People Say Using This Two-Word Phrase Is The Fastest Way To Manifest Anything You Want

Manifestation just leveled up!

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Do you want to change your reality? If so, you are not alone. 

There are thousands, maybe even millions of people who want to change something in their lives. It could be losing weight, getting a promotion, finding a puppy, or meeting the love of your life.

Everybody wants to change at least one thing in their reality. With so many techniques to change your reality through manifestation, how can you pick the right one?


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It may be getting harder to do so, since it seems like every month, there's a newly trending manifestation technique taking the internet by storm. And this time is no different, as yet another trend on TikTok has gone viral.


Please welcome, the Tinkerbell Effect, named after Tinker Bell, Peter Pan's magical pixie friend.

What is the Tinkerbell Effect?

The Tinkerbell Effect is a somewhat cute name for the science behind thought work and energetics behind manifestation. The idea is that when you change your thoughts, you change your reality.

One TikToker named Jamie Sea explains the science in a metaphor of planting a seed and germination.



The manifestation coach explains how there are two worlds in our reality: the energetic world, and the physical world. Often, we stick to the physical 3D world, but our thoughts are energetic matter in the energetic world. They create in the quantum field, the realm of possibility, and start the germination process in the energetic world.


When a single thought is intentionally focused on, then it will happen. As Sea puts it, "Once a thought, then a thing."

Sea describes this thought science as planting a seed (the single thought) and watching it bloom (manifest, come to fruition) with care and water. That care and water represent focusing on the thought you want to manifest. 

The one thing that can stop this germination process is doubt. Doubt is us pulling the seed out and not letting the germination process continue; therefore, the flower won't bloom. 

In more simple terms, the more you believe in something, the more it will become your reality. Just like in Peter Pan: when you don't believe in fairies, Tinker Bell dies. So believe, believe, believe — and you will achieve.


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This manifestation technique can absolutely change your life, and many people on TikTok agree.

One TikToker named Amber Mae Bolejack used it to lose 60 pounds!



In her video, she explains how changing her mindset with the Tinkerbell Effect changed her reality for the better. You can use this method to reach goals and feel better about yourself and your reality.


The power this manifestation technique can give you is the ability to control the experience you have in your reality.

How the Tinkerbell Effect Works

The Tinkerbell Effect works like this: you get super specific about one small thing that you want to believe in; you believe in it so deeply that it will change your experience on this planet for the better. 

Then, think about what that outcome would look like.


Lastly, put a "what if" in front of your thought: "What if this thought happens?" The plan is to bypass doubt and think about the inevitability of what that will feel like.

Remember that whatever anyone else believes has no effect on your own thoughts and beliefs. So start believing what you want and manifest it into your reality.

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