Monthly Love Horoscope For December 1 - 31, 2021

Lots of love in store!

Monthly Love Horoscope For December 1 - 31, 2021

Your monthly love horoscope for December 2021 is here with an astrology forecast for all zodiac signs.

The month of December starts with the Sun is in Sagittarius and a New Moon solar eclipse in the same zodiac sign.

December is shaping up to be a month of passion, good intimate relations, and shifting relationships. This is a fiery month to spice up any connection worth exploring.

On December 13th Mars will be entering Sagittarius, heating up our connections with the spark that they may need.


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However, this can also add fuel to the fire for tough conversations that have been put on the back burner and reveal truths that partners may no longer wish to hold back on.

However, relationships tend to become complex as Venus (in the position of Capricorn) goes into retrograde on December 19th.


This will make solidifying connections much more complicated and may lead to couples breaking up before they see their happy ending.

While in years to come this period of breakups may provide great inspiration about the one who got away, this can be a devastating loss for many.

This same day Chiron goes direct which is providing a release of bad habits that we have held onto as a safety blanket.

The change and release can be transformative, but the wounds may take a while to heal.

Monthly Love Horoscope For December 1 - 31, 2021:


Aries, this month is challenging you to try to take a new approach to your love life and change up habits that aren’t helping within your connection.


This month can inspire you to let go of the routines that you aren’t finding enjoyable in your love life and may even be driving a wedge between you and your object of affection, and to bring in some new things you’ve been wanting to try, whether for date night ideas or some fun new moves in the bedroom.

Be cautious toward the end of the month that you aren’t moving too quickly in your connection, especially if you’re feeling like you have to take the next step because you’re moving too slow. Connections do not need to be fast-tracked before you’re ready or because it’s what is expected of you.

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Taurus, realistically you’re going to find this month that you aren’t going to keep up with someone you aren’t completely committed to. If you don’t envision some type of future with them you’ll find yourself becoming bored and not wanting to be with them.


Allow yourself permission to leave a connection if you’re not feeling fulfilled instead of sabotaging it so it’s easier to separate. This might be a month that you’re seeking new ventures and trying dating a new kind of person, someone you may not have considered to be your type before. You should allow yourself this month to explore all options instead of routine ways of thinking when it comes to love.

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Gemini, December is here to remind you that the things that scare you are the little reminders that despite through it all, you’re still alive. Since when do you shy away from a challenge? Send the first text, ask out the cutie who is catching your eye, be the one to make the first move instead of waiting for life to happen to you.

This is the month to try something new and be a little bolder with the love you are wishing to welcome into your life. It’s time to shake things up, even if it means making new goals before the new year starts. However, in this, do enjoy the slow burn. When you try something exciting in regards to romance you may wish to speed through it; don’t let your anxieties get the best of you.


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Cancer, this month it is being asked of you to own up to your mistakes within your connection. You are not always going to be right, statistically and with a touch of reality. The conflicts you’re facing with your partner aren’t an objective to “win.”

These problems are things to face together, not put yourselves against. You are partners, not competitors. There are much healthier ways to engage in competitive natures than trying to win out an argument that you may be wrong in. Challenge yourself this month to be perceptive and listen to concerns without planning a counterargument. This might be a good time to incorporate “I’m sorry” and genuine apology into your love language.

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Leo, be cautious of putting too much pressure on your current love interest, especially if you’re celebrating during the holidays. Not everyone has the budget to show how valuable you are. Be considerate and try to understand when people are expressing their love.

Don’t settle for the way you are treated, but settle for the amount of spoiling those you love can financially swing. You can be showered in admiration without breaking the bank and that doesn’t make you any less of a precious gem. It is important as well to not worry so much about how others will perceive your relationship; it’s not for show, it’s for feeling.

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Virgo, this month will be centered around understanding how human you are when it comes to loving others. You are not going to be the perfect partner right off the bat, no matter how much you love someone. And you are not always going to understand what your partner needs.


You are not a perfect person and it is unreasonable to expect perfection in a relationship, regardless of how much you love someone. This month challenges you to own up to your mistakes and be eager to learn from them instead of making the conversation around how much you messed up. You will be forgiven as long as you commit to learning and growing instead of staying stuck as you are.

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Libra, you cannot be the only person or thing in this world that your partner finds happiness from, nor should you expect them to be your source of joy in life. This month you are being asked to work on maintenance rather than grand gestures.

You may find that the person you’re enamored with is having difficulties this month; your responsibility isn’t to resolve this conflict but offer them support and help them when you are capable of it. It is important for you to know this month that making someone else happy shouldn’t come at your own expense. You do not need to sacrifice your own peace to inspire joy in those you love. Their happiness is their own responsibility.


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Scorpio, you are infectious and easy to fall in love with; but are these people falling in love with you or the person they need you to be? This month you are being asked to show your true self and advocate for your own needs rather than masking as someone you think your partner needs.

You are worthy of experiencing love without having to pretend to be anyone else in the world. You do a lot to accommodate others, but would they do the same for you? Try this month showing your true colors and see who sticks around that authenticity; those are the people you should allow yourself to fall for.

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Sagittarius, at what point did your love become practice and not whimsical? It is incredible the way you love others and how much you provide, but love is a two-sided thing. You should be there to support your partner and back them up, but you shouldn’t stop living to complete someone else’s life!

Sagittarius, bring back those adventurous dates, inspire a late-night conversation, plan the last-minute trip that you may have to work extra hours in the weeks to come to make up for it. Don’t get so caught up in your life together that you forget to live during them.

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Capricorn, without a doubt you keep the peace in your connections and find often that all you want is to make your partner happy. But are you happy? Does it really fulfill you to dedicate your life to someone else and not receive the same energy back?


Is this the life you really want to look back on and when you do, will it be enough? This month you may find you want to ask more of your partner, and that’s okay! You should advocate for yourself in your relationship, and if those needs aren’t being met, you should respect yourself enough to walk away. It’s not a bad thing to respect yourself as much as you respect all of those around you.

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Aquarius, you may find yourself this month having difficulties with your partner and “relationship deadlines.” You may seem flaky to your past lovers or unwilling to make a commitment, but truly you just wish to be comfortable.

You don’t find yourself comfortable being pushed to make life-changing decisions and when the pressure is put on you to do more than you’re ready, you can very quickly lose interest. You aren’t infatuated with relationship milestones but rather precious moments that will make beautiful memories to share later. If you’re being pressured do not succumb to it; draw your boundaries and be firm.


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Pisces, your love life may look different from everyone else’s this December, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. This month the universe is urging you to love yourself as much as you adore everyone else you have ever given your heart to.

You are so quick to find the good in others, but when was the last time you were able to look at yourself this way? If you aren’t satisfied with your partners then please leave, choose yourself before you choose anyone else. Put your satisfaction at the top of your priority list and do not waste your energy on people who leave you questioning if you’re worth their time, because truly, they are not worth yours.


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