Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs, September 18 - 24, 2023

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The past is now behind you, and there is nothing but endless possibilities surrounding you in this phase of abundant balance. Lean away from the idea that you must try so hard and instead step into divine surrender as you see how being in the universe's flow attracts all that you desire with ease. The magic of Libra Season, which begins on Saturday, September 23, is now upon you, and with it, you can reap the benefits of this lucky air sign and embrace the lessons it teaches.

Libra reminds you not to sacrifice your inner peace or to try to create what you see as balance in your life because it will only lead to you depleting your divine essence. Instead, this zodiac teaches you to honor yourself first, even in partnerships with others, as you recognize that the life you seek can only occur when you align with your higher self. 

Libra Season brings luck and new possibilities into your life as it rules over creating healthier connections and situations.

This zodiac sign is one of the rulers of Venus, which governs not just love but also financial and real estate matters, helping you to make the moves that your future self will thank you for. If you are honoring your inner self, you can embrace all this new zodiac season offers as you ease into clearly seeing what isn't meant for you and what is.  

When you step back from the sheer desire to make something work, even if it comes at all costs, you create a space to see if it's working for you. While this is an essential theme of Libra Season, it's also echoed in the energy of the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius that rises on Friday, September 22, which helps you release matters of the past so you can learn from them and then decide how to do things differently. 

The universe draws your attention toward where you are meant to be and the simple realization that you won't have to exhaust yourself to make something work if it's genuinely meant for you. As you honor your truth and what you need from life to feel lucky and abundant, you create a space of receiving that will help you enjoy all the opportunities and benefits of Libra Season.  

Each zodiac sign's luckiest day for the week of September 18 - 24, 2023: 

Aries: Divine luck

Luckiest Day: Friday, September 22 

It would be best to believe in your divine luck to move in the ways that will attract all you desire. While you have been steadily working on this area of yourself throughout the year, you are entering a pivotal moment in your life as Libra Season begins. Your annual Full Moon in Aries is only a week away. This is a time to prepare for the new beginning you seek in your life, and even within yourself, as you move closer toward all that is meant for you. 

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius lights up your zone of luck, helping you to release and let go of what has happened in the past, as you see that it will never define what you choose to make of your future. As you allow yourself to accept, forgive, and start to dream of all that is to come, you become the very thing you've been seeking, which puts you on the path to your fate.

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Taurus: self-care

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

Libra rules over wellness, routine, and your inner dedication to create all you desire from life. When the Sun enters this zodiac sign, it helps you to align your actions with what you want to instill in your life as you become passionate about change and newness. The Sun rules your external self. In this, it's time to start allowing yourself to harness your inspiration as you will enable it to motivate you to achieve all you desire.  

Let yourself look at life through a different lens, be more open to change, and remind yourself there is a difference between being dedicated to what you feel connected to and exhausting yourself in pursuing what you don't. As you honor your own needs and let yourself embrace risk, you will see how the things you've been dreaming of are also those that have always been meant for you.  

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Gemini: happiness

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

As Retrograde Season winds down slowly, you can think more about the future. You may feel some heaviness that is still lingering in your life. While not every moment of life is supposed to be filled with happiness and joy, you need to remember what matters most for you. Happiness is a choice, but it's also your divine right, and as much as you've focused on career or financial stability, you now deserve to make joy your number one priority.  

Libra rules over your sector of joy and commitment as it inspires you to pursue and create what brings you the greatest happiness. You don't have to explain or justify anything to anyone. Even if it means that significant parts of your life must change to allow this to happen, it's worth it if you feel content knowing you are precisely where you are meant to be.  

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Cancer: self-care

Luckiest Day: Friday, September 22 

In a year that is all about significant changes within your life as Pluto has begun its dramatic shift from Capricorn into Aquarius, lighting up your romantic and transformation sectors, you also need to ensure that you are taking care of yourself in all the ways you need. Self-care isn't only about skincare and lounging at the beach. It's also about creating space for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health to flourish. You are guided to focus on this as the First Quarter Moon rises in Sagittarius.  

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius rules over your zone of health, wellness, and routine, encouraging you to make sure you are prioritizing yourself and what you need during this time. Let yourself see that the luck you seek is found within as you create the space to feel like your best self. When you do, you can make the necessary decisions to embrace all the changes that Pluto in Aquarius will continue to bring to your life.  

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Leo: communication

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

You can easily inspire others as you seem to live boldly and brilliantly than those around you. While you may not be afraid of stepping out and speaking your truth or even standing up for another, something you have been learning is that the truth is often quiet. Sometimes, it can be easier to speak about those things that don't truly matter than the ones that are close to your heart, yet only by being vulnerable and honest will you be able to elevate your life to the next level.  

Libra Season activates your communication sector, helping you balance boldness and softness. This aspect of greater vulnerability and even compromise will allow you to see life differently and create spaces for you to learn more about yourself. As you embrace your softer side and the lessons that relationships in your life provide, you can effortlessly create the abundance and joy you dream of.  

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Virgo: abundance

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

When life changes, it can be challenging to keep up with it all. Especially as you are always trying to figure out the logical reasons for what has happened and how to move forward, you're learning that you don't always need to understand the meaning of everything but surrender to what it reveals to you. Logic will only go so far on your soul path, and during this phase of your life, instead of trying to figure everything out, create the space to enjoy it finally.  

