How To Keep A Libra Madly In Love, According To Astrology

Capture a Libra's open mind and you get to keep their heart.

How A Libra Zodiac Sign Stays Madly In Love With You, Per Astrology pexels

Libras are some of the fairest people you will ever meet.

So, keeping a Libra in love with you is easier than the rest, but it will require that you follow some simple rules.

The Libra zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and passion! But they are also the Scales of astrology, which makes them just, kind, fair, and most of all, drama-free.

They have found that steering clear of drama at all costs puts them in a position to have a peaceful and balanced life.


Libras apply this mentality to their love life.

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For them, there is nothing more important that finding a partner. When a Libra has finally decided to settle down with someone, they have decided that this person is worth it. They are in it for the long haul.


Their dedication will be limitless, and they want their partner to be equally as invested in the relationship. Harmony is the key to a happy life. For Libras, falling in love is a goal. Staying in love is an achievement of that goal.

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As their partner you should strive to understand what puts your Libra lover at ease. Making yourself knowledgeable about their likes and dislikes based on their zodiac sign is a good place to start. Knowing is half the battle.

You can use what you learn to know how to best interact with them to maintain a successful relationship. For example, Libras are known to be intellectual beings. They love being aware of what is going on in the world around them and having deep and meaningful conversations about it.



Libra horoscope signs tends to do this by becoming well versed in many topics due to their love of reading and other activities that allow them to be mentally stimulated. If you as their lover can be sure to keep up with them by being well versed yourself then they will never fall out of love.

There is nothing that makes them happier than having someone they can share everything with. Here are a few ways that you can make sure your Libra lover will stay in love with you, per astrology.

1. Plan outdoor trips.



Libras love the great outdoors.There is something peaceful about being out in the open. Your Libra will adore the fact that you pay attention to their likes enough to plan a trip for them.

Libras are dedicated to their partners and are attentive to their wants and needs. When they see that you are willing to do the same by taking initiative and giving them a chance to enrich their lives by seeing a beautiful space, they won't help but to just fall deeper in love.

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2. Stay up-to-date on current world issues. 



Anyone who truly knows a Libra knows that they are constantly fighting for justice and equality. It is a big part of who they are. If you make sure to stay aware of what is going on in the world around you and can engage in deep and meaningful discussions about it, they will be impressed.

They love people who have a lot to say, so if you are well versed and can come up with ways to help those who have been wrongfully treated, then you will continue to steal their heart away. 

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3. Buy/Read books with them.



This air sign has a strong mental stimuli. They are some of the most intellectual beings you will meet. Reading good books have a way of getting their thoughts flowing and inspiring them to go out and make a change.

Buying boos and reading them with your Libra lover will show them that you support their eagerness to make a difference. You will always be a winner in their eyes for that. 

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4. Boost their ego. 

Even though they might seem to have it all together, Libras can be extremely insecure. A Libras bruised ego and problems with self-esteem are things that haunt them. They want and need a partner who can cheer them on and boost their confidence when they are feeling lost.


Tell them that they look good and that they are worthy and watch how they will do everything in their power to keep you near and happy since you can get them out of their dark times. 

If you stick to doing these things, a Libra won't be able to get enough of you. This air sign will be sure to hold on tight so you won't fly off in the wind. They will stay in love with you forever. 

Alexis George is a writer who covers love, relationship advice, astrology and personality topics.