2021 I Ching Clarity Reading For All Zodiac Signs

Things are going to get better.

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Your I Ching Clarity reading for 2021 is here for all zodiac signs.

Welcome to the I Ching room. Pull up a seat, and make yourself comfortable.

I have some Japanese incense burning, just for you.

Allow yourself to feel the comfort of the room, of your seat.

Everything here is peaceful and calm. Have some tea. Relax your mind.

Today we are going to explore the I Ching, and I, as your guide and interpreter, will take you on a journey throughout the year.


The wisdom found in the oracle is ours to understand, and I will be applying this wisdom to each of the signs of the zodiac, so that you, dear seeker, can find insight as to how the year, 2021, will unfold for you personally.

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I will toss the coins for each zodiac sign, using the Book of Changes as my reference.

What may sound archaic in the title will be explained in layman's terms, so sit back and enjoy the wisdom as it unfolds, just for you.

Sound the gong, let us begin.

Here is your 2021 I Ching Clarity Reading, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19) - Hexagram # 17. Sui - Following

Supreme success. Here we see a situation that is helped by the idea of keeping the balance in one's life.

The idea of 'following' as applied to the human experience means that it is best, this year, for you to follow the rules in order to keep yourself happy, healthy, and safe.

It is not to be mistaken with blind faith, or some kind of mindless following, rather it is a heads up for you to pay attention to staying the course, as opposed to rebelling and paying the consequences.


There is a mention here of consequence - and this hexagram very specifically warns you against ignoring what's both in your heart and what your body tells you.

If you are unwise in your health choices, you will pay the price. If you listen to your body, you will reap the rewards of health and all it will allow you.

This year will be a very good one for you if you don't overdo it, and as hard as it may be for you to rest, relax and retreat - you will need to work this into your busy schedule.

Following, in this regard, means following your heart, taking care of yourself, and 'following' the laws of nature, which essentially mean survive to the best of your ability - don't tempt fate, even though you think it's a kick.


The universe is working with you, but it is also up to you to lead the way.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) - Hexagram # 50. Ting - The Cauldron

Supreme good fortune. Here we have the idea of building from scratch.

In a way, this symbolizes the opportunity you can give yourself by taking advantage of your good health and ability to grow by starting something new, something creative.

You are being handed the chance to start anew - and to carry it through for the entire year.

A spark has been lit inside you, it is now up to you to make good of that ignition.

The cauldron itself is a symbol of nourishment - alas, the bowl must be filled with something in order to make a meal, and that is symbolic of your own personal need to take advantage of your talents.


Your experience of the year is up to you; what you put in the cauldron is what you will be eating.

The same goes for your effort; if you put in the effort, you'll experience the results.

This is the year where you establish yourself as the person you see yourself as...the time of preparing is now over, and you are ready to 'become.'

All areas of your life need to be in sync now. Good health fans the flames of your success. Bad habits are that which can be left alone now.

It's your time to become the person you know yourself to be. No more laziness, this one's on you.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) - Hexagram # 1. Ch'ien - The Creative

Sublime success. This is the first hexagram of the I Ching, and is both a blessing to receive and a truly inspiring gift for the one who throws it.


What we have here is the concept of creation - this is your time to create your life anew.

It is not restricted to a month of a week, in fact, as this is your year's reading, you are now looking at constant inspiration and opportunity.

You will witness your thoughts become reality this year, and so you are warned to keep those thoughts productive and creative.

It's a year of art and expression. You have a choice as to whether you will build on the knowledge you have already gained, or will you let yourself slip back into the habits of the past. With Ch'ien, you are being told to move forward, to further yourself along your path.

Ch'ien is powerful, and it suggests that the more you engage in, the stronger your momentum will become, therefore choose wisely and seek out the good, as you are on a trajectory for manifesting as much good as you can.


You are also someone who can influence and affect others, which means you must take responsibility for setting a good example.

Be good to yourself and to others, and you will glide through this year like a boss.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) - Hexagram # 26. Ta Ch'u - The Taming Power of the Great

"Perseverance furthers." What does this mean? In your case, it means that you must stick to your path this year, and remain true to yourself, no matter what.

