3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Moon Conjunct Mars Starting August 9th, 2021

You don't want this love to fade away.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Moon Conjunct Mars August 9th, 2021

It looks like on August 9, 2021, we'll be experiencing the blessing of the Moon and all it comes with, along with the power punch of Mars to back it all up.

But for three zodiac signs whose love life will improve during the Moon conjunct Mars on Monday this is a special time.

The Moon conjunct Mars is a powerful force when it happens in the sign of Virgo.

What does Moon Conjunct Mars mean for certain signs? It means that certain signs, namely Aries, Gemini and Libra, will be feeling intuitive, insightful, and intensely focused.


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And that's a true relief, because being astute needs focus, and thanks to Mars, you're about to get some razor sharp insight...in love and romance.

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What you may find is that your love life is either on the mend, or it's about to take a turn for the best.

If you've gone through a hard phase in your relationship, that's natural, and it happens to everyone. What doesn't always happen is finding a solution to get things back on track.

What's needed is focus, and that's exactly what's coming in to save the day on August 9.

All you know is that you don't want this love to fade away, and that you'll do all you can to save it.

You may not even be at odds with your partner, but there's something there that needs attention paid to it, and it will become an issue if not tended to.

That's where things get really good - both parties will feel the need to step up to the plate to do their share. Mars is the backbone here, and the Moon is the plan. Together they spell focus and success.


Zodiac signs whose love life improves during the Moon conjunct Mars starting August 9, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Sometimes when we get into relationships, they start out really well and then they sort of morph into these mundane, routine scenarios where we look at our own selves and all we can see is a bored person, hanging out with another bored person.

This simply will not do, and you of all people, Aries, know that boredom in a relationship will not be tolerated.

You love your person - and they love you, too, which is all the more reason you can't sit around watching the relationship turn into a scene out of a nursing home; and, thanks to your ruling planet's cosmic force and influence, you're on it.

This transit is what's going to spark you into action, rather than apathy and acceptance.


Your relationship is about to get better, and that is because it means that much to you to keep things alive, rather than settle into some sort of 'waiting for death' game. No boredom allowed in your world.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your love life is about to improve because the person you are involved with is just as into making things better as you are. There's a side to you that wants nothing less than to put effort into making a love relationship 'better' and that is mainly because you give up very quickly.

The thought of working on your love life seems dull, and that's because you don't trust love, people or the idea of a relationship.


However, what DOES work for you is when someone else comes in to help - someone else as in your partner.

Knowing that your partner is willing to do the work inspires you to pick yourself up and get involved with some of that heavy lifting.

And what's going to be lifted? Your mood. Your desire...your interest in the person you are involved with. Moon Conjunct Mars acts as a catalyst for you and your partner to work things out - together.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You don't fall in love often, as you are someone who wants peace in their lives and has come to distrust love scenarios. However, when you do get involved - as you may very well be right now - you want to play the role of dutiful and loyal lover, to the best of your ability, at least.


And similar to Aries, you are not someone who can handle boredom. You need variety, change - you crave newness and the sharing of novel ideas.

You need a partner who is as thirsty for knowledge and insight as you are, and the person you are with may just be that person - what's needed is for you to acknowledge them.

That's what they require; that you take them seriously, which may have been something you omitted to do.


Moon Conjunct Mars has the ability to grant you this insight; look at your lover - see them for who they are, rather than for who they are not.

Accept and adore this person, knowing that you are equally as faulty as they are.

If you can come around on this, your relationship will skyrocket with happiness.

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