighting the desire for depth and connection in your relationship. Mars in Scorpio is incredibly passionate as it strives for deeper connection, creating incredible moments of intimacy. While Mars is in Scorpio, your desire for emotional and spiritual depth within your relationship will be heightened as you want to explore the deepest reaches of your partner's mind.  

At the same time, how you communicate your love through physical touch and intimacy will be more important, helping you reconnect with your partner or attract a new lover you align with. Mars in Scorpio can also bring up waves of jealousy or intensity, so try to communicate your feelings if they arise instead of acting from a place of darkness that this water sign can represent.  

Saturday, October 14 

The New Moon Solar Eclipse peaks at midday as you are fully enmeshed within the portal between the two eclipses, which will last for most of October. A Solar Eclipse spurs you to action, while a New Moon helps you set your intentions for the new beginnings you are called to pursue. In Libra, this event represents a catalyst moment as it builds upon the previous eclipse, which was the first to occur in this new cycle on the Aries and Libra axis.  


The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries rose on April 21, 2023, bringing a shocking desire to honor your inner truth and pursue your desires, no matter the cost. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse rises in Libra, it will help you see how you can create the most fulfilling relationship. A Libra Moon can help you create a peaceful balance in your union. However, it also will make it incredibly obvious if that isn't possible.

Alongside the wild card energy Solar Eclipses bring, this is a moment to open your mind and heart to expect anything. This is especially true as it's just the beginning of the portal between worlds, which will last until the next Eclipse in Taurus on October 28. Even if the unexpected happens, trust it all is the hand of the divine helping you to move in greater alignment with your fate — and the love that is meant for you.  

Weekly love horoscopes for each zodiac sign the week of October 9:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Best Love Day: Saturday, October 14 


Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your house of relationships 

In your heart, you already know what is meant for you and what isn't, which means you also have an idea of the future regarding your romantic relationship, even if you wish it were different. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Libra, you aren't just seeing the truth of your romantic relationship and a reflection of your growth. Because this lunation is early in this new eclipse cycle that will occur through 2025, it represents dismantling more than building at this time.  

Yet, you are still given a new beginning when things must be taken apart. Focus on making decisions that honor your growth as you allow yourself to release what is no longer in alignment with you and let yourself believe that the love you truly desire is out there — you must create space for it to grow.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your seventh house of relationships 

Your relationship receives a powerful influx of passion as Mars enters Scorpio, reminding you that the connection with your partner is equivalent to your zest for life. Mars helps you understand what truly motivates and inspires you. At the same time, in Scorpio, it activates your romantic relationship, helping you understand the true value that love is supposed to bring to your life.  

As you prepare to end the current eclipse cycle with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your zodiac sign at the end of October, you see the same energy balance with Mars now in Scorpio. This isn't about having more passion with your partner but embracing the lessons of the past few years to create and enjoy the relationship you desire. You don't have to sacrifice passion for stability or stability for passion. Instead, you can find the balance between the two where all your needs and dreams are fully satisfied. 


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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your house of family, commitment and joy 

After some strenuous testing from the universe, you are set to begin a new chapter rooted in joy and happiness. As much as there is always a higher purpose for a connection that comes into your life, it's also okay if, right now, you are enjoying it. You don't always need to feel like it must be more or that you need to prove anything. It's enough to let yourself be fueled by what brings the most to your life. 


As the New Moon Solar Eclipse peaks, you might embrace more quiet moments with those that matter most to you. It will matter less about how full your social calendar is or what the latest and greatest is because you are now seeking true soul fulfillment. With this eclipse just beginning a brand-new cycle in your life, you will be able to see how it is going to shift and help you grow the family, the commitment and the life that you've always desired to live because now you're finally focusing on what's most important to you.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, October 10 


Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your romantic sector 

As Pluto began its dance into Aquarius and out of Capricorn, it created a wave of change in your romantic life as you were drawn to see your connection from a unique perspective. Pluto rules over matters of truth, and while in Capricorn, it was restricted by obligations or trying to conform to social norms. It now begins to venture further into Aquarius. It will inspire freedom and liberation. For you, that means your relationship will go through an immense period of transformation. Even if you stay together through this period, the agreement between you and your partner will shift.  

This is about letting more light into your life as you define what kind of relationship suits you best and what will allow you to create the love you desire while inspiring you to manifest your dreams. As Pluto stations direct, you will have from now until January when Pluto shifts forward into Aquarius again to revisit some old themes, tie up loose ends and embody more of the lessons of this phase. It's a chance to see what needs to be fixed and get to work doing it because the life of your dreams isn't going to create itself.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your home, family and healing 

Take time to lean into your heart and embrace the powerful healing that has been taking place there while Venus spent five months in your zodiac sign. This was all about self-healing, love and preservation while you learned that your truth is the only thing that matters. As you are beginning to emerge from this space of focusing more on yourself, you're now being asked to take what you've learned and infuse it into your closest relationships and home. 

It can be challenging to begin healing your relationships with others until you've set to work on healing the parts of yourself that are part of the difficulties you face with others. However, now that you have, it's time to focus on healing your relationship and family and building the home you want to return to. As Mars shifts into Scorpio, truth and connection will be necessary with your relationship, allowing past wounds to be healed and a new connection to develop. It's a beautiful time to focus on what matters most and let your love guide the healing to come.  