You may find that, during the year, you start to grow lazy, maybe even less considerate of those around you.

There's an essence of boredom that you're learning to tackle - and you've allowed yourself to fall into sloth and personal discard.


What's about to happen to you is that you're going to learn the long lesson of bringing yourself back as a player in your personal game of life.

You will be battling your own bad attitude this year - and it is certainly something you're going to need to win, as self-pity and apathy will not bring you what you want.

It's time to pick yourself up and get back in the game.

What's going on is that you have forgotten how to keep yourself balanced, and you've gone too far over to 'the dark side.'

You've become forgetful of your own power, and by March of this year, you will see this all too clearly.

You need to bring back the trust in your life, as well as the hope.


Not all hope is false, nor should you become nihilistic is your approach to life.

You are here to live, so get yourself together and live your life.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) - Hexagram # 15. Ch'ien - Modesty

Modesty creates success. What a perfect hexagram for a Leo, as you are known for your less than modest ways, at times.

This year is going to bring you the lesson of withholding for the sake of learning.

There are many things you wish to accomplish, and you rarely have the patience or the character to wait for your turn.

You have lived most of your life getting what you want, however, this year is going to flip that on its head a bit.

You may never have considered that you can still get what you want without making a killing over it.


Modesty instructs you to trust in yourself; it explicitly asks you to think things over before you act, and to understand that you can still be the winner without overthrowing the entire empire.

This year, you will be asked to take a step back - your patience will be tested, and you will pass because you are highly intelligent, and more so - adaptable.

Adaptability is one of the things you're going to learn this year. Roll with it, as opposed to forcing it to be.

It is during this year, Leo, that you will be recognized for your greatness without having to shove it down people's throats.

Patience will do you well, and if you stay the course - perseverance will bring good fortune.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22) - Hexagram # 2. K'un - The Receptive

Sublime success. This hexagram is another of the extremely awesome ways to find yourself in 2021.

K'un is all about being open, being 'receptive.' Whereas you may have been mentally and emotionally battered in 2020, you are still the kind of person who doesn't want to go down with the ship.

You need something strong and hopeful to cling to, and this year you will come to realize that that hopeful power comes from within you.

The Receptive emboldens you and allows you to find the strength and courage you need in order to take on something new.

You've wanted something new for quite a while, and you recognize that your life - like everyone's - is limited.


We don't live forever, and you are tired of feeling sorry for yourself.

You want to live, and so, this year, you will find yourself engaged in many new and interesting projects.

You will come to understand that knowledge begets more knowledge, and with every new thing you learn, you'll find that a mental door opens for you, leading to even more interesting projects and endeavors.

This hexagram is the balance of the previously mentioned hexagram, Ch'ien, The Creative.

This year you will learn the meaning of give and take...which also implies hard work and fair pay to back that up. Financially, this is a good year for you.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22) - Hexagram # 8. Pi - Holding Together (Union)

Good fortune. This year is going to bring stability and security into your life, and in turn, this will attract others into your circle.

Your friendships will broaden and you will be meeting new people this year who believe in you and the things you believe in.

You are someone who has their standards; you know what you love, and you are well aware of what you will not tolerate.

While you are not someone who is easily influenced by others, you are still willing to learn.

Around the middle of the year, you will meet someone who may have quite an effect on you.

They will be somewhat of a teacher to you, and you will not only welcome their presence, but you will be happy to know that you, yourself are able to expand your horizons.


Consistency is a word that will guide you through the year; stick to what you know and create a life for yourself based on what you are able to do, rather than focus on what you cannot accomplish.

You will live in the truth, this year, Libra, and that is saying a lot.

You are 'holding together' the year, and you will find not only good fortune, but peace in your world.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) - Hexagram # 23. Po - Splitting Apart

You are bearing witness to many things that disturb you.

You will be feeling a need for change - in attitude, in personal life.

You will be all too conscious of the division of the world, and the country, and you're not about to let it tear you apart.


Splitting Apart is a warning: build your own foundation so that you can have a rock-steady ground to walk upon.

If the world is falling apart, then it's up to you to stand tall in your own right.

The warning is clear: don't go down with the ship, even if you feel there's nowhere else to turn.

