What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start Manifesting Over The Weekend Using A Journal, November 4 - 5, 2023

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Over the weekend, each zodiac sign can manifest something they want by writing in a journal. If you ask more profound questions, you'll get more meaningful insights this weekend, especially when Saturn stations direct in the sign of Pisces.

This Saturday, the Moon will enter Leo, giving us a bubbly, hopeful, and fresh energy that's needed all weekend. Saturn causes isolation and possible mental loops when it changes direction.

Even though we will start the weekend with our spirits lifted during the Moon in Leo, there's a soberness with Saturn, and it brings a renewed outlook on social activities and other areas of life where we need to exercise more responsibility.

It's the perfect time to use journal prompts to manifest what you want over the next few days. I suggest keeping a dedicated morning manifestation journal where you write down your prompts and answer them as part of a pre-work ritual. You can also write them in a bullet journal as part of a Bujo Daily practice.

Over time, you can see how to refine your manifestation practice with writing. You can look back to see how many problems you've solved and how many wins you've had, and you'll have the guidebook on how to manifest your dream life!

Who knows, maybe your guidebook will become a non-fiction bestseller or, at the least, inspire someone in desperate need of inspiration. Now let's see what the stars hold for us now that Saturn will be direct in Pisces for the next eight months.

What each zodiac sign can manifest over the weekend by journaling now that Saturn is direct in Pisces:


Manifest: Protection

Mars is in Scorpio, so you could have an energetic bloodsucker in your midst. Upon reading this, you'll likely know who that individual is; this is your personalized sign to cut those ties and protect your precious energy and spirit, Aries.

Manipulators and users often prey on our underdeveloped character traits to form either a dependence on them or send us on a vacation guilt trip. Neither is helpful, and to help facilitate your future separation, you should identify exactly what qualities, events, or soul ties this person represents to you. It may not come immediately, but as a writing exercise, write down several possibilities.

Journal Prompt: Do the people in your life represent the maternal acceptance you always wanted?

Do they represent the social validation you lacked as a child?  Have they acted as a portal to an undefined dimension of exploration that you find too exciting to let go of? This exercise aims to reveal to yourself what quality you need most so you can find healthy alternatives to fill that particular role.

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Manifest: Familial Love

People hear the word family and always think of our biological one. If your biggest supporters are your immediate or extended birth family, start that group chat and call on your peeps to point out your blind spots regarding personal growth.

However, for most people, their biggest supporters are a mix of biological and spiritual family members. You know, the everyday people you have met in the travels that you click with and wonder why they weren't your blood sister or brother, to begin with.

Journal Prompt: Identify seven individuals, be their familial, friends, spiritual mentors or influencers who "get you" and can be your biggest supporters right now.

Write down what type of support they give you; this way, you can inform them exactly what you need from them. It may be that one person is great in times of crisis, while another can get you out of your shell in dark times.

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Manifest: Purpose

You are in the perfect position to take action on an opportunity you are unsure of. This opportunity scares but also excites you. You aren't sure this is the time to take that leap, but it is.

This is the perfect time, and intuitively, you know that already. Intuition doesn't lay out every how and why, but it gives you the what and when—the when usually right this second, if not sooner. I don't know what generation you belong to, but if you are a millennial or younger, we certainly don't like answering calls, but this is one call worth picking up.

Journal Prompt: Write “I am fully prepared for my destiny” 3x in your morning journal.

Set that intention with your first sip of coffee or water in the morning. It will act as your battery charge that will last the duration of the first step of this journey you are about to take.

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Manifest: Spiritual fulfillment

This weekend, Cancer, you are here on earth to vibrationally lift others at the same time that they protect themselves energetically. It's a complicated, ongoing dance, but you're amongst the best candidates for it.

So what invigorates you? This is step 1 of answering the universe's call. You've likely spent a good portion of your life trying to conform to external pressures because you always knew that, deep down, you were way more unique than you let on.

Let your transformation to living out loud be gradual, and before you know it, you will be exactly where you knew you'd be when you were a little kid with big dreams. You'll find that what you once thought was impossible just had a few more steps to the finish line that you once anticipated: A-Okay. So, what lights you up? That's your assignment for today.

Journal Prompt: It's likely a bunch of things that excite your spirit, so keep a dedicated notebook to have it all in one place.

Start with just a list of inspiring things. It can consist of anything: A cat's sleepy sigh, brutalist architecture, cozy aesthetic phone games or a grandmother's warm, aged hands. Set that intention of lighting up your spirit by putting pen to paper.

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Manifest: A team of advisors

You may be caught in a dilemma or feel stuck in a bad situation. Remember, you are on your hero's journey; every great hero has mentors and counselors. You are to call on them this weekend.

The tarot card refers to prayer toward asking spiritual deities for help, but your particular council could be any assortment of deities. When I have any deep issues, I call on as many mortal and immortal beings I trust as possible. It's truly a team effort.

Journal Prompt: Who is appointed to your council of counsel? Who do you trust fully? And how might you call upon them to help lighten your load and guide you appropriately?

