These 4 Zodiac Signs Relationships Improve April 3 - 9, 2023, During Neptune In Pisces

The best relationships are those that have both passion and security.

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This week, Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Taurus expand your ability to receive the love you have always dreamed of. For many, things have begun to shift within your romantic relationship. But not all changes are negative. This week Neptune in Pisces will form a sextile with Venus in Taurus, which will help promote feelings of romance, sensuality, and security within your relationship. By embracing this delicate loving energy this week, you can also see where the olive branch is being extended in relationships and even allow yourself to understand more of the process that you have been going through.


Neptune in Pisces, though, is also being grounded by Saturn, recently moving into this water sign which will help you find a deeper level of commitment within your romantic relationship but will also help you see more of the truth. The rose-colored glasses of Neptune are necessary in love because you often need to see what is possible rather than only what is apparent at that moment, but Saturn can also help you understand more deeply the purpose of things and to help keep your eyes open to the truth.

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The Libra Full Moon will also occur in the coming days, which can shine a bright light of manifestation and cumulation into your romantic life, helping you finally reach the point where you had hoped you would arrive all along. The space of no longer choosing between passion and security because, finally, you can receive both.


Four zodiac signs whose relationships improve during Neptune in Pisces, April 3 - 9, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Venus is in your sign of Taurus, activating the themes of your first house. This aspect of your natal chart rules beliefs, needs and wants. With Venus in Taurus currently in your first house, it will increase the need for relationship security and stability. Venus is at home here, so it is operating especially strongly and can help you focus on what you need or from your partner to improve your relationship. Love is always permanent for you, but this becomes magnified when Venus is in your first house because your sense of stability within yourself often depends on how safe you feel with your relationship.

Venus lights up your first house this week, forming a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which governs your eleventh house of friends. Neptune in Pisces represents your ardent desire for friendships and social life in this part of your chart. When the two meet, while slightly idealistic, they also give you a sensual, romantic, and imaginative nature that will benefit you in improving your relationship but also for you to get out and mingle with those friends and couples which align with your life. By getting out of your routine and enjoying time with other couples, you can feel an improvement in your relations, and this may be the week for it.

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Neptune and now Saturn moves through your first house, helping you acknowledge and then work to create more of your dreams involving life — and love. Neptune is at home in Pisces and adds an ethereal and romantic glow to your life. While it tends to wear rose-colored glasses for relationships, it also helps you see your partner in the best possible light, which is an important asset. This week as Neptune sextiles Venus in Taurus, it activates your third house of communication, which Taurus rules over.

Taurus in the third house specifically helps you ground your love affair with logical and honest communication, which is necessary right now as you reevaluate things romantically, thanks to Saturn in your first house. As you have been debating over whether the relationship you are in is the one that is meant to last forever, it is also important to recognize that communication is what will provide you with the answers that you are seeking. This week the Libra Full Moon also occurs, activating your eighth house of intimacy and may provide the space for positively transforming your relationship and the deeper connection you seek.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Taurus rules over your seventh house of relationships, so as Venus moves through this sign, it is significant for your romantic life. Taurus is your polarizing sign and the influence in your life that helps to teach you that emotional excitement and depth are not all that matters in relationships and that you need them to be stable and secure. With the balance of your Scorpio energy alongside Taurus's sensuality and security, you can create a relationship that fulfills all your needs and keeps growing.

As Venus in Taurus forms a sextile with Neptune in Pisces this week, your fifth house of joy and pleasure is activated. This is an incredibly beneficial aspect for you and one that will allow you not only to see a transformation within your romantic relationship but also that will help create a greater commitment. The fifth house rules marriage, children, self-expression, and creativity. As Neptune sits in this house, it may cause you to see things slightly better than they are; however, Saturn is now in Pisces as well it bringing a seriousness to everything that will help balance out any overly hopeful tendencies. Together they create an opportunity to embrace your most passionate romantic self and receive the love your partner is trying to offer you.

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4. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

This week, your romantic relationship is boosted as Neptune in Pisces activates your seventh house of love in its sextile to Venus in Taurus, activating your ninth house of luck. To truly step into a place of embracing both the luck and the love being offered to you, you also must not be afraid that it will somehow be taken away or that you could lose it. If you have done the work of maintaining the focus on yourself and your growth, in the week ahead, you could get an important reminder about the importance of love in your life. Neptune in Pisces in your house of relationships will often give you the best possible view of love and your connection with your partner as it creates dreamy and romantic energy.

But Neptune alone is not responsible for the upswing in possibilities this week as Saturn, now in Pisces as well, is upping the commitment level within your union and creating the space for you having your eyes wide open now. As Neptune and Venus unite this week, it will allow you to deepen and grow your relationship as you can earnestly see ways to experience more life together. While the ninth house rules luck, it also handles travel, adventure, and spirituality. So, it will help you understand the greater meaning of the connection within your life and see that a big part of that is being able to share new things together.


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