Why Are Libras So Bossy

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Why Are Libras So Bossy?

We all love Libras for their sophisticated and clever personalities but sometimes it seems like it’s their way or the highway.

Why are Libras so bossy?

Born between September 22 and October 22, Libras are known for being perfectionists and which comes with an assertion for control.

Even though they are ruled by Venus, their sweet personality can turn cold making them come off as bossy or domineering.

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For a Libra balance is everything, so they prefer it when everything is done just so, and even then, it might not be good enough if it's out of balance. They strive to be absolutely perfect in everything they do, big or small.

While they are fine with holding themselves to incredibly high standards, you might not have the same mindset. If so, this will likely lead to seeing a Libras behavior towards you as bossy. This is because their desire for perfectionism can put pressure on those around them.

They won’t care about how perfect you are in your lifestyle or personal matters, because they do believe everyone must live life by their own set of rules, but when it is something that affects them, they’ll push you to go above and beyond.

For example, if you’re hosting an event with a Libra, be prepared to be bossed around a little (or a lot). A Libra will always be concerned with how they are coming off to others and will need anything that is a direct reflection of them to be perfect.

Don’t take this behavior to heart, they don’t mean to boss you around, they just want everything they do to be done to the best of their ability.

If you’re more of a laid back person and are fine with things being less than perfect, take a step back and let the Libra in your life lead.

This will give you the chance to help them out when needed while still letting them meet their set standards. However, if you’re more of a take-charge person yourself, you will need to talk this over with a Libra before taking on any shared responsibilities.

Having a conversation about your responsibilities will help you avoid any unwanted conflict and let them know they aren’t the only leader.

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Libras are also perceived as bossy because of their need to have control.

Libras are known for requiring balance in every aspect of their life. If they feel that something is off-balance, they will do whatever it takes to tip the scales back where they like them.

Without control a Libra will feel unsafe and anxious, making them desperate for normalcy. But how does this make them bossy? If you’re the reason why they are feeling off-balance, prepare to be bossed around and put back in your place.

A Libra will be brutally honest with you about how you are offsetting their control and take action immediately to regain their spot as a leader.

For example, if you schedule a whole day for you and your Libra BFF without letting them help out with the plans, they will feel out of control and become a bit bossy.

You might think what you are doing for your Libra is nice but could be unknowingly causing them anxiety. It’s best to let the Libra in your life be the one to make the plans, or at least make sure you’re always on the same page.

It’s also important to understand that it’s not always you that is making them feel off-balanced. Sometimes if a Libra has other factors in their life making them feel out of control, they will take it out on someone else. It’s very similar to being around someone who is hangry, instead of craving food, they are craving control.

However, when a Libra has little to no interest in something, they will not care who is in control or how perfect the outcome might be.

In these circumstances, you might actually wish the Libra cared more! They will completely separate themselves from controlling the situation and let you take the reins.

However, if you ask them for help or advice they will jump at the chance. But remember to proceed with caution because they will become emotionally invested and you will probably feel the bossiness coming back out.

Regardless of the situation, understand that if you are ever feeling like you’re being bossed around by a Libra that they aren’t doing it on purpose.

Libras highly value peace and harmony in their relationships and will willing to change their behavior. Having an open conversation with them about how they are making you feel will loosen the tensions and stop the bossiness.

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