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Manifest: The courage to share your soul

You are being asked to do the most challenging thing possible: be vulnerable. Every event, positive, neutral or negative, is a single layer of our constantly unfolding individual story - All petals on a singular rose.

Journal Prompt: How are you being tested this weekend? And in what area are you being tested? Sometimes, it's our career or finances, and sometimes it's our love life, and many times, it's a few life areas being tested all at once.

Instead of any direct action, leave some space between each issue, pay attention to yourself, and in a month, write down the progress of the test and whether you passed it or not. Records of our trials and tribulations can become invaluable treasure troves for future generations who will face similar things or even just proof we made it through a billion struggles then, and we will once again.

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Manifest: Peace

The world is essentially a hologram projection screen for every wound and every victory we've ever endured. It's time to pull up the unconscious roots for our triggers to the forefront. This can become the beginning of your shadow work practice, but just to stay emotionally safe, take things slow. Choose one comment, action or situation that triggered you this weekend. We will use the five whys to understand why we were triggered, which will help make the stated offense less offensive because we "get it" now.

Journal Prompt: State the event and how it made you feel. Keep it simple. "I felt ignored, called out, betrayed, etc."

And then ask why. Additionally, the 2nd why is the hardest one, but the more whys you can answer, the more you gain clarity and control over what power others can hold over you emotionally.

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Manifest: Creation

Scorpio, you are at a place where you can experience the highest vibration possible. How do we even begin to put our two cents into such a task? We do that simply in two ways: 1. through selfless acts and 2. through love.

The problem with trying to plan this out is often, selfless acts occur from a very sudden and urgent need. There may be a stroller rolled into the street that you pass by or a single mom who is $5 short for her weekly groceries. The appropriate situations will come to you; just be open to them.

Journal Prompt: Affirm your openness by writing or saying,  "I am open to acts of selflessness that facilitate a happier, healthier earth." Then start your day and watch the magic unfold.

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Manifest: Trust in fate

Sag, you received the Leap Oracle card. The leap card is part of the Action suite, which is pretty self-explanatory. Taking action is part of the flywheel cycle of moving forward in life. It is not always vital to take physical activity, but we must act when it is. To conceptualize why this is important, I liken it to seasons. Every season must come and affect us differently here and in nature.

Journal Prompt: Before your current season of action, did you have a season of inaction or contemplation? What came of that particular season, and why is it now time to enter a new season?

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Manifest: Wisdom to Advise

We are constantly receiving downloads from the universe. These downloads contain intuitions, warnings, and neutral statements. Not all of them are helpful. In fact, some are complete nonsense. Many actually serve the same function of radio static that must be tuned out to hear the actual useful messages.

You are being tasked with guiding others this week, and guidance utilizes clarity and intuition. Most of the time, it will just require verbal counsel, but sometimes more is required of us. I like to think that we as humans are others' karma and others' blessing. Ignoring the call to act is to ignore your spiritual mission. Which seems kind of bad, right?

Journal Prompt: So, who in your life can use your guidance this weekend?

This would be best put into your bullet journal. You can keep note that this coworker asked you about something specific, you did the research, and now you have an answer for them.

Or perhaps an older person is in danger of falling prey to an Internet scam that you clearly recognize. Go out of your way to guide them and write in your schedule exactly when you can make time to do it. many times, just a 5-minute chat can change a person's whole perspective.

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Manifest: Birthing a new age (new creations)

Your card this weekend is Birthing a New Age, bringing on new creations. Being a creator sounds like a huge task, but we are all creators. Creators of life, of life-sustaining food, jobs that help others, survival... and drama. All things are created and thus have a creator.

Journal Prompt: write down I am both creation and creator. I create ... 3 times. After each "I create," fill it with the first thing that comes to mind. Don't think too hard.

After listing at least 3 things you create, how do you feel? Do you agree with this list? Are you creating these things with full intentionality, or does something feel off? Record your findings.

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Manifest: Discernment

You are ready for spiritual integration, but how and how to do that? Record your dreams for the coming weekend. Many people spend an inordinate amount of time diving deeply into what each symbol in a dream means when, while there are global archetypes and ancient structures we can recognize a mile away, many times, dream symbols are individual.

And on a wellness note, the most important aspect of a dream is how it makes you feel when you wake up. Let's say you dream of a baby seal. Baby animals are generally objectively cute, but in your particular dream, the baby seal leaves you feeling unsettled.

That's the thing you record in the morning about the dream. Dreams are divine, spiritual messages. They are warnings, they can be prophetic, and sometimes they are just a jumble of signals from your brain processing the previous day.

Journal Prompt: You discern which symbols are important and why by recording the main bullet points of your dreams this weekend.

Write how each dream event made you feel (a single emotive word will work) and what it could possibly be connected to in your waking life.

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Venita Johnson is the Assistant Editor for Horoscopes & Zodiacs based out of New York City, who focuses on astrology, tarot and oracle card readings.