The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies

The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies [EXPERT]

Some call them "light bulb moments". Others call them moments of clarity or epiphanies. Oprah? Well, if you have watched any of her shows, you know that she calls them "Aha" moments and they are usually followed by thundering applause and triumphant hand gestures.

But, no matter what title you give them, there is no disputing that ephiphanies can change your life in an instant. All of a sudden, everything makes sense. This is especially true in dating and relationships and it is important to not ignore or discount your dating "aha" moments.  Here are five of the most common and how to make the most out of these moments of clarity. Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook

1. "I deserve better." Everyone has a breaking point. But, sometimes we don't know what it is until, in a single moment, everything changes. Maybe your boyfriend is yelling at you for no reason and you realize that you do not want to be treated that way ever again.  Perhaps the man you are dating cancels plans for the tenth time in a row and you finally decide that you are not going to be taken for granted. Whatever the case, these type of epiphanies save us from settling for less than we deserve in life and in love.

2. "I don't want anyone else." You're having a blast dating a few different guys, giving them nicknames in your phone so you won't confuse their text messages and are not concerned with that whole "commitment" thing. You are just having fun. But, then it hits you. You meet a guy who makes you want to stop the casual dating because suddenly commitment sounds like the most fun.

3. "I love you." For some, falling in love is a slow build. A gradual process where things just sort of fall into place. Maybe there was never any question or things were simply assumed. For others, falling in love can feel like you've just flipped the lights on for the very first time.  You wake up one morning and realize that you love this man. Sure, you might have just seen him last night, but this morning everything looks so different. Planning Your Wedding? 3 Reasons To Keep It Under Wraps

4. "I understand you." One of the major reasons we get upset or frustrated with our signifcant others is because they do things that we simply do not understand. Why does your boyfriend shut down during arguments? Why is money such a sensitive topic with him? When we don't know the "why" behind it all, we assume that he must be doing it to annoy us. This is true, until you have an "Aha" moment.  

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