How The Cold Full Moon In Cancer Of 2020 Affects All Zodiac Signs

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How The Cold Full Moon In Cancer Of 2020 Affects All Zodiac Signs

The last Cold Full Moon in Cancer is a Christmas Moon, and with it comes a unique change for all zodiac signs.

Here's what the final Full Moon in Cancer means and how it affects your horoscope entering the new year.

The fourth Cancer Full Moon of this year will arrive on December 29-30, and it is the final Full Moon of 2020.

How will the Full Moon in Cancer affect your zodiac sign, according to astrology?

The Cold Full Moon in Cancer will usher in a chance to choose freedom.

Cancer is a water sign, one that is associated with feelings—but more importantly, it’s the sign that rules home and family.

No coincidence that’s also what the theme for all of us has been this year as we’ve spent more time at home during 2020 than many of us ever have before.

Normally, in a regular astrological year, we will see two Moons within each zodiac sign — a new and full.

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But this year, like in every other way, has been a little different and the themes were divided into two chapters with four Cancer Moons.

Our first Full Moon in Cancer took place on January 10 and was part of the eclipse cycle which ended at the end of June during the New Moon in Cancer.

But unlike in other years, instead of moving on to new themes and the zodiac — we intensified our focus on matters that involved the home.

Suddenly we were cooking things from scratch, working from home, and even educating the children in our lives.

The second chapter of life was much like the first, was all about moving ahead.

Now things come to a peak during this Cold Full Moon in Cancer. Not only do we close the year, but we take with us a new understanding of family and home-related matters as well.

But it is all part of a bigger purpose because our home and family life isn’t just where we live or who we are related to.

Instead, it’s the roots of our lives, it’s what often determines our direction and even whether or not we accomplish our dreams or not.

This is also the sign that rules the Moon and is one representing the divine feminine and motherhood which means those areas of our lives will be affected by this lunation as well.

Because of this, we could also dive deeper into our healing around these themes including our mother wounds or limiting beliefs about the feminine.

Full Moons are a time of completion which means that not only are we going to be seeing situations in our lives come to fruition in the coming days.

But we’re also wrapping up the lessons of Cancer that we’ve been in during the past year.

For most of us, we will be feeling that desire to break free from what has held us back, which also means that change isn’t just on the horizon-it’s arrived.

Here's how the Cold Full Moon in Cancer of 2020 affects all zodiac signs in astrology:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Get ready to feel some deep emotional truths.

This may even be part of healing some of your wounds that you’ve carried since childhood.

It’s all part of you leaning into your feelings, no matter how scary or uncomfortable that is.

Life is not created just by decisions but by what we feel and sometimes logic isn’t a part of that.

It’s time your walls come down Aries so that you can fully step into what is awaiting you in 2021.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Stability is what we all crave as part of our home, but only if it’s actually genuine.

For many of you, it’s been a year of seeing what’s actually there on the family and home front and not what you wish was the case.

But truth has a way of changing everything and sometimes we’re not always ready for that.

But then again, sometimes we are and that is where you will find yourself around the time of this Moon.

It’s taken you all year to get to this point, just keep trusting that you know where to step even if it’s a path you’ve never taken before.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You always have a choice when it comes to how we see something and how we process it for ourselves.

We get to choose whether something makes us better or bitter-hard or soft.

When it seems like nothing ever works it’s easy for you to close down, to have that state of closing your heart become your default.

But it doesn’t mean that this is what works for you.

This year you’ve been asked to soften, to let people in, to take chances, and to lean into what it means to need another.

There will be a moment of fruition around this Moon which will show you how far you’ve come or how far you’ve left to go.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

While it’s been your year, this is most definitely your Moon.

You are used to focusing on these areas of your life all the time but this year it’s felt different.

It hasn’t just been about creating that cozy home and caring for those you love.

It’s also been about if you’re feeling a balance back in that energy.

And if all that work and effort you’re putting in is actually creating that feeling of home or if you’re pouring yourself into something that’s only draining you.

These are not easy issues to work through because this is an area, we often fear change within the most.

But with this Moon, it’s going to show that you’ve learned too much to go back to your old ways.

Let yourself blossom in the darkness; you’ve come too far to pretend that you haven’t.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You are the sign ruled by the Sun and are known for following your heart but sometimes it can still be challenging for you to connect to the feelings that live there.

While you are ruled by passion, there are times you have an unrealistic idea of love.

This year has been about learning what real true forever love looks like because it won’t always be shiny and glittering.

It won’t always be something that’s pretty and it won’t always be easy.

