The 5 Zodiac Couples Who Are Toxic Together— But Have Amazing Sexual Chemistry

These pairs must have a lotttttt of make-up sex.

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There are certain couples that cannot stop fighting. They will argue in front of family members, during special occasions. It seems as though they will fight 24 hours a day 7 days a week without a break.

They make up one day and are back together the next. You wonder how they survived their first date when they should have never gone out in the first place.

You might wonder why they don't just break up for good. Instead, it seems that they are more interested in breaking up to make up perhaps because of the sex


Certain couples that fight all the time are extremely passionate. Disagreement might ruin lovemaking or destroy passion in the bedroom for most relationships.

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But for certain personality types, arguments don't create distance. Instead, a good debate with make up sex, according to science, can create a strong love bond.

It's true. For some couples, arguing is just as sexy and intimate as other couples' peaceful pillow talk or movie and popcorn and movie night binge.

Besides, is a person you're with even your significant other if they don’t annoy the sh** out of you from time-to-time? Probably not.

Let’s face it — no relationship is perfect. Every sign has a different idea of what an ideal relationship looks and feels like. This image doesn’t always match what their partner imagines as the perfect relationship at times.

Of course, how you were raised, your personality and interests form who you are and what you want in love. According to astrology, certain zodiac signs feed off of each other's energy, too.

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A fire sign will make another fire sign more feisty, but sometimes they can mute one another out. A water or earth sign might make a fire sign feel less energetic, and so the power struggle between signs of the zodiac manifests itself. 

This is why you find certain couples that have compatible zodiac signs stay together no matter what and why others fight but can never resolve their problems. 


That’s why people break up, duh. Well, that and a billion other reasons that are often explained in a person's love horoscope. But compatibility and personality are big factors in determining whether or not you and your partner will stand the test of time.

These 5 zodiac signs have crazy sexual compatibility, but fight all the time.

They use their fights to fuel the passion in their relationship no matter how complicated or incompatible their relationship seems, even according to astrology.

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19) + Leo (July 23 - August 22): 

Are Aries and Leo compatible? This is a double fire sign love relationship. An Aries and Leo couple is the best. These two fire signs are a passionate team, but not without its fair share of heated disputes.

Aries and Leo’s passion does not mean the relationship is easy — they are always at each other’s’ throats. Both signs find comfort in the fights, though, as it means they are willing to work things out to be together. They love the fact that they are both honest and true, even if they disagree.


In the heat of the moment, it is likely the impulsive Aries or arrogant Leo will spew out some fire in their words. Neither sign holds back in an argument. 

But neither sign holds a grudge, either. Once the volcano erupts, the couple will go back to its normal state of constantly striving for growth together.

The passion between these two is hard to miss. After a fight, the sexual connection is out of this world, and it makes every fight worth it for the Aries and Leo couple. 

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2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) + Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): 

Are Taurus and Scorpio a good love match? This is an earth sign with a water sign relationship match. When these signs collide it is a tornado of emotions and sex and fighting but in a good way! 


It’s nearly impossible for a Taurus and Scorpio to keep a platonic relationship because they are so sexually similar. But it isn’t that simple, either. 

Though their sex life is through the roof, they are also the two most stubborn signs out there. Taurus and Scorpio are opposites, and we all know that opposites attract. 

But opposites can also be difficult and can bring many issues that can potentially become fights. 

Scorpio is a sign of change, while Taurus loves stability.  Taurus is slow to open up, which could awaken a Scorpio’s suspicious nature. 

There are many more opposites, but no matter how different the signs may be, they have a deep emotional and sexual connection that makes fighting for their relationship worth it. 

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3. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) + Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): 

Can Cancer and Capricorn make a good couple? When a water and earth sign join forces, they often bond for life.

No matter how many times a Cancer and Capricorn disagree, they remain each other’s security blanket.

As opposite signs, you’d think they’d be more different than similar.  Think again! They both have an innate desire for stability and a deep love connection. 

Cancers and Capricorns are the least emotional signs in the zodiac, which can cause many problems because they both secretly crave a strong emotional bond.  This ends up causes each to have high relationship expectations they don’t let each other in on-which can start a fight seemingly out of nowhere.   


Despite their lack of emotional expression, the passion is still there. 

Cancers and Capricorns alike become easily attached once they are in a relationship.  They need to feel wanted and once they find a partner who gives them emotional stability, they will commit beyond limits.

These signs are a bit confusing as partners, but their lack of emotional expression gives them a sense of emotional connection (weird, but true!)  Obviously it can be the source of miscommunication and arguments, but it is also the starting point of a very committed couple.

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4. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) + Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Is Gemini compatible with a Libra? Both Gemini and Libra are air signs who create a perfect match in love. Geminis and Libras complement each other extremely well and their main focus in a relationship is to grow as a couple.


Gemini is very inconsistent, changing their minds on a dime, while Libras are stable and balance out the inconsistency. But this also leaves a lot of room for disagreement.

Libras tend to be followers, and that includes in relationships.  Although that may seem ideal because Geminis love to lead, it can get old fast when you date someone who is always letting you take the reins. 

They both tend to lack sensitivity toward others, which makes for brutal fights.  They say what they think and believe their opinion is the only one that matters, so when they disagree, the disagree BIG TIME. 


Geminis and Libras both have a ton of mutual respect despite their differences and use each fight as a way to learn as a couple-something that they both are extremely passionate about.

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5. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) + Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Are Sagittarius and Pisces compatible in love? When you combine a fire sign with a water sign, an emotional rollercoaster takes place. They are different from one another and this can cause problems. The highs are so amazing, if they can overcome their differences, it’s worth the ride.

These signs are all about enjoying life and living it to the fullest. They connect on an awesome level when they aren’t busy fighting about common interests they have different opinions about.


The signs are very similar when it comes to personal interests and love of adventure. But they often bump heads over commitment and emotional needs. 

Pisces may want more than Sagittarius can give. Each has a different opinion about what makes for a happy relationship. This can cause an all-out war with Pisces crying and Sagittarius unwilling to apologize. Both Sagittarius and Pisces will fight to the death, even though Pisces will give in time and again. It doesn’t really matter who is right for the water sign, what matters is that they stay together. 

The two zodiac signs balance out when it comes to passion in the bedroom. They are all over the place with their emotions, being distant for no reason or overly affectionate with no explanation. 

This is difficult to stay on top of for both signs, but once they are on the same page, stars collide and they are able to forget everything they’ve ever fought about. If they can find a happy middle, this relationship will be complicated but with sparks.


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