The 6 Most Impatient Zodiac Signs That Have No Chill

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Patience may be a virtue but it’s also an elusive quality that few people in the modern world seem to have. And when you're one of the impatient zodiac signs, even waiting to read your horoscope can seem like an eternity.

Life is filled with things we have to wait for, and when you’re an impatient person, that can be hell. For impatient people, everything takes on a sense of urgency. You don’t just want to get something done — you need to be done, correctly and fast.

Impatient people don’t have faith that things will be completed in due time. In their perfect world, everything and everyone would be like them and on their timetable. There would be no slow talkers, slow walkers, or people who took extra time to be conscientious about their actions.

When you’re one of the impatient zodiac signs, you can get yourself into trouble. Where there is extreme impatience, there’s often anger and stress. The body reacts to stress by releasing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which can affect your sleep, elevate your blood pressure, and lead to heart disease. If you are impatient, try to slow down. Meditate, take yoga, or practice what self-care means to you. It could save your life.

Most impatient zodiac signs

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1. Aries

Aries hate waiting. They hate being rerouted, slowed down, or told to take a breather. If they want something, they want it right now. Slow drivers are the worst — actually, anybody who takes too much time at anything are the worst. If it takes more than 20 seconds for their computer or phone to reboot, they'll practically implode. Anything that takes time to come to fruition isn't for them. They don't do well with soaking, treating, marinating, considering all the facts before deciding or taking things slowly.

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2. Libra

With all their charm and grace, you'd think Libras would have the patience of a saint, but sadly, that's not the case. They're as impatient as anybody. If someone takes too long to respond to a text or message, Libra gets extremely annoyed. They run at a high frequency and get very agitated at being forced to slow down. Now, if something doesn't happen as quickly as they like, they're not going to chew out the person responsible for the delay; no, they're more likely to hold back on their anger.

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3. Sagittarius

Want to see how impatient a Sagittarius can get? Postpone their flight, have their train run behind schedule, or have whatever their travel method is delayed. Suddenly, the happy and exuberant Sagittarius isn't so patient. If they are about to have one of their adventures, the last thing they want to do is wait. There are so many hours in the day, and it's already fully packed for Sagittarius, so if their method of transportation is suspended, even if it's a good reason, they are going to get extremely impatient.

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4. Leo

While wonderful and brave people, Leos aren't the most patient folks in the book. They very much have an attitude of "it needed to happen yesterday." They want satisfaction, and they want it now. Leos don't do the waiting game well and can be incredibly headstrong. If you're not doing something fast enough, they'll just take over and do it themselves. They are the ones who will call and complain if they didn't get their pizza in the time promised. If a Leo is getting the run-around, they'll just go to the top. 

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5. Aquarius

I don't know how they manage to do it, but people seem to assume because Aquarians are so altruistic that they must be patient. However, Aquarius has very little patience. They want to make the world a better place, and one way to do that would be to get rid of all things that require patience. Aquarius may be extremely intelligent and good at solving problems, but they haven't been able to change people's inner clocks or manipulated time. It takes all the energy they have not to throw their laptop against the wall when their Netflix stops to buffer or their computer takes too long to update.

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6. Gemini

It's easy to see why Geminis aren't that patient — they can get bored easily, and when they get bored, they want a change right this minute. Their lack of patience can cause them to leave projects unfinished, commitments unrealized, and promises unkept. Geminis don't want to be kept waiting, and if something involves hitting the pause button, they are going to lose interest. However, they do try to be more patient, it's just that it isn't that fun or exciting to be okay with things that take so much time. They love conversation, but if your thoughts are a muddle and you have a difficult time getting them out, Gemini is going to lose their patience and start finishing your sentences, but in a nice way.

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