As a sign that loves the beautiful, finding out that love isn’t always can be disheartening and it can also lead you on a chase to find the next best thing.

This year has been a lesson in leaning into the discomfort and not having an easy way out.

So expect those efforts and lessons to pay off with some pretty big real love kind of moments around the Full Moon.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

And when it’s all over you’ll see that you never had to keep yourself safe from love.

This would be the moral of your story from the past year but it's one that you’ve been traveling towards for years if not even generations.

You are one of the healers of the zodiac but sometimes you tend to be overly critical not just of yourself but also of your partner and love itself.

Because it seems that people are flawed, wounded, and messy you have taken it upon yourself to try to fix the world but only in the way that you think they need fixing.

This year has ruined a lot of your plans and changed many of your beliefs including what it means to look at yourself as closely as you look at those you love or even those who have hurt you.

It’s time to put those lessons into practice and lean into love knowing while people will never be perfect, it doesn’t mean love can’t be.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Balance is subjective. This is something that has come more into focus in the past year.

Oftentimes different times of our lives call us to give greater attention to them which means inherently that other areas are going to have to receive less from us.

In the past, this would often cause an internal struggle but in the past year, you’ve been called to be more unapologetic about the different phases you travel through in life and how you respond to them.

This is important as you build towards 2021 and the new beginning that you especially as an air sign will be entering into which will be beginning with this Moon.

Once you let go of how you think it should look Libra, it’s amazing what will come into focus.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

It’s time to give yourself everything that you’ve ever wanted.

This begins with you though and over the past year, you’ve had time to think about what that really is.

With being a water sign this year with all those Cancer Moons it’s likely that you have been feeling that introspection even more intensely surrounding your home and family-or what you want it to look like.

Sometimes something sounds like a better idea than it actually feels once we’re in it.

But a big part of the lessons this year center around you is trusting yourself.

Only you will know if something fits your life or not.

Only you will be able to judge whether you’re happy or not, because ultimately Scorpio no matter how good something looks if it doesn’t actually feel good, then there’s not much point in it.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Knowing and being in your feelings are two different things.

For you, as a fire sign, this year has hit especially difficult as you’ve had to move past your own barriers in order to actually discover not just what those deep feelings are-but in the process to actually learn who you are.

It’s been a year of coming more into your own and with that also realizing that we can’t move towards something without moving away from something else.

This goes for all areas of your life but especially your home and family Sag as once we learn who we truly are we often start to think differently about those that we’ve surrounded ourselves with.

This Moon will be a celebration Moon for you to reflect on how far you’ve come and to take those steps into not just freedom but in the creation of what feeds your soul.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You’ve been hit a bit harder than most this year because for you, change is especially challenging.

Even if you feel in your soul that it’s necessary there are still times when you drag your feet or try to ignore it altogether.

In the past year, it’s been less about you letting go than feeling like situations and people were removed or taken from your life.

It’s easy to feel lost when we don’t understand the reason for things happening but if we focus only on the lack of what we want then we often aren’t able to see all that is trying to come in.

This Moon will hit your relationship sector even more deeply as if there are any areas of your personal life, home or even family that you’re still trying to remain in denial about or not have to change.

Some things are unavoidable Capricorn and, in this case, it’s better to see the truth than realize that you’re the one that’s been lying.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

As the Age of Aquarius dawns, you are sitting primed and ready for newness but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to work on.

You have been through just as much as anyone else in the past year and even though it may look like you’re doing better than most, it still doesn’t mean that it was easy or that there weren’t casualties of your growth.

Make sure that you’re not letting the highs of what’s to come or the successes cloud you from feeling the losses because if you don’t know then they're likely to catch you off guard around the time of the New Moon in Pisces.

You are incredibly skilled at picking yourself up and starting over, but that doesn’t mean the past can be forgotten.

This Moon is about letting yourself be in your feelings knowing that the truth of everything, including how you feel, is what makes you stronger.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Feelings, feelings everywhere.

This is nothing new for you Pisces but being honest about what you’re feeling is-especially with the people close to you.

There’s a reason that you are seen as one of the most mysterious signs.

As much as you wear your heart on your sleeve you also tend to not always fully express yourself to those you’re closest to, especially those hard painful or uncomfortable feelings.

But that’s been a big part of this year because how can we consider someone family or even a home if we can’t share what we’re truly feeling with them?

Even the big scary ugly feelings are those that we should be able to share.

This is something you’ve learned in the past year.

It is a lesson you’re still practicing but expect to see a romantic payoff around the time of the Full Moon that has you so happy you took a chance because that’s when we get the best surprises.

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