Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For December 5 - 11, 2022

Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For December 5 - 11, 2022

Each zodiac sign's weekly horoscope is here for December 5 - 11, 2022. December always brings us such a mixed bag of emotions, and during this first week, many of them will be coming up for us.

We have a few transits here at this time that are somewhat tailor-made for bringing out the heated feelings in us, and sometimes, those feelings are not all that good.

We're looking at how communications can be twisted during this time.

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We may say one thing and it will be interpreted as an entirely different thing, this week. We will have to learn discretion; if we are misunderstood, do we turn on the person who misunderstands us, or do we remove ourselves from the potential drama by backing up and out?

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This week has us finding the higher road in just about everything we do; however, it will be up to us to take that road or stay back, where we will sink into the consequences of holding on to anger.

With Moon square Pluto kicking the week off, we're already up against the odds, but with Venus square Neptune, we have a chance at working those odds in our own favor.

We have Mercury square Jupiter at our beck and call, and we need to summon its strength as this is the transit that can solve all manner of misunderstandings.

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We're also looking at a Full Moon in Gemini, which is at the heart of whether or not this week will work in our favor.

Gemini lunations help us to make important decisions, but what we decide upon is upon us. The success is here, but the plan is not. That's what makes this week tick — the desire for a plan.

Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For December 5 - 11, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

Everything about this week is telling you to back up and try not to get ahead of yourself. You're in 'end of year' mode and now all you can think about is completing everything before the year is over.

This week makes you feel as though you are under pressure; the thing is, you are the one putting yourself under that pressure and no one else. If you don't do-do-do everything this week, you'll be OK. Try not to worry so much about 'getting it all done.' It is what it is, Aries, and in the long run, everything will work out fine.

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(April 20 - May 20)

You can either throw yourself completely into positive thinking or fall back into your old ways which will inevitably have you feeling depressed and at a loss. If something doesn't go right for you this week, don't throw it all away; stay with your positive energy.

Think of it this way: The entire universe is conspiring to make your life better, rather than the other way around. If anyone can snap out of it, it's you. Hang in there, Taurus. Stay with the light, and keep yourself afloat.

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(May 21 - June 20)

This week has you feeling very guarded; there's something you want to protect, and you don't want or need to be challenged on it. You will find that during this week there will be people in your life who want to voice their doubtful opinions, and you know those opinions are headed your way.

You can either avoid them by ignoring them, or you could get entangled and sucked in, which, if you do, will guarantee that you have a hard time during the week.

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(June 21 - July 22)

This week presents the typical December scenario of having to buy presents for people and ending up feeling like you're going broke because of it. Don't worry, while the stress is real, so is the good cheer and none of this is going to last anyway.

So, relax on judging yourself too harshly for overspending, and know that you'll put an end to it shortly. You aren't going broke, Cancer. You're just being generous and it hurts!

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(July 23 - August 22)

This week has you doing some reflecting on the year's accomplishments, and as you go over your list, you start to feel as though you weren't as productive as you'd have liked to have been. Well, Leo, that's what 2023 is all about for you; making up for a lost time.

Don't worry, you're not alone in this. Many people stayed in pandemic panic mode for a longer period of time than necessary; they can't be blamed and neither can you. Onwards and upwards. 2023 is your year, Leo.

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(August 23 - September 22)

This week has you at the center of attention, and even though you didn't want it to be this way, necessarily, you aren't going to mind all the attention you'll be getting. First of all, it will be positive, and second of all, it's the kind of attention you feel you've needed.

Affirmation of your physical attractiveness means a lot to you, and while others might not have the same desire to be told they are still vital, still beautiful, you'll get your share of compliments on this topic, this week.

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(September 23 - October 22)

What you're not in the mood for this week is games, Libra, but that doesn't mean you're not going to play them anyway. There's something in your life that you don't want to look at, and in order to divert your own attention, you place it onto someone else; this forces you to look at them, rather than at your own problem.

The hurtful part here is that you won't be considering this other person's feelings; you'll just go for the kill and let it become 'their' problem, instead of yours.

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(October 23 - November 21)

We're going to just get to the point here: This week is the one where you are turned down. It could be by a person, a job, or any situation that you wanted to be a part of.

You are just not the person to fill these shoes, and you'll be hearing this information confirmed for you during the week. It's OK, Scorpio. We can't win 'em all, and you'll have plenty more in terms of opportunity in the near future.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You will more than likely present an idea to someone this week, and in turn, they will treat you as if you were a naive fool for even trying. That's the thing with you, though, Sagittarius; it doesn't matter what people think of you, you are happy to go on without them.

Your big idea means a lot to you, and in your mind, it's already successful. So, when you are put down or belittled during the week, you'll merely chuckle at the folks who don't believe in you. You can 'pass' on them just as easily as they pass on you.

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(December 22 - January 19)

You're in accounting mode, and this could be tedious for you. You are someone who likes to put their affairs in order before moving on to the next year, and it will be during this week that you tend to that task.

What's good is that nothing gets in your way; you're a mean machine of productivity and organization, and this pleases you very much. All loose ends will be snipped this week, and you will feel very accomplished by the week's end.

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(January 20 - February 18)

While it does feel like the waiting game is here, and that the beginning doesn't start until January 1, 2023, you've got gigantic plans and you can't wait for them to start. You have a clear vision of the future, and while this week may feel like it's dragging, you are saved by your own sense of hope.

You just KNOW 2023 is going to be excellent and during this week, you'll be deeply rooted in your imagination, planning what's to happen in the coming year.

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(February 19 - March 20)

The drag effect that comes with December is on, and you are feeling it very intensely. It's only the beginning of December and yet, you feel as though time is absolutely collapsing in on itself. Is it really only the first week?

Yes, it is, and for you, Pisces, it feels as though you're running on a very dull program and it makes you feel like you're going nowhere fast, or rather, very, very slowly. Time is what bugs you this week, Pisces.

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