Horoscope Meaning Of The 7th Astrology House & Zodiac Sign Compatibility

The house of marriage and who your perfect soulmate is.

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The fundamental meaning of the 7th house of astrology is associated with Libra, and it's where you can find your mate who is compatible with your personal horoscope.

In astrology, love synastry traditionally about our relationships and one-on-one connection.

How does zodiac sign compatibility work when working with horoscope signs and the 7th house of astrology?

This is an angular house meaning once the foundation is solid the other areas come alive.


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Other angular houses include houses 1, 4, 7, and 10. The 7th house ruling zodiac sign is a Libra, and the ruling planet is Venus.

Reflection is a huge part of the 7th house because a relationship is a reflection of who you are.


For example, if you have low self-esteem, you are going to attract someone who reflects how you are feeling about yourself.

Something that goes in the 7th house is balanced, balance is very important for any relationship, especially a marriage because it gives mutual respect towards the other party.

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You balance the 7th house with the 1st house because the first house is about identity, also both houses are angular meaning they have an impact and also face upward.

This house also shows your awareness of the world around you and gives you the awareness of what your ideal partner will be like.


The 7th house is important in your romantic relationships because each planet has a different path.

The planets are important because it will tell you what your future relationship will be like, and what you will be like in the relationship.

If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars

Mars really wants a relationship, and constantly desires one-on-one relationships.

They are also very demanding and aggressive in their partnerships.

They want a partner to exert the same amount of passion, love, and desire in the relationship as they do.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Taurus or Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus


Venus has a pure enjoyment for a connection in one-on-one relationships.

They desire an honest relationship and treat it with respect and are very kind-hearted.

It is very hard for this person to be alone, they know how to be attractive to people, and charming (especially for their partner/ future partner).

They don’t like to dominate and oftentimes are sadly taken for granted because of their kindness.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Gemini or Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mercury does not want anything serious, they don't get emotionally attached to their partner because they don’t see anything long term.


Likewise, they tend to play mind games with the person who is interested in them.

It takes someone very special to get a Mercury (Gemini) to settle down.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Cancer

Ruling Planet: The Moon

This is the type of person who values a relationship based on emotions.

People in this chart feel very comfortable in their lives, contrary to that they still want a life partner because they want their needs satisfied.

In a relationship, people in this chart are very emotional, caring, and trustworthy.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Leo

People who fall under this chart crave attention and are very extroverted.

They find a really good connection with their partner when they see something in the other party, they see in themselves.

The Sun chart naturally attracts people because of their extroverted personality, is amazing at negotiation, and communicating with other people.

However, they often want to be the center of attention in all social situations, and can easily manipulate someone.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Pluto


In the 7th house, this planet and the astrological sign does not always equal out to the best relationships.

Pluto is a very closed off-planet in relationships whether it is business, friendship, or a romantic relationship.

This is due to the person wanting to evaluate the other party and what they exactly want in this relationship.

It might take Pluto a while to get fully committed, and comfortable in a relationship.

Pluto/ Scorpios also tend to be very jealous when they develop feelings for someone.

Jealousy can mean the person most likely has low self-esteem and is unhappy with themselves.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Jupiter in the 7th house wants a drama-free relationship with no emotional baggage. This planet is very easy-going in a relationship.

Many people are attracted to the spontaneous side of Jupiter, and the kindness of the person will leave their partner wanting more.

Also, they are very easy to converse with, and all-around easy-going people.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Capricorn

Ruling Planet: Saturn


People in the Saturn house tend to be very serious, they seek that in a relationship.

Saturn also tends to date and marry older people because this type of person is attracted to a mature partner.

These people tend to leave relationships by giving their partner with wisdom, confidence, and more maturity.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Ruling Planets: Uranus

Uranus’ in relationships tend to hate boundaries and control, they give their partner a good amount of freedom in the relationship.

Another trait about Uranus in relationships is they hate feeling trapped and often feel that way very soon.


This individual does not typically like being trapped because of their free-spirited nature.

A way to end the relationship with them is through drama.

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If you have your 7th House of Marriage in Pisces Feb 18- Mar 20

Ruling Planets: Neptune

Neptune in relationships is very compassionate, loyal, and they really value the emotions of their partner.

In addition to that, they are very faithful in relationships because of the value, and they become emotionally attached to their partner.

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