How To Balance The Masculine & Feminine Energy In Your Relationship

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How To Balance The Masculine & Feminine Energy In Your Relationship

Masculine energy is action-oriented. It moves forward, it takes action, it controls. Feminine energy is receptive, patient, and grounded in being, not doing. It's not a gender issue, it's a choice of what energy one feels more natural expressing.

And for this reason, it's important to know how to balance masculine and feminine energy in your relationship.

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The polarity of masculine and feminine energy.

Understanding the differences in these energies is important so you can benefit from their complementary nature and their magical polarity. This polarity of energy is the key to continued love, romance, and passion.

For a relationship to flow, there must be a giver and a receiver. A yin and yang. A king and queen. Therefore, when it comes to your relationship, who's doing all the work?

Defining roles can help you meet each other's needs. 

Is it your man that creates time to be together, plans special events, and gives you gifts and shows affection? Or is it you doing and giving all the time? If it's you, then you're stealing his masculine role. As you take this role from him, he feels like something is off in the relationship.

This is the number one cause of why and how a man loses attraction for a woman, both physically and emotionally. Men want to give, they want to please you, and make you happy, but they need you to step back and give them the space to do it.

If you're constantly moving toward a man, he has nowhere to go but backward (which is another way to say away from you). If you have been with your man for a long time or you are married, these principles remain the same. They just have a different context.

Do you plan all your time together, do you tell him how to solve his problems, how to drive, and what he should or should not be doing? Do you bend over backward to make his life easy and constantly micromanage him like a mother? Do you control everything?

Well if you do, he has no masculine role to play. He will not be moved to act like a man and he will resent you and the relationship and not even know why.

Focus on yourself. 

So how do you stand still and create space for him to move toward you? You stop controlling the relationship and your man. You look at your own life and start to put energy into your own happiness. You read self-help books, you find a hobby, you exercise, and you get happy.

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You don’t always initiate the plans to spend time together. You don’t do things for him in the hopes he'll realize what a wonderful woman you are and will give you more time, affection, and love. You focus on you, and you bring peace and happiness back to him.

Lean into your feminine energy. 

You energize him with your feminine zest. You decorate your house, buy new lingerie, bake a cake, or take a Zumba class. You learn about your emotional triggers and begin the process of healing your inner world and emotions.

You do all of this to have a better relationship. The sooner you realize that happiness does not come from what he does or does not do, it comes from you and your relationship to yourself, the sooner you will change — and he will, too.

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When you become peaceful and happy, he senses it and unconsciously realizes you are a woman with value and standards. He unknowingly treats you better because on an unconscious level he knows he has to or someone else will.

So, heal yourself, laugh often, and learn to live in the flow of your feminine energy. The happier you are, the more comfortable he feels around you, and the more charmed he is by you. This is the motivation he needs to become a better man.

Let your man move toward you.

Let him approach you to make love, let him take you to your favorite restaurant just because, let him turn away from the television to make small talk with you about your day.

If you stand still, in a state of loving energy and with an open heart, a man that truly loves you will move toward you.

This is nature and it does not change when we are born and grow into bodies. A feminine woman stands still (metaphorically speaking), and lets her man pursue her.

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This article was originally published at Art of Loving a Man. Reprinted with permission from the author.