Why Do Libras Ignore You?

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Why Do Libras Ignore You?

Also known as the 'Scales', Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and that is precisely the type of person Libra wants to be.

Libra and her planet rules beauty, art, and aesthetics. Libras are charming and beautiful people who have a sweet personality.

So, why do Libras ignore you?

But, there's a cold side to them, and it comes out when her Scales are imbalanced by disagreement.

Strife created by people who want to start drama in a relationship will soon find out how quickly a Libra ignores you.

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Libras are born between September 23 and October 22, and their zodiac sign represents balance.

Libra is an air sign, which makes them easy-going.

Libra is the middle child of the zodiac. She's the seventh sign out of the twelve.

The number seven is the digit of perfection, and Libras try their best to keep things in order when they aren't in the right place.

Libras do tend to ignore things that they don't want to see, and if that's you, you'll find yourself ghosted and wondering what went wrong.

They don’t like strong gusts of wind such as crosswords or mean words that make their scales unbalanced.

So, if you've been blocked on social media, sent to voicemail one too many times or simply wonder why a friend ghosted you, there are simple reasons why.

Here are a few reasons why Libras ignore you, according to astrology:

1. Libras loath strife.

Libras are famous for closing themselves off conflict and that often includes the people they have a problem with.

This makes Libra strive to make everything perfect or have everything just right in their relationships, career, friendships, and lifestyle.

2. Libras need harmony.

Libras love having everything go their way and like everything to be positive and happy.

If they are experiencing a sense of emotional conflict or ignore the darker sides of life.

3. Libras need honesty.

Always keeping an open communication style.

Being honest with a Libra will establish trust and then neither of you will get hurt and a Libra won't have to ignore you for doing something bad.

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4. Libras need personal space.

Libras often like to distance themselves from others after they have been hurt by them.

Libras aren’t the type of sign to lash out. Most likely they will be passive-aggressive and give you the silent treatment because you did something to hurt them.

If a Libra asks for space, let them have it. Especially if you don't want one to ignore you.

2. They do not give attention to selfishness.

Libras are givers who love people, so they don’t like it when you’re being selfish.

You always have to remember Libras need 50/50 and everything needs to be balanced.

If you’re being selfish in your relationship with a Libra they don’t like that at all and will ignore you to stop giving you attention because they need some of it as well.

3. Libras dislike drama.

You are causing drama and they are not here for it, and that is why they ignore you.

Libras hate drama and will ignore you if you are stirring up any unnecessary drama or escalating any situation that doesn’t need to be argued about.

4. You no longer fit into their lifestyle.

You’re not compromising for Libra, and so you've got to go.

Libra needs to have fairness and they will realize and know when they have to change their plans and adjust their schedule for you.

You can’t let Libra do all the work, you have to pitch in as well and they will ignore you until you realize.

5. You've made unfair demands.

You’re being too aggressive, and nothing is worse than a pushy person when you're trying to be carefree.

Libra is a peaceful sign and likes harmony and balance.

If you lash out at a Libra, they go into a shell and ignore you because they are scared of you, and your reaction.

Have a calm and civil argument with a Libra because they don’t like feeling attacked.

6. You broke trust.

When you betray a Libra, there is a problem. Nothing is uglier than distrust and Libras want to be surrounded by beauty.

Most likely if you broke Libra's trust, broke their heart, cheated, or went behind their back, Libras will cut you off for good, maybe even for life.

If you ask for forgiveness they might forgive you but chances are really slim.

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