What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest During The Week Libra Season Begins

Libra season starts September 23rd.

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Surrender, and let the winds of change carry you to where you are meant to be. Light a rich vanilla incense and breathe in a sense of inner balance, making you in harmony with yourself and the rest of the universe. 

This will feel like a heavy burden of delays being removed from your tender shoulders. You are free to take flight in the air energy Libra Season represents, which begins on Saturday, September 23.


Libra is the zodiac sign that rules themes of balance, reciprocity, partnership, and justice. During this time, as the brilliant Sun passes through this diplomatic zodiac sign, embrace the release of obstacles that have dotted your path in the earthly realm and spread your wings as you soar ahead to the cosmos.  

As Libra Season begins, you have embraced Venus and Mercury direct, along with the New Moon in Virgo, which whispered promises of the upcoming Eclipse Season in October 2023. 

The coming weeks will host more planets ending their retrograde phase, along with the fiery Full Moon in Aries, signifying a growing sense of self-empowerment and readiness to step into the future you have been trying to manifest.



In working with the Libra energy, your rituals can be done at any time of day. However, Libra Season and the Autumnal Equinox converge at 2:49 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on September 23. so the eve of Friday, September 22, will hold the most power.

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To embody Libra energy into your body and rituals, focus on incorporating the herbal properties and essences of chamomile, lavender, rosemary, thyme, vanilla, rose and gardenia. Along with these, adorn yourself and your altar with rose quartz, labradorite, and citrine to harness the love, focus, and joy associated with this air sign to help give your rituals the added strength to manifest whatever you desire with the Sun's return to Libra.  

Here's What Each Zodiac Can Manifest The Week Of September 18 - 24, 2023 

Aries: Romantic Changes 

Weekly Affirmation: I am embracing my ability to take on the changes necessary to create space for greater romantic fulfillment and connection.  

As Libra Season lights up your romantic sector, focus on manifesting the changes needed to bring about a return of joy and fulfillment. Begin by placing a white rose on your altar and encircling it with salt, then light a red candle. As you repeat your affirmation, drip the melted wax over the rose as it seals in your intention and hangs with the bud facing down in a north-facing window to honor the air energy of Libra.  

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Taurus: Dedication 

Weekly Affirmation: I am dedicated to creating balance by focusing on my well-being.  

Libra Season focuses on the dedication necessary to embrace balance and a more profound sense of well-being, as it helps you create the life you desire. Begin by lighting a green candle and writing down your affirmation. Fold it toward you three times, and then anoint it with rosemary essential oil and sprinkle it with salt. Bury this beneath a strawberry plant, symbolizing the sign of Libra, as you repeat your affirmation.  

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Gemini: A Joyful Life 

Weekly Affirmation: I deserve to live a life of joy, purpose, and connection.  


While Libra Season activates your zone of joy and commitment, focus on creating a life that truly brings you happiness. Begin your ritual by collecting a maple leaf, a symbol of Libra, write your affirmation on it and then anoint it with vanilla essential oil. When you're ready, hold it up to the wind as you repeat your affirmation, letting it float to the universe.  

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Cancer: Balance  

Weekly Affirmation: I am creating a healthy balance between my personal life and the relationship I am focusing on with my inner self.  

As you are called to bring greater balance to your home and family during Libra Season, focus on how you can implement all you have recently learned about your needs. Create an offering using rosemary, thyme, lavender and strawberry leaves, a symbol of Libra. As you sit in a north-facing area of your home, safely burn the offering while repeating the affirmation and then return the cooled ashes to the wind.  


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Leo: Compromise 

Weekly Affirmation: I embrace compromise and vulnerability as I create healthier, more positive connections.  

Libra Season activates your communication sector, helping you be more diplomatic and compromising with others, which will improve your relationships. Create a talisman using a small pouch filled with rosemary, lavender, rose petals and labradorite. Anoint the pouch with vanilla essential oil while repeating your affirmation, and then place it in your clothing.

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Virgo: Self-worth 

Weekly Affirmation: I am worthy of creating the life I desire and allowing myself to enjoy it. 


Embrace the power of Libra Season as it helps you increase your self-worth and attract your desired life. Create an intentional bundle wrapping pink rose petals around citrine as you repeat your affirmation. Anoint your intention with lavender essential oil, then place it in a north-facing window to honor the element of Libra.  

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Libra: A Fresh Start 

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing the past year as I prepare for my solar return and a fresh new start in life.  

Create time to honor the past year as you prepare for your solar return during the Libra Season. Begin by creating an altar in a north-facing window using a white candle and white rose petals and encircling all of it with salt. Please write down your affirmation and what you call into this new chapter of your life, and then bind it with a white ribbon. Once ready, tie the offering into a maple tree, symbolizing Libra, as you allow your intention to be carried to the universe.  


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Scorpio: Acceptance 

Weekly Affirmation: I accept everything had to happen in the way that it did as I release what was heavy to make more room for joy and love.  

Focus on creating a more profound sense of acceptance for your past as you prepare for a new beginning during Libra Season. Begin by lighting a blue candle and encircling it with sugar and rosemary for healing. Then, take apart a white rose while repeating your affirmation until you are left with a pile of petals. Place the petals in your hands and go outside as you return them to the wind while repeating your affirmation.  

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Sagittarius: Wish Fulfillment 

Weekly Affirmation: I wish for a life aligned with my soul and reflective of my deep worthiness for all I desire.  

Libra Season activates your sector of wishes, helping you bring more extraordinary magic and fulfillment into your life. Begin by lighting a violet candle and collecting three rose petals and a bay leaf. Please write down your affirmation on the bay leaf, then sew it beneath the rose petals using white thread, repeating your affirmation as you do. Take this and bury it beneath a maple tree, symbolizing Libra's energy.  

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Capricorn: Alignment 

Weekly Affirmation: I am aligned with my true priorities as I align myself with what matters most.  


As Libra Season lights up your career sector, allow yourself to focus on what matters most to you while you strive for increased alignment with your soul. Begin by lighting a red candle and creating a tea using lavender, rosemary and vanilla. As it steeps, place a whole strawberry inside your cup, symbolizing the sign of Libra. Once it's ready, find a quiet space to sit and enjoy your tea while holding the affirmation in your mind's eye.  

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Aquarius: Luck 

Weekly Affirmation: I am shrouded in luck and cannot fail in whatever I feel called to pursue.  

Libra Season rules over your sector of luck and abundance, helping you to feel the power of the universe as it guides you forward into the fruition of your dreams. Create an intention offering by laying out an orange square of cloth and placing your written affirmation, lavender, chamomile, vanilla bean, and rose quartz inside. As you bind it up with a yellow ribbon, repeat your affirmation and place it in a north-facing area of your home to honor the energy of this air sign. 


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Pisces: An Intimate Soul Connection 

Weekly Affirmation: I am opening my heart and trusting my soul to attract a new, divine, intimate connection.  

Libra energy activates your intimacy and transformation sector, helping you to attract a deep soul connection into your life. Light a violet candle and slice a strawberry in half to begin your ritual, representing this air sign's energy. Next, please write down your affirmation on pink paper and wrap it around the strawberry as you bind it with a red ribbon. Take this and bury it beneath a rose bush while you repeat your affirmation, sprinkling lavender and cinnamon on top of it for love and passion.  

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