8 Reasons Libra Women Are The BEST Women To Love

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Libra woman love
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Libra women spend their lives focused on the balance been what must be done and what they most desire to do.

If you've found yourself fixated on a Libra woman, get ready for a heady ride, as this air sign is all about intellectual pursuit and dreamy thinking.

Libras' deep commitment to justice and equality benefit everyone they bring into their lives, as they are well aware this means justice and equality for ALL, not only for themselves.

As internally focused as your Libra lover may be, she is also fond of everything sensual and pleasing to all of the senses. She breathes in beauty, art and music — all of which she will be sure to keep you surrounded with at all times. 

Libras are the most social creatures of the zodiac, and are never ones to stay quiet when feeling provoked or passionate, so you'd best stay on your toes!

Here are 8 more reasons Libra women are quite simply the BEST women to love:

Nothing in the world is more powerful than a kiss, and no kiss is more powerful than that of a Libra.
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Libra woman kisses

"A Libra's passionate kiss will blow you away. That's one of their specialties and favorite things to do in a relationship."

Libra possess the glorious combination of spirited pride and soul-endearing beauty in everything they do.
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Libra poet

"A warrior's mentality with a poet's soul."

Your Libra woman will love you and you only for both of your lifetimes.
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Libra loyalty

"A Libra could have 100 admirers, but that doesn't matter because when they have an eye on someone, they only have eyes for that one and only person."

A Libra's goals are simple, pure and joyous. Your life together will benefit from this greatly.
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Libra purpose

"Their Life Purpose: To travel, love and achieve true happiness."

Libras cannot stand to be anyone's wet blanket. She will never bring you down.
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Libra mood

"Even when feeling like their world is crashing down, if a Libra sees you're in a good mood they won't rain on your parade."

The Libra passion for balance includes balance in her emotions, which keeps her self-assured and confident without edging into the territory of haughtiness.
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Libra confidence

"A Libra woman is very self-confident in her abilities and looks. She has no reason to be jealous."

She knows how you are feeling. She can read it all over you.
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Libra thoughts

"Libra can read your thoughts through your body language."

The love of a Libra woman is boundless, sincere and generous. Show her the same and you will live a life of love and peace.
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Libra love

"When a Libra loves you, they love you with their entire soul. They will always accommodate to make sure that your happiness comes first."