The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During The Month Of December 2022

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During The Month Of December 2022

After a challenging few months, there is a reward lingering during December for those ready to take their relationship to the next level.

December holds the key for many relationships that have felt like they were at a standstill or even in a more challenging phase.

The month begins with Neptune turning direct in Pisces which helps you to able to balance the truth with the dreams that you have for your life and relationship.

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As the week progresses, Venus and Mercury shift into Capricorn, and Jupiter returns to Aries, you will be feeling greater confidence when it comes to moving ahead in your life.

Many of the lessons you have been learning are reaching a point of fruition this month.

Sometimes when this occurs it means a relationship transitions out of your life, at others though, it opens up a new level of commitment and love with your partner.

The goal is not to force anything but to know when the universe is guiding you to move in a new direction.

Sometimes it is just a matter of letting the dust settle, realizing that those unlearned lessons were preventing you from seeing the truth that already existed around you.

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Things may move more rapidly this month as the pace of your life picks up, but it is one that will deliver what you have been moving towards all along the love and relationship you deserve.

The four zodiac signs whose relationships improve during the month of December 2022

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

The first three weeks of December are truly once-in-a-lifetime energy for you dear Pisces. Until December 20th, both Neptune and Jupiter will be in your own sign working magic in ways that you have never seen before, and this is the last time they will do so in this lifetime.

This is powerful, life-changing, earth-shaking energy. Neptune is the planet of dreams while Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

In this case within both planets in your own zodiac sign, anything you touch will turn to gold, including your romantic relationship. During the first few weeks, it is important to not sell yourself short when it comes to your dreams.

Embody your most authentic truth and let it shine, the right lover will be someone who is attracted to the real you. This also brings to fulfillment some of those deep needs that you have had for your life, including who you share it with.

Mars is currently retrograde in Gemini until early January bringing changes to this area of your life, but when the Full Moon in Gemini early in the month combines with all this Pisces energy, get ready for fireworks.

Things will be moving at a faster pace throughout the month. This might mean suddenly deciding to move in together, an elopement, or even a pregnancy.

This also may have to do with a long-distance move or travel opportunity as well. It is important to stay grounded and centered this month while also honestly believing that anything is possible.

Your life will not look the same as you ring in the new year; all you must do is allow the universe to work its magic and receive all the blessings you’ve been praying for.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

There’s been an ongoing theme in your romantic relationship since May of this year. You may have been wondering if you’ve made the right relationship choices, or if things would ever change. Part of this journey has been for you to slow down and make sure that you’re not having a feeling about yourself or your own life that you’re projecting onto your relationship.

With Mars retrograde in your own sign, you’ve been given the benefit of time. This has allowed you to refrain from taking drastic action and thinking that ending your relationship is the solution to all of your problems.

While it’s true that sometimes relationships do need to end, in this case, it may have been that a personal belief or perspective of yours needed to be closed out instead. In the month ahead Venus will still be in Sagittarius, the sign that represents a focus on romance until the 9th which is perfect as the Full Moon in Gemini occurs alongside Mars, helping you to take the steps necessary to start improving your relationship.

You may not have all the answers yet, but you should be feeling more in love and gratitude for your partner than you have in recent months. You may also get some epiphanies about what has been moving beneath the surface in your life since May that had you feeling out of sorts in your relationship. Trust the timing and the love.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You want instant results, but you also need proof that the decision you are making is the right one. Mars retrograde in Gemini has been stirring up changes in your romantic life while Neptune in Pisces is making you think differently about what home means.

These two have actually squared off a few different times in the last few months to help you understand what was going on, and now as December and your zodiac season are upon you, it’s time to make changes. Around the beginning of the month when Venus is still in your sign, the Full Moon in Gemini will coincide with Mars in Gemini right after Neptune has turned direct which will bring everything to the point of illumination.

This energy brings together your own beliefs and self-love with themes in your relationship and home. When you feel better about yourself, you also will make different decisions when it comes to love.

This is the cumulative journey of discovering what it means to genuinely love yourself. As this occurs you will feel more confident about committing to yourself. You have been going through a phase of likely feeling indecisive about something related to your romantic life.

The thing is though, this only existed because you were undecided about yourself. Now that is no longer the case, you will be going all in on your relationship. Anything is possible now, simply because you believe it is.

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4. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

The planets converge in your romantic house this month, bringing many positive developments and improvements. At the beginning of the month, Mercury and Venus are the first to shift to Capricorn followed by the Sun and then the New Moon.

Capricorn energy always brings opportunities and reflection when it comes to relationships and this month after the year that you have had, you are ready to take advantage of them. The main purpose this year for you was to learn to speak the truth.

Sometimes, especially in relationships, the truth changes things, it makes it impossible to stay quiet or have them remain the same. This used to govern whether you advocated for yourself and affected the type of love you allowed yourself to receive.

Now that you are emerging on the other side of this lesson, you are also ready to step up differently in your relationship. Whether it is meeting someone new or deepening an existing connection, this month for you is about cultivating an authentic relationship that is based solely on your own truth.

This will allow you to create more space for love and nurturing, which is what you have always wanted. You may feel challenged to express yourself in these new ways when the opportunity presents itself, but it just comes down to making sure that you are never compromising your own truth for the comfort of another.

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