The September 2023 Monthly Tarot Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

September's tarot horoscope for the month brings fresh change and brand new beginnings for all zodiac signs.

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Welcome to your September 2023. monthly tarot horoscope for all zodiac signs. We've just walked into September, and this month has always meant a lot to many people since we prepare to embrace a change of season.

September is historically the time of year when we get serious about all manner of things, and kick off the celebration of hard work and results beginning with Labor Day weekend. We're starting school again, thinking about work in the Autumn months ahead ... we might even be starting a new romance. We're excited about buying new clothes. On some level, we appreciate that the heat and passion of the summer have simmered down. We can apply ourselves during September. We can become better versions of ourselves, and we, no doubt, will.


The September monthly tarot horoscope has broad meaning for each zodiac sign, and while some tarot cards seem vague, there is meaning to be gleaned from each — if we are brave enough to look past the initial imagery. September comes with its own rules and changes, and the cards here let us know how we will adapt to those changes ... will we rebel against them, or will we flow with them ... like water seeking its level?


Each zodiac sign gets its own tarot card, and while it's only one card, the essence of that card gives us a hint at what's to come during September 2023. Let's think about fresh new beginnings. The year is winding down, but we are only starting to get creative. Autumn and September bring fresh, crisp air and brand-new ideas. We are ready for it. Here are September's monthly tarot horoscope readings for each zodiac sign.

The monthly tarot horoscope for September 2023

Aries: Wheel of Fortune



Keywords for the month: revelation, renewal, purpose

Wheel of Fortune is not a bad tarot card to get to cover an entire month, Aries. This horoscope implies that all of your previous work is not only about to bear fruit but that you knew it would, and you know now that what's to come is positive and regenerative. You will spend September of 2023 finding out who you are, and this discovery will be blissful. It's time to shake off the old carapace. You are ready now. Ready to grow, ready to create and ready to live.


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Taurus: Three of Wands, reversed



Keywords for the month: travel, moving, continuation

It's time to say goodbye to something or 'somewhere' you've grown accustomed to. You will be either moving location or setting your sights on something new and different. Old friends are secured in place, and you know you can visit them in their places. This month brings change and acceptance to you. You are strong and brave and you adapt well to change. You are nomadic and curious, and during September of 2023, this suits you just fine.


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Gemini: Ace of Cups, reversed



Keywords for the month: pace, timing, optimism 

You may have concluded, Gemini, as the Ace of Cups, reversed shows you that you will get everything you want and need, but it may not show up this month. In September of 2023, you will understand that you are absolutely in charge of your fate and can do so much good for yourself and those you love ... but that you can't accomplish it all in a day. This month forces you to be patient and understanding with life ... and yourself.


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Cancer: Four of Wands, reversed



Keywords for the month: patience, planning, reality

While everything in the home looks good on the surface, you know there are still certain things you want to accomplish regarding love and home life. You can see your goal clearly, and it's realistic and doable. September of 2023 brings you the idea that everything comes of its own time. You have big dreams and they are all worth living for. However, this month helps put them into perspective and they will feel even better when you accomplish your goals.


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Leo: The Devil



Keywords for the month: excess, gluttony, arrogance

September of 2023 holds in store for you a month of excess, which isn't necessarily a bad thing ... that is if you plan on controlling your excess. The key here is to have fun without going too far overboard. You will have many opportunities to get involved with new and rare opportunities. You may spread yourself a little too thin. If you can keep things moderate and not blow the bank, you'll be able to enjoy your wild time. Nothing lasts forever, so enjoy what you can now ... know that you'll have to put a cap on it at some point.


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Virgo: Page of Wands



Keywords for the month: resoluteness, decision, clarity

You'll be making a wise choice this month, Virgo, as the Page of Wands suggests. You are in control of something that nobody else can influence. You will make a move that changes your life, and while this is a solo endeavor, you will also affect those around you. You may be traveling or setting up an action plan involving others. You know what you're doing, even though this is all new. During September of 2023, you will feel stronger than you have in a very long time.


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Libra: Page of Cups



Keywords for the month: risk, hope, infatuation

New love may have you in its snare during September 2023, Libra. You feel young and naive, and none of that bothers you. For the first time in a while, you feel like there's something you DON'T know and are excited by the idea of learning. There's someone new in your life and your focus is on them. You don't know if they are as good as you perceive them to be, but one thing is for sure: you're on the road to finding out. Taking chances on love is alright with you during this new month.


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Scorpio: The Magician, reversed



Keywords for the month: arrogance, false hope, conceit

During September of 2023, you will see the consequences of past behavior and how what you did has now come to bite you in the rear. A great lesson is coming your way, and that is where the wise person gets to admit they are a fool, and the fool gets to know they've been wise all this time. You are very wise, Scorpio, and your wisdom is accrued through the mistakes you've made in the past. The days of kidding yourself are now gone. It's time to work with the present.


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Sagittarius: Four of Swords, reversed



Keywords for the month: stoicism, balance, detachment

The imagery of this tarot card could be interpreted as a person held aloft by swords. What you have gained is the knowledge that, in your life, trusting everyone is not ideal. In September of 2023, you will notice that you are very calm. Something is out there and could upset you if you let it. The wisdom of age has started to set in, and it will be during this month that you use the pain and heartache of your life to your advantage. You are strong and steely and nothing can topple your cool demeanor.


Capricorn: Six of Swords



Keywords for the month: acceptance, charity, family

Taking care of others is one of your prime concerns during September 2023. While this is something you are good at, it still feels tiresome. Nonetheless, you can interpret your charitable acts as something that builds character, and you will feel good about just ... being you. No more complaining. You are here and now, and you've adapted to that which makes your life yours. Spiritually, you are in the best shape ever during this month.


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Aquarius: Six of Wands



Keywords for the month: mind, future, purpose

Finally, you are adjusted to the new change in your life. There has been an upheaval recently, and it's taken you a while to adjust. September of 2023 lets you move into your new space — a physical location or a mental headspace — and own your world. You finally feel free enough to settle in and get things done. Gone are the days when you beat yourself up for not being 'active' enough. The decision is made: you are now immersed in creativity. There's no stopping you now.


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Pisces: Nine of Swords, reversed



Keywords for the month: shock, clarity, choice

This is the month when you decide what needs to be shaken off gets shaken off ... for good. You've lived with paranoia and bad dreams for so long, and know it's because you haven't gotten over something. You also know that in September of 2023, you save yourself or nothing happens. It's this realization that jolts you back out of your funk. It's time to get a move on. Positive change awaits you ... you have only to agree to it.


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