How To Reset Your Life (And 3 Situations Where Doing So Is Warranted)

Need to hit the reset button? Here's how!

How To Reset Your Life (And 3 Situations Where Doing So Is Warranted) getty

Whether you’re Elon Musk or an aspiring professional, we all face tough times when we need to step back and reassess — and in some cases, you may want to reset your life completely.

There’s no shame in this. If you decide your current path isn’t for you, you can change course with confidence. But, if you decide that the status quo is just what you need, you can recommit yourself knowing that your commitment isn’t the stale artifact of a different time, but something that matters to you here and now.


Either way, at a crucial point in your life, you’re going to make a choice under the auspices of reflection: this is more than most can say for themselves. So, buck up buckaroo! If you’re reading this, you’ve already made your first step towards thoughtful self-assessment.

How to Reset Your Life

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Of course, it's impossible to completely erase what's happened in your past. However, it's never too late to get yourself back on track or change course completely.

1. List the pros and cons of your current situation to understand your values.

Maybe you don’t like your job. Perhaps your boyfriend hasn’t been too nice. This is your chance to put things in perspective and clear the air.

Once you're finished, do some meta-analysis: what does your list say about what you value?

2. List your activities, relationships, and work obligations.

Perhaps you value creativity. Are you doing creative work or activities? If you value meaningful conversations, how often do you have them? Concrete details are essential!


Now that you've put your life on paper, assess: does your life align with your values? If they do, forget step #3: you’re a success!

3. Make an action plan.

Excellent job! You’re almost done. Now, enough listing — time to plan.

What can you do today to act out your values? Perhaps you need to work on a new hobby or reach out to an old friend for some heart-to-heart chats. What can’t you do today, but you could do with some time and a little elbow grease? These are your long-term goals.

Plan for these, but don’t lose sight of today: a great year is made up of many fantastic todays.

If you followed these steps, congrats! But here’s a disclaimer: it’s okay to rely on others. A close friend, a mentor, or a therapist can provide you just the perspective you need to reevaluate and hit that hard reset.


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When to Reset Your Life

Now, when should you hit that reset button? Anytime is better than no time, but here are some moments when you should step back and see the big picture.

1. Graduation.

You graduated. You’re on the job hunt, but so far, no success.

But this is your time for flexibility: maybe the career you planned isn’t right for you? Maybe, there are other career paths that better fit your strengths and character? You'll never know until you consider the alternatives.

2. Relationship 

Your fiancé proposed to you. You said yes, but you’re still not sure. Better decide now than later! If you say yes, pat yourself on the back: you’ve chosen them under the auspices of a clear head. But if you decide against them, don’t worry about back-tracking.


What does consistency matter when your life is at stake? Your spontaneity shows that you’re not afraid to contradict yourself for the sake of what you value.

3. Career changes

You’re established. Maybe you’re making six-figures, or maybe you’re struggling to get by. Either way, you know it’s time to pack up and make a move. But you’re not sure where, and you don’t know how.

Before you make any rash decisions, now’s the time to step back and put your life in context. After you assess yourself, perhaps you’ll have to make some bold moves. Maybe, all you’ll need are a few baby steps to make your life your own.


Either way, you can act confidently knowing you thought it through.

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Nicholas Rodriguez is a YourTango writer.