What Venus In The 10th House Means For Your Career, By Zodiac Sign

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What Venus In The Tenth House Of Career Means, By Zodiac Sign

Raise your hand if you love having nothing and being trapped in a boring and bland lifestyle.

Oh, that doesn’t sound appealing? Well, of course not!

Unless you’re the lamest person on the planet, no one would enjoy living like that.

So, lucky for us, there’s an astrological reason why, and it starts with the second planet from the Sun —​ Venus.

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In mythology, Venus is known as a Roman goddess. In space, Venus is known as a desolate planet with extremely high temperatures, acid rainstorms, and volcanos galore.

But in astrology, the reason it is important to know both your Venus sign and house placement is that she is a personal planet.

Venus is the spatial body known to give us pleasure, enjoyment, love, creativity, and beauty. It’s what makes us want the best in life.

Venus does a lot for us in the way of luxury. However, there’s one way in which it doesn’t, and that’s when Venus is in the 10th house. When this happens, rather than the focus being on comfort and enjoyment, it shifts to your career and status.

Your emotions get put on the back burner and it’s all about taking your time to make sure everything goes right.

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When it comes to your love life, you’ll want someone who matches your career drive and status. 

Even if they meet those requirements, you’ll still want to take things slow, just to be on the safe side and to be 100 percent certain this is who you want to be with.

Of course, when Venus is in the 10th house, it can also give some people that wrong idea about you.

People might think you’re aloof and distant, and you may come off as overly serious and even slow at times. Socially, your life could become quite a challenge.

However, these are all just traits of what it means when Venus is in the 10th house in general.

Things change when you combine it with each of the zodiac signs. So, from Aries to Pisces, here’s what Venus in the 10th house means for you.


When Venus is in the 10th house for you, your competitive drive shines through in an effort to get you to the top of your career.

And with emotions being put to the side, your focus goes solely into your job. This’ll make you an employee of the month, or maybe even the year!

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, really the only thing that changes is the way you appreciate material possessions.

Instead of having expensive tastes, they remain more practical, and you only care for others with that same viewpoint. Your status is living within your means, and you think others should do that as well.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you place more value in relationships. This means that while you’re typically a social butterfly, now you want only the highest-caliber of connections.

You want your relationships to have meaning and also maybe give you something in return. Remember, this time is partially about status, so for you, it’s all about looking good, especially at work.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you’re grateful. You tend to be a pretty emotional creature, so when this time comes around and allows you to settle down a bit, you find life to be much easier than usual.

You’ll be able to take your time with your relationships without a heightened sense of insecurity and you won’t feel like everyone’s out to get you at your job.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you get a boost in personality. With status on the brain and an already-established love for oneself, you aim even higher to be sure you catch everyone’s spotlights.

This even applies to your job, but unlike Aries, you simply want to be the best because, well, you already know you are and everyone else should know it too!

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you love this time of year. You’re already a workaholic, so having a time that’s career-focused is like heaven for you.

However, being as dedicated as you are, you might find yourself feeling even more alone than usual.

Take advantage of those feelings and try to find someone else who feels the same way. Who knows, you just might find the romance you need.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you’ll find that this is the perfect time for you to have some downtime.

While typically hating being alone, the aloofness and detachment you gain from Venus allow you to be more comfortable with being on your own.

This can help to give you the perspective you need in your life.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, relationships will come more easily to you. You have a strong personality, but your jealousy and distrusting nature can be off-putting.

During this time, you’ll find those qualities toned down, making yourself ideal for anyone to be friends with or potentially more.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, your grandiose visions and dreams are the most likely to come to fruition.

With a new focus on career and already intense curiosity, now is the perfect time to dive into that business idea you’ve been keeping stored away.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you become a bit freer. Normally you can be quite the stick in the mud, but with an emphasis on status, you’re more willing to branch out outside of your comfort zone and maybe be not-so practical.

This doesn’t mean you’ll splurge on anything and everything. It just means you’ll lighten up a little.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, not many changes. You’re already aloof and detached, so you focus on your career of causes.

Your only concern becomes fighting for what you believe is right. There’s no time for relationships, let alone any sort of romance. It’s all about the cause for you.

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When Venus is in the 10th house for you, you want to show off more than you normally would (which is almost never).

You’re already talented with things like music and art, and with this time being partly about status, it’s a perfect way to up yours. And since you like your alone time, the negative aspects this time can bring are pretty much a non-factor.

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