30 Minimalist Moon Phase Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

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If you've found yourself looking for tattoo designs of the moon in its multiple stages, search no further. Whatever your reason for wanting some new ink, moon phase tattoos and crescent moon tattoos are the perfect go-to tattoo designs that can have beautiful meaning behind it or simply be an artsy touch to your body.

Have you ever seen a tattoo so beautiful and powerful that you couldn’t help but to stop to admire and compliment it? I know I have. Every time I come across a person with a tattoo, I find myself wondering what inspired them to get it. Everything is done for a reason, and no matter how simple or silly it might seem, there is a reason behind getting a tattoo.

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Tattoos in all their different shapes, colors, sizes and placements are used as a form of expression. Ranging from pledges of love to spiritual devotion, people have different reasons for wanting to get a tattoo. Depending on where a person is from, what they believe in, and what their culture is, a tattoo can be both symbolic and impactful.

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Take moon phases for example. The moon itself is a feminine symbol, that through its many cycles represents the rhythm of time. The phases of the moon are known to symbolize enlightenment, immortality, eternity, and the dark side of nature, just to name a few. It is special because through all of its changes, the moon always manages to get through the darkness. The moon therefore often reminds people of life. Life is constantly changing but no matter what people’s lives continue to carry on. It is one big circle, infinitely recycling.

As individuals, we must decide to try our very best to fight every day to keep up. A lunar cycle tattoo is a perfect reminder of this. By energizing our night life, the moon reminds people that no matter how dark life may get that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope that things can and will get better.

If you’ve been considering getting a lunar tattoo, here are a few moon phase tattoo ideas to get your juices flowing.

1. A sternum moon phase tattoo topped with torches. 

2. A little moon phase side tattoo.

3. The lunar cycle in a spine tattoo.


4. Moon phase tattoo for your forearm. 

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5. A detailed and vibrant moon phase tattoo. 

6. The phases of the moon enclosed in an infinity sign.

7. Intricate and detailed lunar phases.

8. The moon phases tattoo accompanied by constellations. 

9. Back-to-shoulder lunar phases. 

10. A little finger tattoo. 

11. Circular moon phases on a back tattoo.

12. Straight line moon tattoo. 

13. Slightly above the back of the elbow.

14. A beautiful flower flowing into a moon phase spine tattoo.

15. A delicate under-boob tat.

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16. High thigh galaxy moon phase tattoo. 

17. Hands holding up the phases of the moon.

18. A large depiction of the phases of the moon on the spine. 

19. Moon phase tattoo with a love quote. 

20. Forearm moon phase tattoo outlined with dots. 

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21. Minimalist moon phase tattoo with symmetrical lines. 

22. Spinal moon phase tattoo filled with flowers.

23. Geometric moon phase tattoo. 

24. Black and white moon phase tattoo on the inside of the foot.

25. Pagan moon phase sternum tattoo with blue ink. 

26. Double arch moon phase tattoo. 

27. Full transition spinal moon phase tattoo. 

28. Forest moon phase tattoo with a compass. 

29. Wrist-to-elbow full phase moon tattoo. 

30. Diamond outlined moon phase tattoo. 

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