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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your house of joy, family and commitment 

Life seldom goes how you think it will, yet for you. This can be more challenging when plans differ from how you imagined. It can affect your internal sense of safety. When you can drop your guard, stand back and get a new perspective, you allow yourself to see the benefit in the moment. This year has been about realizing that just because you are finally building what you've always wanted doesn't mean it will look or feel how you imagined it would.  


It's been a process of gratitude, acceptance and pure joy as you receive all of the divine gifts from the universe while leaving space for magic. As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, it will challenge you to let go again.

Not of your relationship, partner or any essential dreams you've had, but to let go of thinking that happiness can only show up if life looks a particular way. This will become easier in the coming months as you find more stability and joy within this part of your life. It's just a matter of focusing on what is most important because that will guarantee no matter what happens, you will always have what you genuinely need.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 


Best Love Day: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your home, family and healing 

Change is brewing for you as the eclipses begin a brand-new cycle in your zodiac sign and Aries, but that's not the only place that transformation will occur. With Pluto having spent much time in your home and family sector, you are currently seeing new ways to find space and your unique way of doing things.

Pluto will remain here for a few more months until shifting into Aquarius in January, so it's the perfect time to address matters around your home to determine what is working for you and what isn't. Improvements must be made, whether this is adjustments to your relationship or how you build your day-to-day life.  


Pluto in Capricorn can often feel like a rut, knowing you must break out but not knowing how. Now that it's stationing direct and leaving behind its retrograde, you will have more options and the ability to shift things around. Don't be afraid to try new things or break a few outgrown rules. It's all about creating a life that genuinely makes you happy.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of yourself 

As you prepare for your solar return and zodiac season, focus on what the lessons of the last year have represented for you. You are now being called to focus more on yourself than your romantic relationship. However, the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the end of October will provide clarity and movement. There is nothing wrong with shifting the priority from your relationship to focusing more on yourself because that is the only way to attract a love that aligns with your truth.  


There is the saying, build it and they will come. Well, it's time for you to build a life that feels good for you and resonates deeply with your soul, trusting that as you do, you will attract the person who is meant to live it with you. Instead of thinking you must change your life to fit a specific person or relationship, focus on living life on your terms so that you know whoever you attract will add great benefit and value. As you do, you'll see how things change and how love becomes much easier once you live a life you love.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, October 10 


Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your sector of value 

The decisions and choices you make in love are deeply connected to how worthy you feel of the relationship you dream of. Even if you have an idea of the most amazing divine connection, if you don't know that you are worthy of receiving it, it will always feel like you can't quite grasp it.

To build a great relationship, you must know you deserve it. What you can get the most easily, or what is convenient, but what truly sets your soul on fire. This is what you deserve and what you've always desired. Now, the universe is conspiring to help you achieve it.  

As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, you can start focusing on what has been preventing you from living the life you truly deserve. This process is meant to help you sort out all that you've learned and experienced, even if it's hard to sort through the more challenging aspects of your past. Learn to forgive yourself, honor what you bring to the lives of those around you and let yourself believe in receiving all you genuinely deserve from love.  


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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 12 


Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your sector of wishes and hope 

As much as life can seem overly pragmatic, it would be best to allow yourself to embrace the divine hope and magic of the world around you. Love differs from the other areas of your life, so it needs to be approached from your heart rather than your head. By doing so, you can embrace the full spectrum of your relationship and create space to see just how magical love can be.  

As Mars returns to Scorpio, it helps you focus on your divine hope for what love can be. It leaves more room for idealism and dreams to guide your romantic relationship rather than just the logical or day-to-day events.

Having a grounded nature in love is essential as it lets you build what can last forever, but everything must be done with balance, leaving little room for the universe to surprise you. Let yourself become more romantic around this time, hopeful that love will show up for you. By embracing the intensity of Scorpio, you may find it incredible to know you are finally with your soulmate.  


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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your eleventh house of wishes and hope 

Whatever occurred in the past is now put to rest as you are invited to embrace growth and expansion in your romantic life. As you have been growing and healing, so too has your relationship, but to see how much so, you must let it bloom in all the ways you've ever desired love to show up for you. You must let yourself trust that you've built that firm foundation and now give it space to grow however it is meant to.  


The more you trust your growth, the less you will feel the need to control your partners. By trusting in the vision and priorities of each of you, you create more space for love to become everything you've imagined.

As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, you will be able to face the fears that have kept you working to have control of your feelings and how your relationship progresses. This gives you greater hope in your relationship and more alignment with the divine. Let yourself release what's been holding you back from fully opening your heart to love so you can enjoy what you've worked to create. 

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(February 19 - March 20) 


Best Love Day: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your house of passion, intimacy and transformation 

Everything now focuses on transforming your romantic life through passionate encounters as you are guided to create a love that lasts a lifetime. Recently, Venus has shifted into Virgo, ruler of your romantic sector and now the New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur in Libra, lighting up themes of transformation and intimacy.

As much as the universe is bringing you new opportunities for love, you must be the one to seize them fully. You are ending a phase of self-reflection and healing where you weren't focused on attracting a partner or continuing to build your relationship. That is part of balance because if you don't take time to focus on yourself, you may realize you've made your life about someone else.  


As the New Moon Solar Eclipse joins the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra, expect conversations and opportunities for you to open your heart and life to love. You will have to let go of some of your routines or coping mechanisms for safety as you are inspired to let your life be transformed. That is precisely what the best kinds of love do: change your life imaginatively. You need to remain aware that things are shifting, so it's time to start blending your growth with expanding your love life to welcome in everything you have always dreamed of.  

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