Why Libras Are So Mean

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Why Libras Are So Mean

Why are Libras so mean? It's no secret that Libras have a serious problem empathizing with other zodiac signs.

To most people, they come off as mean-spirited and stubborn, but the truth is that this personality trait is merely a misunderstanding.

Learning about their astrology and zodiac personality is an important step in resolving an issue with a Libra.

Libras are so mean because they are misunderstood.

To understand why Libras are so mean we must first get to the root cause of the behaviors and instincts that Libras demonstrate during relational conflicts.

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Libras act like they are all about peace and positivity (they are the peacemakers of all zodiac).

The truth is that Libras possess a dark side. A closer look into their negative personality traits reveals that Libras are so mean because of a tyrannic attitude, which comes out when trying to bring others into harmony.

Just like the smile of a predator, this doesn’t mean a Libra likes you, in a sense, they are controlling you.

They have a natural tendency to be overbearing with other horoscopes on a normal basis.

This behavior trickles into every situation where a Libra has to have empathy for others.

Because of a Libra's severe need for order, they need every zodiac sign around them to behave a certain way.

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Their covert control issues, in addition to their selfish tendencies, can promote unpleasant interactions with every horoscope sign around them.

Libras are people who are no different from anyone else if you are wondering why they run into so many issues with others.

It's important to understand their personality and then the explanations for everything else will start to add up.

Naturally, all Libras want to be accepted — just like everyone else.

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This is what causes a Libra to study and observe what they think other zodiac signs want and then they mimic that.

This trait seems harmless on its own, but when a Libra is angry, they have a tendency to use this behavior to their advantage.

There are so many more underlying traits that cause Libras to lash out when they are angry.

So that you get a better understanding, here's why Libras are so mean, per astrology:

1. Libras are so mean because they are selfish.

Libras can definitely have a selfish streak and it shows in their behavior.

This is often subconscious and they aren’t aware of it because it comes so naturally to them.

The attitude causes them to think that whatever they want at the time they should have no matter who it hurts or inconveniences.

This selfish attitude can be displayed even when a Libra is not angry.

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2. Libras are so mean because you think that they are charming.

Libras are naturally people-pleaser.

This personality trait comes from a Libra's desire for acceptance. The Scales have a strong sense of intelligence.

Despite this, when a Libra gets angry at someone, this trait can often be used to do harm.

They are able to get control of the room and to be charming with others on their side.

If this happens when you're in a conflict with a Libra, it can end in you feeling isolated from everyone else in the group.

Libras are so mean because they use their charm to manipulate people into doing what they want them to do, even if that means doing something nasty to someone else.

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3. Libras are so mean but they act perfectionist.

Libras strive for perfection with everything that they do.

This trait is also heavily correlated with the fact that Libras are people pleasers and want to be accepted by their peers.

They work hard to maintain their image and look a certain way in public.

If this facade somehow fails, they have a tendency to lash out.

Letting go of their fake persona is a non-option. People will see them for who they really are (which they believe won't be accepted by as many people as they want.)

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4. Libras are so mean, and they are also deceptive.

Libras are known for having dual personalities.

Their interpretation of you is a factor in the type of personality they will have with you.

This is called the “public” face and the “private” face.

The public face is the face that is perfect with almost no flaws.

They are polite, charming, and positive. Most people have a positive reaction to this which helps them gain a lot of “friends”.

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However, the “private” face has no limitations. This face doesn’t hold back when they're angry and doesn’t care how they come off.

This trait helps Libras use it as a tactic to control people who are unaware of their behavior behind closed doors.

This is also mostly used to hurt the people who know the real face of the Libra.

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5. Libras are full of inner pain.

As crazy as Libras get when they are upset, it's important to remember that deep down they are the same as everyone else.

Deep down what really causes the angry in a Libra's spirit is the pain from feeling alone and rejected.

They believe that there is no point in being their real selves because being fake feels better than risking the chance of rejection.

This causes them to lash out at others as an attempt to feel powerful but it eventually just ends up causing them more problems for themselves.

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