3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve Starting This Week

An amazing week ahead.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve Starting This Week, April 19-25, 2021 PKpix/Shutterstock.com

Taurus season is here, and what does the Sun in the sign of the Bull have in store for this week? 

For starters, Mercury enters Taurus. Venus has been in Taurus since April 14th, too.

What a wonderful world it is where we have so many 'signs' to keep us interested and hopeful.

We can thank astrology for this study - and why do we even bother turning to astrology and horoscopes for insight into our present and future lives?


But, there will be 3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve during Taurus season: Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio.

Because astrology is a cosmic science, and while dependent upon interpretation - if we are given a certain set of cosmic variables, we are all able to interpret and surmise the same end product of facts.

Mercury is in its sign of exaltation. The planet Venus is home in the sign where she rules.

The Sun brings good luck to our personal property and possessions.

There is so much good to look forward to this week for Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio, and all zodiac signs. 

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In other words, welcome to this brilliant and charming week - a week that promises improvements for those in love...most especially those born under the signs of Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio.

April's been a rather intense month.

We've got Mars entering Cancer, and Venus in Scorpio - it almost feels like we're being hit with the passion stick - and with the Sun and Mercury going into Taurus - we're talking about confrontation, communication - as in saying what you mean for once, without hesitating.


The passion we're talking about ranges from sexual to amorous - and for Taurus, Libra and Scorpio, let's just say you might very well run the gamut of emotion this week.

The brilliant part? It's all going to work out for you. Let's get into the deets now...

Here are the 3 zodiac signs whose relationships will improve starting the week of Taurus season:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You start out the week, hopeful. You have been going over the state of your relationship for a while now, and you've come to certain conclusions.

Mercury's presence allows you to formulate your ideas so that you can approach your partner.

Mars gives you the courage to go forth and speak your mind, and Cancer's influence allows that approach to be soft and kindly.


Imagine that - the bull in the china shop being all soft and easy-going, and yet - here it is, Taurus. 

You've been gifted with an astrological treasure; a moment of lightness and a soft touch to make it all the more worthwhile.

There have been times in the past where your thoughts scared you; they keep you from expressing yourself for fear of rejection...yet, this week is different.

You've been given another chance to heal what may have gone awry in your relationship, and here's the interesting part - your partner is absolutely waiting for you to deliver your news, as they 'feel' something is up.

What's even better is that thanks to the cosmic placement of stars and planets, you and your partner will find yourselves well on your way to a new level of romance and understanding by Thursday, April 22. 


Trust your instincts, Taurus - while you always have done just that, your occasional bouts with fear have prevented you from experiencing greater things.

This week really puts your relationship under the spotlight, and the best part is: you are both stars. Shining, happy, well-communicated stars, starring the romance of your life.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There's never really been a time in your life where you don't crave some sort of 'normalcy' and by normal - in your case - we mean balance, understanding, and peace.

You have a tendency to ignore what might be considered an 'issue' in your romantic relationship, and that may be due to something we all feel now and then, which is fear of the unknown. 


So far, April has got you feeling brave - filled with a desire to push the doors down, ready to experience new things.

And when it comes to your own love relationship, that sense of adventure accompanied by the desire to be involved in new things will rocket you into an entirely new phase, in love.

While you're experiencing Mars enters your tenth house of ambition and study, you'll feel a great need to use that finely tuned energy in mending your relationship.

And if you didn't notice that your relationship may need a booster shot, that's because you were too afraid to look closely. 

Alas, this week has you slotted for some very open communicating - and not all of it comes in the form of words.


You and your mate will be working together, playing together and creating together - it's something you've both wanted for a while now, and if you open to the bold cosmic energy, you and your loved one, your person, may just find that the world has only just begun for the two of you, and that - at this point - all you have before you is pure potential.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Being as sensitive and intuitive as you are, Scorpio, you get hit with these mega blasts of astrological promise all year long.

You are one of the few people who actually listen to what's going on inside them, and it will be during this week that you'll feel like you're almost receiving a special message from the cosmos that tells you directly to "be there for your loved one" - most specifically your romantic partner.


While Mars energy always inspires you, you'll feel amped up by Friday when much of this culminates as productivity in just about anything you put your mind to.

You've just experienced the Mars square with Neptune, which more than likely put you into a wild state of passion and lusty drive - only to be followed up by the Sun squaring Pluto, which may have set you on a different track altogether.

Now, we're looking at Taurus season - which starts on Monday the 19th, and boom - by the 22nd, your seventh house of romance will be bouncing around again, looking for action. What a month - can you keep up, Scorpio?

Here's where it all pays off - you're about to do some serious bonding with your partner, and not only is that a great, beneficial thing - it's a thing you've never done before, even if you've known your person for a long, long time.


It's almost miraculous what you're about to go through, and all of it is very compelling; Get your poetic best in before the Full Moon on the 26th, however, as that may shake things up a bit. All in all, this is a fantastic time for you and your romantic partner. Think: major date night on Friday.

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