Monthly Love Horoscope For April 2021, By Zodiac Sign

Love works because we work on it.

Your Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For April 2021

Your April monthly love horoscopes are here with an astrology forecast for all zodiac signs.

There’s a difference between exhausting ourselves trying to make something work that just isn’t meant to versus putting in the effort to plant what we hope to reap.

We often only associate love with magical moments, but no matter how incredible the love is to work at it and create something that can last forever is a decision that both people must make.


April's monthly love horoscope is about taking action.

During the month of April, we will be given almost every opportunity to do just that-but whether or not we take them is on us.

The universe can only do so much if we’re unwilling to do the rest.

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The first few months of the year brought epiphanies and clarity to ourselves and our own journey, but there still wasn’t that aspect of action to create something new.

For most, it feels like we have been in a holding pattern or stagnant even as we wait and wonder what step to take next and if there is such a thing as perfect timing, but all of that is about to change.

As we move into April under the guise of Aries Season, we will be naturally thinking in more action-orientated terms and will be willing to take risks that previously have felt too great. This is the beginning of creating the next chapter of our lives that actually took seed a year ago.

So much has changed, especially in terms of our romantic relationships over the past year and as much as we knew we had to make changes it seemed we weren’t yet in the space to do that.


It wasn’t because we were unsure or because we were undecided how we felt but rather we needed to learn a few more lessons so that we could become the people that we needed that could take those defining steps forward.

Be aware that life could change drastically during the first half of the month, even in the first week specifically. A big reason why is the rare sextile between Venus and Mars, two planets that are known as the cosmic lovers.

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While Venus is often seen as the planet of love and Mars the one who governs passion, they also represent the divine feminine and masculine.


When these two meet in the sky, it usually means that we can expect big fireworks in our own relationships. A sextile is a transit that is based on the karmic principle that we will always reap what we sow.

This means that there is a very strong theme of lessons learned, the ending of certain cycles, and the beginning of brand-new ones that will be present during this time.

As we move through April it will be important to recognize what feels like it never changes versus what is begging to be transformed; what feels like it drains us versus what builds us up but perhaps most of all what feels like the kind of work that we know is working for us.

Key astrological transits for the month ahead:

April 3rd


Mercury enters Aries. Conversations become more focused and direct, we’re able to think and plan more clearly for the future, decisions are made more easily and confidently.

April 5th

Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini, The perfect love transit, love, and relationships flows more easily, we’ll be feeling more attractive, affectionate, and driven to create strong committed relationships, an ideal window of time for important conversations and actions will be in effect until the 7th

April 11th

The New Moon in Aries, occurring at master number twenty-two degrees representing building. It signifies a great new beginning and chapter in your life, except for sudden and big changes in your love life.


April 12th

Juno turns Retrograde in Sagittarius, an asteroid that governs marriage and family, a chance to balance and heal karmic decisions in love, needing to take greater initiative and step into a new role in our lives and relationships.

April 14th

Venus enters Taurus, finally at home back in one of her most familiar signs love becomes easier, we remember what the purpose is of love and we understand how important it is, we’re seeking stability and authenticity in our relationships, ready for commitment and for family.

April 19th

Mercury enters Taurus, Conversations and thought processes turn more peaceful and grounded, while we may still be a bit more stubborn than usual, we’re looking for the compromise.


Sun enters Taurus, Officially the start of Taurus Season, we’re ready to slow down, to stop and smell the flowers in our relationships, likely desiring to stay closer to home, wanting to enjoy what we’ve worked for, prioritizing love and relationships.

April 20th

Vesta turns direct in Virgo, The asteroid that governs spirituality and the divine feminine energy, we’ve had a chance to heal a part of ourselves over the last few months, feeling more open and vulnerable.

April 23rd

Mars enters Cancer, Our passions are feeling softer now, more energy towards the creation of a loving partnership than flings, reevaluating what home means to us, wanting to care for each other.


April 26th

Full Moon in Scorpio: The second of four supermoons, emotions heightened especially those we often hide, expect greater truth, emotion and connection in our relationships.

April 27th

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, Initiating a time of new transformation, reestablishing our foundations, especially in our relationships, looking for ways to build a more honest and stable future.

Monthly love horoscope for April 2021, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Whether or not you feel completely confident this is a time to start taking those steps forward. There’s likely a space in your romantic life that you want to adjust or have been reevaluating.


While you have been trying to do the right thing by taking your time, weighing your options, and paths forward, there gets to be a space where sometimes the only next move is simply to jump. This doesn’t necessarily mean a break-up is coming; it could be just the opposite, but it’s time for a change.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Have you looked at your partner lately? Really and truly looked at him or her and see them for who they truly are? This is the energy during this month as you are encouraged to see your partner and relationship for what it truly is rather than the lens or blinders you’ve currently been using.

But this can go either way, right? You may discover that you’ve let life blind you to the gift that your partner is in your life or you may find that what you thought was the ideal relationship isn’t. Ground yourself in the earthiness of the truth and trust what grows from its fertile grounds.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You’ve been trying to play both sides of a situation for too long now and the universe may push your hand at making a decision or choice. Specifically, you may have been trying to decide between two different partners: two different lives or maybe even two different versions of yourself.


While this duality in love is nothing new to you, trying to figure out how to not choose isn’t actually a choice that exists. But it’s also an argument that you may never win with yourself, especially if you keep asking the wrong questions.

