What It Means If You Hear From An Ex During Mercury Retrograde

It seems like the past makes a grand entrance into the future every time Mercury retrograde rolls around.

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Mercury retrogrades three to four times every year. Retrograde Mercury often coincides with things breaking down, which can include machinery, ideas, technology — and even relationships.

We are likely to feel some frustration when meetings are canceled, things don’t go as planned, delays and confusion occur, job opportunities disappear and we have to backtrack our steps before we can go further. At times during a retrograde, we could even experience a breakup, and on occasion, people reunite with old lovers.


This is all part of the natural cycle, however, and retrograde Mercury is a time to re-access our lives as opposed to going full steam ahead and beginning new projects or even new relationships. Instead, the retrograde energy is more focused on the past; both the recent past as well as at times; the distant past.

Retrograde Mercury seems to have fated effects, like all retrograde planets. Sometimes this transit can bring people back together who are meant to be. Sometimes it ends relationships that are meant to end. If this is the case know that it was meant to be, at least for the time.

Retrograde Mercury is like a wild card. Sometimes we can reconnect with people we have known before whether they are friends, acquaintances, clients or even old lovers from our past. While there is no guarantee this will happen, it is a frequent theme with retrograde Mercury as it tends to attract people with whom we may feel we have unfinished business.


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What does it mean if you hear from an ex during Mercury retrograde?

While it may be tempting to think hearing from an ex during Mercury retrograde is a sign you're meant to be, a TikTok astrology creator who goes by 'Haley Comet' warns against jumping back into anything with someone from your past.

“What if I told you that interacting with your ex during retrograde Mercury really has nothing to do with your ex?” she asks in a TikTok video. “It has everything to do with you," she continued.



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Whether you happen to run into them in the grocery store, randomly start dreaming about them or get that 'hey stranger' text from an ex, Comet explains that "it’s not the universe saying to you that you need to run back into their arms, rather you need to really make sure you have learned the lesson from that connection," particularly as it relates to the themes of whatever sign that Mercury's retrograde is occurring in.

Should you reconnect with someone from the past you have been hoping for, it is important to remember the reason you broke up in the first place. On occasion, during a retrograde, the situation can be fixed, but often it cannot. Since retrograde Mercury is unpredictable, it is possible that you could reconnect, and then when Mercury turns direct, the relationship could end again. Or you could learn some type of information that actually shows you that you dodged a bullet by no longer being in that particular relationship.

Mercury retrograde is a time of inner spiritual growth as opposed to falling back into bad habits or relationships from the past.

It is a time of gaining wisdom from the past so we may live a more balanced future and present.

There are many possibilities on retrograde Mercury and no exact scenarios. But, watch your expectations during this period and know that if you do reconnect it may, or may not work out in the long run.  Sometimes the same people reappear in our lives always on a retrograde, and when the planet goes direct they disappear once again.


It is not especially advisable to begin a new relationship during retrograde Mercury. Relationships that begin at this time often do not work out in the long run, or leave something missing. It is also advisable not to join dating sites until it is over.

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