You have so much greatness, Scorpio, but you need to bring it out this year, in the form of goodness.

And keep in mind that the concept of 'splitting apart' means that at one point, whatever split apart was whole...and the philosophy of the I Ching is all about balance, which implies that wholeness is always available to you.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to know that the only way left to go is up.


You will experience tests this year, and you will pass them all.

Take the good with the bad and know that everything always works itself out in the long run.

Splitting Apart is about you know when to fall, and when to rise.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) - Hexagram # 18. Work on What Has Been Spoiled

Supreme success. You have experienced much in your life, and much of it became 'lessons learned the hard way.'

You feel humbled enough, ready to move on, and it is during this year that you will truly rise above the prison walls that have been self-imposed, during previous years.

There is something special about this year, it's a renewal year and your nature is to create momentum and progress.


Your beloved freedom will still be with you, though you will know the cost of this freedom is knowledge attained from pain.

You will experience the feeling of equanimity this year. Expect challenges and head them off with understanding and patience.

The highs may not be as high as they once were, but the lows will most certainly not pack the same punch as they used to.

You are walking into a detached state of being, you've learned the 'work on what has been spoiled' - and this year is when you'll apply your knowledge in a way that benefits not only your life but the lives of others.


Challenges may come in the form of family - keep your calm and know that 'this too shall pass.'

Detachment is the reward for hard-fought battles of the heart.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) - Hexagram # 20. Kuan - Contemplation (View)

While you will start out the year thinking deeply about the ways of the world, you will gradually move into a place where you, too, will be under scrutiny.

What this implies is that there is a degree of responsibility that you must claim for your own actions, and that you will live your best life only if you're able to take a good, long look at yourself and what you bring to the world.

Contemplation works both ways - it is your view of the world and the world's view of you.


This year will bring you into the spotlight, which might mean that people will be looking up to you, or to you for advice.

You may be called upon to help others, a choice you will want to say yes to.

Kuan also lets you know that it's a great year for self-reflection, not an indulgence.

Plan on doing good things for yourself, especially in terms of mental health.

You will feel strongly about saying 'no' to the things that do not serve you, this year...which will also open the gates for you to say 'yes' to that which brings you joy. You are smart and you have put in the time.

Continue to search inward for personal insight, and know that you are true, the master of your world.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) - Hexagram # 37. Chia Jen - The Family

Superior strength. When we toss the coins and get this hexagram, The Family, we are instantly confronted with the idea of obligation.

In your case, it's absolutely true. The family in question may be blood, and more than likely is...however, this could also imply the community, your friends, a place where you feel you belong.

This year you will see the strength of your family grow, but much of it will be contingent upon what you put into its growth.

There is also the idea of the family breaking apart, which may be a threat for you, during this year.

The deep lesson here is about discipline and stability. If you are the rock, then you must be the rock for your family - you must show up for the relationship.


Something is beckoning you back into a scenario that you might have foregone in the recent past.

By September, you'll be reintroduced to people that you thought were long gone, and you will have to take responsibility for them in some way.

What you'll start to recognize, Aquarius is that you are a tremendous power source, and though you don't want your battery to be drained, you will learn that there's much energy to be taken when you give in equal portions.

You will be surprised at how much love you are about to be giving this year, and even more surprised at how delighted you'll be because of it.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10) - Hexagram # 35. Chin - Progress

Power and Effectiveness. You are about to experience the power of numbers, Pisces, and by this, the I Ching means that your efforts will be supported by many different people this year.


You have great ideas, and you've held back due to lack of opportunity or bad timing.

Those days are over. You will find a way to navigate through all of the negativity that plagues the planet and you will being to ask the right questions.

In the past, you didn't think to ask certain questions, but something about this new year, 2021, has you on an entirely new train of thought.

You not only want confidence - you have it, and it's that winning streak of self-esteem that's going to make you somewhat of a leader of you.

You may not have known you had it in you - yes, you're a natural leader, and perhaps the 'right' question that you should have been asking all along is, "How can I serve?"


You're no longer concerned with "What can I get?" Your outlook this year is about to make you selfless - to a degree.

But your reward will come in the form of doing good deeds for others and the love and support they, in turn, will give you...in abundance.

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