Libra rules over your zone of self-worth and finances as you can embrace greater abundance in every aspect of your life. It doesn't mean you'll be able to figure out how things suddenly turned around most positively, especially as this is an air sign. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the new opportunities and joy surrounding you. Sometimes, it's enough to accept all you receive, knowing you are worthy of it all.  

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Libra: new opportunities

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

You must return to your divine truth to truly create your weekly changes. As a zodiac sign that prioritizes your relationships with others, it can often be challenging to return to yourself and honor your desire to pursue and explore. Yet, that is precisely what you are meant to do because the life waiting for you is one that you feel intimately connected to and not one you agree to because it may be necessary to those around you.  

Let this Libra Season be your renewal as you forgo sacrificing your dreams to make others happy or hold onto connections in your heart you already know aren't in alignment. You have a lot of new opportunities that surround you. At the same time, Jupiter's retrograde in Taurus activates a profound transformation in your life. This means you owe it to yourself to allow things to change, both within and around you. As you more deeply honor your dreams and desires, you will attract lucky connections that will help make them a reality.  

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Scorpio: unblock destiny

Luckiest Day: Friday, September 22 

There are always multiple ways of looking at things. The truth of anything can often get lost, especially for a deep-water sign like yourself. This is why you must become your anchor. By becoming your anchor, you are turning into your divine worth.

What you deserve and when you achieve that becomes your truth, regardless of what may shift around you. Your fate will never make you give up your anchor. It will never show up less than you deserve or force you to sacrifice your needs or dreams. By remembering this profound truth, you create the space for attracting the abundant and lucky life you've always desired.  

The First Quarter Moon peaks in Sagittarius this week in your sector of self-worth and finances. This lunation encourages you to release themes and matters of the past that are only serving to block your destiny and divine right. Embrace the lessons of what you've been through and what they've taught you. Then, recommit to validating yourself, your anchor, and trust that you may be just one moment away from achieving everything you've always dreamed of.  

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Sagittarius: confidence 

Luckiest Day: Friday, September 22 

There have been a lot of changes recently in your life, especially as Venus has been moving through your sector of learning, abundance, and luck. While this area of your life is mainly known for the luck that new experiences can bring, it's essential to remember that your soul lessons are also found here. When you can embrace the lessons of your past, you will be able to step into the lucky and abundant future you dreamed of. Focus on what you've learned, how you've changed, and what you are doing to commit yourself to improving.

The First Quarter Moon in your zodiac sign of Sagittarius rises, helping you learn and shed what you no longer need. In Sagittarius, this will center around your beliefs or how you have perceived yourself. By genuinely honoring how much you have transformed, you can ensure you are moving in all the ways that align with who you've become. This lets you feel confident that your decisions genuinely lead to the life you have dreamed of.  

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Capricorn: balance

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

You are one of the most successful signs in the zodiac, as you are diligent hardworking, and find great fulfillment in your career. However, on the other side is to embrace an energy of balance within your life so your self-care and personal relationships don't suffer. Being successful in your career is only one area of achievement, but what you truly crave and what is meant for you is achievement in every facet of your life.  

Libra Season draws your attention to your career and professional life but also asks you to create a balance here. While Libra rules over this critical area of your life, it does so to remind you that the abundance and luck you seek won't only be found through your career but in your self-growth and the relationships you build with others. Let yourself become aware of the balance you have created and the one you still hope to instill as you realize love can be just as abundant as financial success.  

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Aquarius: new opportunities  

Luckiest Day: Saturday, September 23 

Allow yourself to believe in all that is to come. You have been through so much, but now you are on the precipice of newness as everything in your life is beginning to look like everything you've ever dreamed of. As you can open to receive this goodness and luck, you create a space to attract even more as you see how much there is to be grateful for.  

Libra Season activates your sector of luck and abundance as everything seems to be washed in a pink haze of hope. Instead of questioning this excellent phase you're entering, smile as you know you are worthy to receive it all. Everything in your life will be experiencing positive turnarounds and abundance as your relationships, career, and even your healing journey are suddenly seen in an entirely different light. Enjoy what you have created, practice gratitude for all you have received, and be open to taking new chances and opportunities to make space for even more.  

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Pisces: personal growth

Luckiest Day: Friday, September 22 

To truly step into the life meant for you, you must often release what you thought was. You are an incredibly intuitive sign, and even if you haven't fully materialized meaningful changes in your life yet, you know they are coming. At times, accepting this is also a process of honoring your growth as you realize the more you become your authentic self, the more your intuition will strengthen as it pulls you toward your divine fate. Don't be afraid to release or let go of what you once thought was the best because you are about to be guided to an entirely new level of abundance and luck.  

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius rises in your career zone, helping you look at what you've learned about yourself, release what no longer resonates, and get to work creating what feels most aligned with your personal growth. Sagittarius and your sign of Pisces are rulers of Jupiter, the planet of abundance, so there is a deep connection between beginning open to life going differently than you had imagined and fully living the life of your dreams. Let yourself trust that the space you're creating is where your dreams will finally come to fruition. 

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