What The July 20th Double New Moon In Cancer Means For Your Relationships Through 2020

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What The Second New Moon In Cancer Means For Your Relationships Through 2020

As is the theme for 2020, we are experiencing another rare and unprecedented event when we welcome in the second New Moon in Cancer on July 20th. This ushers in a chance to make changes on our terms, before the universe makes them on theirs.

Usually, new moons follow a particular cycle through each zodiac sign; however, this year, there will be no new moon in Leo as there normally is at the end of July and, instead, we will be graced with another New Moon in Cancer, with the first having occurred on June 21st just last month.

But this is a Double New Moon — a bookend moon in which we’re given another chance to look at the themes that are arising for us.

There is absolutely nothing that is random, including astrology, so for us to be experiencing four Cancer moons within one year is truly the universe not just calling us home, but giving us a chance to make changes on the home front.

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As we head into this moon, we’re likely still reflecting on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn we experienced just a couple weeks ago, in which we were asked to reflect on the foundations and structures we have already established, and those we hope to create.

We’re also just newly into Saturn returning to Capricorn as part of his retrograde cycle, which is creating a time of review for us for events that occurred from December 2017 to March 2020. This is not just in terms of rethinking and reflecting on what we learned, but asking ourselves if the path we’re following is the one we wish to stay on.

Saturn in Capricorn, especially, refers again to the structures and foundations, even agreements that we made in our lives. So, this is an excellent time to reflect on what we’ve signed up for in our lives, and if they still resonate with the person we’ve become.

Adding to the energy is Mercury having turned direct in Cancer on July 12th, helping us to feel greater ease and articulation in communicating those deep needs we may struggle to express. Even in looking at the energy we have coming in, we can see that Cancer is highlighted — the sign of home, family, motherhood — but so is Capricorn — the unofficial sign of fatherhood, and the duty and obligation — that often attaches itself to this role.

But we have to pull back and look at the bigger picture: the pattern that the universe has created for us this year so we can tune into what we’re meant to see and learn.

We began this year with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, celebrated the New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer, and now we’re welcoming in a Double New Moon in Cancer. We will end December with a Double Full Moon in Cancer, because it will be the second Full Moon in that sign this year! 

To have four Cancer moons in one year is meaningful, and to waste this opportunity would be tragic.


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This entire year, also thanks to the Pandemic, we’re being asked to focus on home, family, and even that role of mother/woman. In many ways, we are beginning a new chapter with this New Moon in Cancer that we will see come to fruition in December.

But we have to let ourselves see the truth, grow from it, and then make the changes necessary so that, come 2021, none of us will say we simply went back to normal.

As lovely a moon as this is, it will come with its own challenges. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, while direct, hasn’t yet hit the degree (five Gemini), and she turned retrograde in back in May, so we may not have the full picture yet.

These energies could be seeping into this moon, but we may also realize that we have to decide to act without any guarantees.

While this is potentially the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, with the Double Full Moon in Cancer occurring at the end of December, we may be experiencing feelings of frustration.

There likely is an energy of being able to see the outcome of different situations in our lives, specifically those involving, home, family, committed relationships, and life paths; however, how to get there may still be foggy for many of us.

This is completely normal for where we are right now. But instead of succumbing to the frustration, try to use it as fuel to keep going further. And ask yourself: Is it that you truly don’t know how or when you’ll get to that end vision, or is it that you’re hoping there’s a different way?

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Even if we’re feeling uncertain or frustrated by the lack of clarity around at this time, we still can celebrate how far we’ve come, even in the month since the last New Moon in Cancer. And, more importantly, we can still act this month.

New Moons are all about new beginnings and new cycles. In many ways, this isn’t just a Double Moon, but the second chance that doesn’t always come for us to reflect on what we want to begin.


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What seeds do we want to plant that we’ll be able to reap the harvest of come December? What steps, no matter how small, can we take around this New Moon in terms of those sensitive areas of home, family, and commitment that we will be grateful for once we ring in 2021?

Life only changes because we do. This is something we have to learn as we go on: in order to actually see that change in our physical environment, we first have to see that inside of ourselves.

One of the biggest lessons we will experience this year is that we don’t need to choose between roots or wings; we don’t need to abandon what made us the people that we are to become the souls we’re meant to.

Instead, we must learn which pieces to take with us, and which to leave behind. This is the gift of this moon.

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