3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall In Love During Venus In Virgo Starting August 11, 2021

Expect the unexpected.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall In Love During Venus In Virgo Starting August 11, 2021 Alla - Din/Shutterstock.com

Venus is still in the sign of Virgo for a few more days, and until she enters into her home sign of Libra on August 16th, we will have some very interesting aspects in the skies between Venus and some other key players when it comes to love.

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Venus in Virgo has been opposing Neptune in Pisces for essentially the whole time she's been in Virgo, although certain times were more intense than others, depending on other varying factors. 


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With Venus opposing Neptune, you may experience confusion and illusion when it comes to love in general, which can make you think that you're in love, but this may be because of the idealistic lens which Neptune filters things through.


We are now seeing the final Venus – Neptune opposition for the next few days and once she changes signs, things will start to become more clear when it comes to your love life.

At this time there will also be some aspects between the Moon, Pluto and Saturn which will make expressing and feeling your emotions challenging.

On August 13th, the Moon will be squaring Pluto which can bring suppressed emotions to the surface, but in a destructive way.

On August 14th, the Moon will be squaring Saturn which can make it hard for you to connect with others on an emotional level, which can create distance between you and your partner or loved ones. 

The is potential here to get caught up in intense emotions, but to also have a hard time deciphering between what is real, and what is simply an illusion.


There are also some nice aspects during this time period which will give you an opportunity to reconcile with a lover and to fall in love all over again, but only if special care is given to the way in which you express your emotions. 

Zodiac signs who will fall in love during Venus in Virgo starting August 11, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With the Moon squaring Pluto, this can bring buried emotions to the surface when it comes to love, and since the Moon is also trine Jupiter, this means that you can express and share those emotions with your partner as a way to facilitate growth in your relationship.

Venus and Neptune will both be in aspects with Pluto which will make you feel very passionate about wanting to mend things with a lover, or to get out there and find a new lover.

This energy may increase your chances of finding new love, or reconciling with an ex, but with the opposition between Venus and Neptune, things may only appear good on the surface. 


The potential is here to heal your love relationships at this time, and to find new love partners.

Although the message from the skies right now is to take it slow and be cautious, as the potential for illusions is here as well, and you may find yourself having a change of heart once Venus goes into Libra.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

On August 14th, the Moon in Scorpio will be in your seventh house of relationships and it'll be in a square with Saturn.

This can create challenges when it comes to being able to create the emotional fulfillment you want in your relationships.

You may feel a desire to take some space from your partner, or from love in general.


Although the Moon is also in some positive and uplifting aspects with Mars, Jupiter and Mercury, which can make you feel a strong desire to work on things in your partnerships and endure any challenges you may have together.

With that being said, there is also a wild card aspect here with the Moon in opposition to Uranus, which can create unexpected changes when it comes to your relationships.

There is really this “make or break” vibe here when it comes to how to proceed forward in love. Although while the desire to make it work is there, you may find yourself having a sudden change of heart as a result of this intense opposition. 

Taking a step back and allowing yourself to experience your emotions will be key to understanding them.


This energy can change your current perspective around your partner, or love in general, so you may find that you don't feel the same way by the end of this transition. So while reconciliation is possible, you may find that you're simply not ready, or that you simply no longer feel the same way.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

On August 15th, the Moon in Scorpio will be in your fifth house of love and joy.

The Moon will be in some interesting aspects with Neptune and Jupiter, which may create the illusion that your romantic relationship is growing, but it may not actually be growing in the way you think it is.


Although the desire to keep pushing forward and create the idealistic vision you have in your head may be strong at this time. 

The Moon is also opposing Uranus which can create sudden upheavals, and changes in direction, when it comes to how you feel in love.

Although the Moon will also be in some nice aspects with Pluto and Neptune, which can give you the courage the express your feelings for someone.


The potential for confusion within yourself and your relationships is here, although you may find yourself wanting to ignore this, in order to allow yourself to simply have a good time and enjoy the moment. 

You may be a little blind to red flags at this time, so that you can enjoy the feelings of love and romance you may be experiencing.

Although once Venus goes into Libra, those red flags may become so obvious, that you can no longer ignore them.

Now is the time to get everything out on the table and discuss what you want moving forward in your relationships, and see how things play out once Venus goes into Libra.

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