When (And How) To Do A Spiritual Cleansing Of Yourself And Your Home

Stop suffering from the negativity surrounding you.

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It's always good to get rid of the toxic things you have in your life. Sometimes it's people, sometimes it's physical items, and other times, it's all the negative energy surrounding you.

Whether it's after a breakup, beginning a new phase in life, or moving somewhere far from home, there are plenty of reasons to start a spiritual cleanse. In fact, a spiritual cleansing can bring you peace, clarity, and happiness.


What is spiritual cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing is, essentially, removing negative energies from your home and person. These "blockages" you pick up from the world around you can cause harm to you physically, spiritually and mentally.

Your energy is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, ideas, and how you find a place in the world. Work, school, family problems — these factors can be extremely detrimental to your health.

When our auras are disrupted by anxiety, depression and/or stress, our inner frequencies are hurting. Once any of these elements are out of place and disturbed, you start to feel less energetic and less positive.


And, as a result, it's difficult to protect yourself from future negative energies.

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How To Know If You Need A Spiritual Cleansing

When the negative energies plaguing your life begin to prevent you from following your life path or making good decisions, consider it a sign that you are in need of a spiritual cleanse.


Think of those negative energies that creep into your life like a hurricane brewing. We acquire these energies because of outside forces wherever we go. And while the world around you isn't always made up of bad energy, it's important to rid yourself of anything that holds you back.

Instances of needing a spiritual cleanse could be when you experience new or unwarranted anger, depression, anxiety, fear, feelings of bad luck, or any other negative emotions.

You might also want to consider spiritual cleansing if you've just left a toxic relationship, workplace, or friendship that has left your emotions depleted and your overall energy low.

Additionally, a spiritual cleanse may be necessary after the passing of a loved one, recovery from an injury, arguments with friends or family, experiencing financial difficulties, or any type of new beginning you are going through.


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6 Spiritual Cleansing Rituals For Your Home & Body

1. Burn sage.

Burning sage is a Native American tradition that uses smoke from sage in order to cleanse the home and body of negative energies. Palo Santo wood is also an alternative some people prefer.

Before you begin burning the sage, pray over it and ask God, the universe, the Divine — whoever or whatever you believe in — to bless your home. Ask to be blessed, too. Rid yourself of any negative energies that have attached themselves to you and your home.

2. Use a singing bowl.

Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years. These bowls are a great way to restore harmony in your mind and body.


Known to be used during sound baths, singing bowls are an amazing way to spread and benefit from healing energy. Simply hit the bowl gently on its edge and turn the wooden stick all around the bowl in a counterclockwise motion.

3. Place crystals throughout your home.

You've probably seen others use crystals and you may wonder how a crystal can genuinely help you. Crystals carry with them unique vibrations that can change energies when used correctly.

Placing crystals all around your home — hanging them near your windows, doorways, and before entering any rooms — is the best way to utilize them. You can also carry crystals with you as you travel.

Every crystal is designed to help in different areas of your life. But the primary use is to deflect and steer away negative energy that may try to barge into your home and your life.


4. Take a spiritual bath.

A spiritual bath is used to cleanse the mind and body by adding crystals, essential oils or herbs to your bath or even shower. Spiritual baths will help you detox any bad feelings or emotions, and remove negative energies that have clung to you from the outside world.

Fill the bathtub with bath salts; salt is used to purify, protect and cleanse. Once you are relaxed, focus on what areas of your life need to be cleansed and set an intention for positive energies and change to enter your life.

5. Write down your thoughts.

Writing helps many people with different life situations. Keeping a journal nearby is healthy and can help reduce any stress you experience. It's also therapeutic in its own way.


For a spiritual cleanse, write down the area of your life that needs to be restored. Focus on the ones that seem to bring in negativity and those that may make you feel stagnant.

6. Pray over your intentions.

After you've written down the list of factors you want to cleanse or remove, pray and meditate on the list. Practice taking deep breaths as you think of how these negative energies and experiences will soon be gone, flying away with the wind.

You are the only one in control of how you feel, and what you think is good or bad for you. After you've prayed or completed your guided meditation, burn the list. Doing this is symbolic of a renewal that has been destined for your new, cleansed life.

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