Instead of looking at which option makes the most sense — try asking which you can’t live without. The greatest love is never the one that’s the most logical, but the one that we don’t want to be without.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

There’s a new fire that’s being birthed with your home environment lately giving you the passion to stand up and exercise your voice and opinion in ways that you previously haven’t.

It’s an energy that’s been driving you to be and live your own truth, no matter what that may mean. Of course, it’s still family first, but you’re reaching the point where you can no longer self-sacrifice for the good of others if it means that you’re going to be living a life that’s not really one based on who you truly are.


Your authenticity takes center stage this month and because of it, you’ll also see who truly values you for you, versus those who only want you for the role you play in their story.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

In the coming weeks lean into where it feels the most challenging. Especially those areas where it feels like you would have to grow and blossom yourself in order to fit.

You can often paint your relationships or dating life in a certain way to benefit yourself. While we can all do this to a degree, you sometimes do it to avoid dealing with and working on yourself.

No one is perfect and real, forever messy love doesn’t expect or even want us to be but in order to become better and to make different choices, we have to see the places that we need to grow clearly.


Even if they challenge our ego or our fears. Sometimes certain relationships really aren’t meant to work out but sometimes it also comes down to if we can take accountability for what needs to change so they can.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Healing yourself has never looked so good. There is an excitement and newness about your approach to life that has been missing for some time, or perhaps it’s that you have finally reached that space where you’re no longer tempted to look behind you. But that’s also what happens when the future looks so good.

In the past, you’ve often sunk yourself into relationships in which you could heal your partner but now you’re seeing that the only person you’re ever responsible for healing is yourself. Once we do that, we lose the desire to wrap our validation and worthiness up in the fixing of those we love.

While we’re all a work in progress, we also have a responsibility to do our work. Learning this will reveal an entirely new chapter in your love life. Just remember that is’ okay to be challenged to receive something you’ve never received before.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Life is not fair. It seems that this is a lesson you constantly come back to, whether for yourself or for those you love. Just because you have an idea of what’s best or how it should all work out doesn’t mean that it will, but that’s okay.

Instead of getting stuck on the injustices of it all, focus on what you’re learning because of them, and how you perceive things can determine how you feel about them.

We all look at the same situation differently and if we only focus on what didn’t go right, we can miss what did or even is.

Try to find gratitude this month for all you’ve experienced, all you’ve learned, and even for the lovers who are currently showing up in your life. Sometimes what we learn is that life not going according to plan ends up being the best plan of all.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

This is a month to blossom. To leave the darkness behind you and all of your lingering fears, and to embrace the light. Sometimes you get so stuck in your head you fail to see how beautiful life is right in front of you.

It doesn’t mean that it has to be perfect for you to enjoy it, especially your romantic relationship, but it’s also about learning your love life shouldn’t ever dictate how happy or satisfied with your own life.

This is part of an ongoing lesson to see your love relationship as the cherry on an already full, overflowing, decadent life. The irony is that by learning this lesson, we actually enable love to become all the sweeter — and life too.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You have a choice this month to rise up or to keep your head down. And it’s yours to make. It’s yours to figure out what to do with. Often, as much as you seek out these defining moments in your life and crave the intoxicating growth that comes from pushing yourself outside your comfort zone you also fear them as well.

It’s almost as if the journey to the destination is one you revel in, but taking that last step off the plane to actually enjoy where you’ve gotten to is what often trips you up.

This is yours to handle and to figure it out. Is it the commitment to the change? Or the fear that the destination won’t live up to the hype? But perhaps it’s softer, maybe whispering doubts making you wonder if you can trust yourself at all. This is the month to figure this out, to decide whether you’re going to take that last step or remain where you are.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Confidence builds a path that no fear can persuade. This is one of those defining moments where you have to decide what comes next and what path you will take there.


For you, believing in yourself is always one of the most important factors, especially when it comes to love and forgiving yourself for what you didn’t know when you didn’t know it.

That’s the purpose of life. To create situations to help us become better, to help us become more knowledgeable, more authentic, and more able to then create a life based on those lessons.

It’s not to create a litany of failures that we feel we can’t bounce back from, but to give us hope that the future can always be different. The best parts of your life truly haven’t happened yet, but they’re waiting for you when you’re ready.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Finding that new sweet spot of balance will be key as you move through this month. Of course, you’re going to be incorporating all that has come before, including those lessons around love and speaking up for yourself but you will also have to be flexible enough to see what that means in real-time.


There will be more moments in which you’re asked to step up and into without the privilege of retrospect vision or even time to process. In your relationships, this will look like trusting yourself enough to be able to respond authentically without first having to contemplate what that looks or feels like to you.

While both avenues are productive while we learn our truth, at a certain point we realize, we are so ourselves we no longer need to question if our words or actions are authentic.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

It has been an emotional few months for you as you’ve dived deep into what you fear the most and learn how to come out the other side more vulnerable and real than you went in.

Similar to the Velveteen Rabbit, you only get more real and softer with love. You let it wear away your edges, you no longer care if it’s perfect or flawless because how it feels is so much more important.


It seems you’ve been worn away to a degree in the past month and while it still may feel raw and new, this is a new way of approaching love. Without masks, without demands, or even fears tempting you to swim away. This is how you show up for love when you’ve learned what it means to show up for yourself.

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