3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On October 2, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On October 2, 2021

Today the Libra Sun shines bright alongside the Leo Moon mirroring some of the energy from yesterday yet settling differently as we approach the new moon creating the space for us to embrace clarity.  

Under the Libra Sun most are feeling more docile, peaceful and striving for balance both within ourselves and in our external lives. This creates a feeling of ease as we move through whatever challenging life situations that may arise, even during rocky astrological times like we’re currently going through.  

The Leo Moon doesn’t necessarily add to any challenges we would experience but does make it seem more intense as we feel things on a more heart centered basis. For most this should be a positive as we are able to tune into that deepest part of ourselves and our unique energy which occupies that space.  

Today is mostly a calm astrological day, we’re under the same lunar energy as yesterday so there are no shifts in that area which will help us feel more stable. The two transits that are occurring today are Mercury square Pluto and Venus sextile Pluto.  

Pluto in Capricorn is about four days away from stationing direct which means that we’re going to be seeing him create aspects to several planets in preparation for the truth that he will bring once we have returned from his yearly visit to the underworld.  

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Currently in Capricorn, we’re likely to be seeing clarity around the structures of our lives, including relationships, family and career. The planet Pluto helps us see clearly around any confusion that is created by fears or by the manipulation of others for their own progress.  

Both transits bring intensity but in different ways.  

Pluto square the planet Mercury is all about intense interactions and conversations with others, specifically someone that we’re drawn to talk to about a particular topic that has been weighing on us for some time. 

Because Mercury in Libra is currently retrograde it means that we have to clear up something from the past that was previously agreed to or discussed.  

This is a time for clarity, for settling things once and for all and for finally being in the place to speak our truth.  

Alongside the Venus sextile to Pluto, we will be feeling more loving, even if it is intense. Not just to someone in particular but to ourselves and our own level of self-love.  

Today is a day to see past what has previously kept us stuck so that we can finally see how to move forward.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On October 2, 2021:

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

With Venus spending time in your sign right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the day with those you love-especially if a particular person comes to mind. You’ll be feeling your emotions strongly around this time, so be mindful of them feeling intimidating or too big for you.

If that does arise, try to practice gratitude for what you feel and don’t fear something that you may not be able to explain. There will be a combined energy creating more passion and intensity within your relationships, which also could have you feeling more amorous.

Take the day and evening to focus on what matters most to you as the clarity you’ve been seeking is this truth. There will always be things to work through, moments of self-growth and things to do better but when it’s love, that’s what makes everything else worthwhile.

On the other side of this though is sometimes we realize that what we thought was love was only a trauma bond, a karmic knife we refused to put down. Enjoy the feelings that come to you but look for what is instead of what you wish was.

And remember, that whether you’re able to sit around the fire having a deep conversation with the one you love, or if you’re single, if you love yourself, truly madly deeply, you can still create the life that you love.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

It’s a welcome break that you’re having a more positive beneficial day today rather than some of the rougher lesson filled days recently.

Part of this is because as the planet Pluto begins to slow before turning direct, he’s going to be bringing up a lot of information and truths for us to deal with. But it has also really amplified that feeling of being stuck. Today all of those changes.

Yes, the blocks or challenges may still be there but now you will be able to more clearly see them for what they are and how to get around them. You may need to have an important conversation or two during this time, but try to meet them with courage, especially those that ask you to stick up for what it is you truly want for your life.

Today is a day to breathe in truth, to feel at ease with seeing things clearly and for detaching from any of the outcomes that may have kept you believing that somehow you won’t be worthy of happiness. When dealing with those situations that conversations need to happen, try to look at it as a chance to grow and do better.

You may have to encounter old situations but now you are being asked to shed a new light on them.

Do this with love, for yourself but also for whatever the other person is currently going through which thanks to the Libra Sun you’ll be more inclined to do. It’s a day to realize that there never was anything standing in between you and the life you desire, except the wounds you’ve yet to heal.  

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

With Neptune in your sign creating some positive aspects with the North Node it has seemed like everything is on edge lately or that every choice, every decision is a life altering one. While perhaps there is a bit of drama in that, you’re actually not wrong.

As Jupiter finishes up in Aquarius and begins to get ready to move into your sign, you’re being prepped for one of the most abundant periods of your life. This changes everything. So, these small moments, the conversations, the questions, the opportunities are all part of a bigger plan to help you expand your life.

But sometimes it’s hard to see that. It’s challenging within the day to day where there seems to be an endless string of lessons for you to move through, but today you’re offered a reprieve from all the work.

The second of the aspects just finished up with the North Node which means now you can have a chance to breathe, still to work on things as they come up, but with a clearer perspective about where you’re headed and with whom. Take today and whether it’s taking action or rest, simply trust it’s exactly where you’re meant to be.  

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