5 Reasons Geminis Are The Easiest Sign To Fall In Love With

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5 Reasons Why Geminis Are The BEST Sign To Fall In Love With

By Shyanne Kollefrath

IT’S TWINS! Just kidding, it’s just Gemini season.

Being a Gemini myself, I can say with great certainty that even though I do not have a twin, I do have two very strong personalities. One of my personalities is very sociable, while the other is very reserved and prefers to stay deep in thought.

If you are looking for someone to date, a Gemini may be for you.

Both of these personalities are great things to have in a relationship because they would be the type of person to go out to parties with one night then stay at home baking cookies the next.

Here are some other reasons why a Gemini would make a hella great significant other.

1. Geminis are gentle creatures.

The last thing we want is to hurt someone. Our gentleness gives us a certain level of caring like no other. There is just something about our auras that make us the ones to go to when you need some TLC.

2. That being said, we are also extremely affectionate.

CUDDLE BUDDIES FOR LIFE. Seriously though, we love to show our affection. Be prepared for a ton of hugs, hand holding, and cuddling. Showing affection and our gentleness are enough to make anyone dateable.

3. We are curious people as well.

We will always want to know more about everything; you, your day, your family, your work, etc. We will want to know every single detail. I mean, why wouldn’t you want a significant other who cares enough about you to get every detail of your life?

4. Geminis are also adaptable.

You can throw us into any situation, and we will be able to make it work. I’ve gone from office work to direct sales to communications and these settings have been COMPLETELY different, but I’ve fit right into each one. Being a Gemini has really helped me out with the transfer from college to the real world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!/p>

5. Did I mention we like being social?

Connecting with people gives us life, seriously. If I was thrown into the olden days hiding out in a lonely cave, I’d probably die; I mean certainly adaptability would take over but my soul would be definitely be crushed. But all caves aside, parties between friends and family keep me alive and well!

As a Gemini I just want to say, it’s important to express yourself (positively and politely of course) and don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself every once in awhile. Try not to let that proud-ness overwhelm anyone around you, but you don’t have to stay bottled-up-humble forever.

Shyanne Kollefrath Is a writer whose work has been featured on Unwritten, YourTango, and the Huffington Post.