What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 5, 2023

The universe listens when we are ready to receive, and during the Moon sextile Neptune dreams can become a reality.

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Allow yourself to dream a little dream, to lean into your divinity, and bring about the optimistic magic that occurs when you let yourself be exactly who you are. Instead of focused action, today, hold to your manifestations with gentleness and playful ease that allows just enough space for the universe to come in and take over where you left off.  

The Moon is in Taurus all day, providing a sensual, relaxed energy, which will be enhanced while it aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the planet that rules the dream world and everything unseen, while Pisces is the zodiac sign representing  the same. Under Piscean energy, dreams and the subtle hunt of your intuition become the strongest force in manifesting your desires.




Together, these two astrological elements give way to your imagination being able to create the life you live. Focus your rituals today on those done in sleep or utilizing the element of water that Pisces represents. By honoring this elemental ritual and allowing your dreams to run wild, you will see just how effective they can be in manifesting whatever you wish.  


Pisces rules the energy of chamomile, lavender, and mint, while the essential oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, and bergamot can help align you more closely with this water sign. Consider anointing your pulse points with bergamot and adorning yourself with amethyst or aquamarine today as you embrace the dream world and allow your manifestations to be birthed from your most divine self.  

What each zodiac sign can manifest on September 5, 2023.

Aries: A wild imagination 

Embrace the Pisces energy as it activates your sector of dreams and intuition, helping you to imagine a whole different life. Create a tea using mint and lavender before bedtime, and enjoy it in bed while repeating your affirmation. Place mint and amethyst under your pillow to let yourself imagine what life you’d live if you thought you could.  

Daily affirmation: I allow my imagination to run wild and dream my life to fruition.  

Taurus: Life dreams 

As Neptune in Pisces crosses through your goals sector, let yourself create a new dream for your life. Begin by anointing your temples with lavender essential oil, and light a violet candle. Write your affirmation on blue paper and safely burn using the candle's flame. Allow the candle to burn fully down, and then return the materials to the earth, pouring water over them as you give yourself the space to embrace the new dreams of your soul.  


Daily affirmation: I dream about a new life that aligns with my soul’s desires.  

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Gemini: Inspiration 

As Neptune in Pisces highlights your professional sector, allow yourself to feel inspired by what you contribute to the world. Create an aura spray using witch hazel and the essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Add a piece of aquamarine to your spray and hold the bottle in your hands as you repeat your affirmation. Cleanse your energy, and then inhale inspiration as you open your heart to finding greater meaning in your life.  

Daily affirmation: I am inspired, creative, and fueled to make a difference.  


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Cancer: Adventure 

Neptune in Pisces rules over your adventure and expansion sector, helping you to seize new opportunities you are emotionally connected to. Begin by filling a transparent glass with water and adding mint leaves, a few drops of cedarwood essential oil, and aquamarine. Leave this on a west-facing window to catch the light of the waning Moon as you repeat your affirmation, then pour over your front steps in the morning.  

Daily affirmation: I am ready to open myself up to new experiences and adventures.  

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Leo: Spiritual gifts 

Let yourself embrace a deeper sense of spirituality as you create space to tune into your divine gifts as Neptune in Pisces activates your transformation sector. Lay out a violet square of fabric, and place your written affirmation,  lavender, chamomile, and amethyst inside. Bind this with a white ribbon, but in the way you would a gift. Place it under your pillow for the evening, and then light a cedarwood candle when you open it, meditating on whatever visions first come to mind.  


Daily affirmation: I am a divine being in touch with my spirituality as I create space to be more aware of the gifts I’ve received from the universe.  

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Virgo: Divine love 

Neptune in Pisces rules your romantic sector, helping you manifest your divine love. Create a goddess bath to honor this energy and help align yourself with your soulmate by running warm water, adding milk, honey, and then decorating the top of the bath with fresh flowers. As you sink into the sacred waters, repeat your affirmation with faith.  

Daily affirmation: I am calling in a divine love that is the complimentary harmony I seek.  


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Libra: Tranquility 

Allow yourself to practice the art of being and embracing tranquility as Neptune in Pisces lights up your well-being sector. Light white copal incense and a violet candle, repeating your affirmation as you do. Slowly use the incense to cleanse your energy, and then do the same for your home, paying special attention to your bedroom. Once finished, allow your breath to settle, and then anoint your sacral chakra, ruled by Pisces, with chamomile essential oil. Lay down while silently repeating your affirmation and paying attention to any desires that surface.  

Daily affirmation: I no longer force anything but embrace tranquility as I surrender to my intuition.  

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Scorpio: Relaxation 

As Neptune in Pisces activates your sector of joy and commitment, take time to create simple moments of ease and happiness as you care for yourself. Begin by playing a Pisces sound bath from your favorite streaming service, and light a sandalwood candle. Once settled into your space, practice a self-massage, blending almond and bergamot essential oils for balance and relaxation. Repeat your affirmation as you smile, sending the energy into your body.  

Daily affirmation: I can relax, move slowly, and find joy in caring for myself in all the ways I need.  

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Sagittarius: Happiness 

Focus on embracing the positive energy of your home as Neptune in Pisces activates your home sector. Begin by lighting violet incense and letting it fill your home. Then, anoint your sacral chakra with mint essential oil and sit cross-legged with your hands on your lower belly while you repeat your affirmation. Focus on emanating the vibration of happiness as you breathe into all your chakra points.  


Daily affirmation: My home is a space of happiness and comfort as I retreat and allow it to encourage me to dream.  

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Capricorn: Acceptance 

Neptune in Pisces teaches the more you allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable with those you care about, the more you will feel accepted and loved by them. Begin by creating an offering dish using lavender, chamomile, and amethyst. As you light the herbs, repeat your affirmation, let the smoke clear, and open your heart and sense of emotional safety. Sprinkle the cooled herbs around a rose bush as you close out your ritual. 

Daily affirmation: As I open my heart more to those in my life, I am accepted and loved.  


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Aquarius: Trust 

Focus on amplifying your sense of divine trust as Neptune in Pisces activates themes of self-worth and abundance. Begin by lighting a blue candle and writing a letter of divine trust to the universe. Once you're finished, fold it three times toward you and anoint it with chamomile essential oil, and then place a sprig of lavender within it as you put it under your pillow. As you fall asleep, breathe slowly and deeply and repeat your affirmation.  

Daily affirmation: I am in divine synchronicity with the universe as I trust I will effortlessly attract what is meant for me.  

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Pisces: Self-acceptance 

Neptune in Pisces highlights your sense of self and beliefs, helping you feel a greater sense of peace within yourself and your life. Begin by sitting on your bed and lighting a cedarwood candle or incense, then massage your feet with lavender essential oil.

Pisces rules the feet, and while massaging them, silently repeat your affirmation, as you trust the divine and your intuition is always guiding you forward. Once finished, settle yourself in bed and visualize a soft violet light emanating from your body as you prepare for sleep. 

Daily affirmation: I am at peace with myself and know my intuition always leads me toward greater soul fulfillment.  

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