Why Is Taurus So Distant?

This Earth sign can be quite distant.

Why Is Taurus So Distant? PsyComa/Shutterstock.com

Taurus is a fixed earth zodiac sign, which is why they are practical and well-grounded. As the sign that rules the second house of money, Taurus can also be reliable and devoted.

So, why is Taurus so distant?

A Taurus tends to see things from a realistic perspective.

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Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they feel the need to be surrounded by love and beauty.

Within the materialistic world, such beauty and love can translate to physical pleasures. If someone is born with their Sun in Taurus, they find touch to be one of the most important senses. Since Taurus rules the shoulders, this is where they love to be touched the most.

With all this sensuality available and expressed by this zodiac sign it may surprise you to discover that Taurus can be so distant.

Here are a few reasons why Taurus is so distant, and hard to connect with emotionally, according to astrology:

Taurus is business-oriented.

When it comes to their careers, a Taurus tends to focus on their goals and they have the perseverance to achieve those goals. They don’t give up on their career aspirations or goals, even if people around them have.


This would make them a perfect employee as they are disciplined and punctual. A Taurus is hyper-focused at the job at hand and they don’t want anything to interrupt their flow.

Taurus is stubborn.

As an Earth sign, they are grounded — perhaps, too grounded. Their symbol is represented by the bull and the Latin word, Taurus, literally means bull. They can be quite bull-headed and they don’t move unless they want to.

Their stubbornness especially comes out during an argument. A Taurus doesn’t back down from the argument until the other person gives up.

A Taurus doesn’t like to multi-task as they want to focus on one thing. They are stubborn in the sense where they can and will only focus on a single thing. Don’t try to ask them to do multiple things at once, as they may not do them.


They can be stubborn with their relationships, too. They may waste their time going back to a relationship that has run its course. A Taurus will keep going hard for the relationship in hopes that their significant other will have a dramatic change in their feelings.

They are jealous.

A Taurus’ jealousy is shown through their actions as they never verbally acknowledge it. They can be quite materialistic and they like to claim things as their own and that can easily translate to their relationships.

Even though they will do anything to protect their significant other, they would want everyone else and their mother to know about their significant other. They want everyone to understand that they are in a relationship and that no one should mess with that.

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Taurus is possessive.

A Taurus man becomes distant when he’s uncertain about a relationship.

Taurus men become distant in their romantic relationships when they are uncertain about the relationship’s future. Taurus men want to take their time before they decide if someone is right for them.

If you want a Taurus man to commit, one shouldn’t bug him. The more you bother him about the status of the relationship, the more distant he will become.

Taurus likes to lead.

Taurus men tend to be distant when someone’s too needy and demanding.

Once a Taurus feels suffocated in a relationship, he will take a step back. Even though a Taurus man is quite possessive, they do not like a needy significant other. Taurus men will pull back when they feel that their significant other needs them to respond a certain way to feel validated.


It’s also important for their significant other to show their independence. Taurus men need to know that their significant other won’t always “need” him. They need to know that their significant other can stand on their own two feet.

Taurus men have little to no tolerance for those who are too demanding. When their significant other begins to ask for too much of his time or attention, he may start distancing himself. A Taurus man doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who acts like a parent.

Taurus needs security.

A Taurus woman will ghost and block someone with no hesitation. Blocking someone would be the result of them feeling offended by something their significant other did. For her, it has gotten to a point of no return and the block feature is the best option.


She may also stop responding all together because she doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere. Taurus women would ghost someone when she wants to focus on one conversation or relationship at a time.

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