Jupiter Direct Career Horoscope, September 12 - October 21, 2020

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Jupiter Direct Career Horoscope Sept. 12-Oct. 21, 2020

Starting September 12, Jupiter goes directly in the sign of Capricorn after being in retrograde.

How does this impact your zodiac sign's career horoscope starting September 12-13?

While in retrograde the energy of Jupiter is rather stagnant; there's not a lot of action taking place for the signs.

When turning direct we can expect more blessings from Jupiter. It's the planet of luck.

You can start to receive rewards for patience practiced during retrograde.

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Jupiter in Capricorn means that the actions we take will not only be luck filled but based on responsibility.

This is an excellent time for luck in work matters, especially for those who have been struggling lately.

In fact, we are likely to see the biggest rewards when we take a more honorable path by being diligent at work and with all the matters we must be attending to.

While we are likely to see an increase in finances, there will also be abundance in other areas of life, such as love, passion, and happiness.

Read on to find your zodiac sign's career horoscope to find out how Jupiter direct affects you, per astrology.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Aries

Aries, Jupiter Direct will be in your 10th house. This will be a time where you have a little pep in your step.

People will view you as lucky, and to be fair, you’ll start believing in that magic yourself. Things will seem to gravitate towards you naturally, being able to accomplish what you set your sights for during Jupiter Retrograde.

You’ve had bouts of luck throughout your life, but the difference in this is that you’re coming to a much more mature place.

You have a better sense of your goals and your place in the world. You can walk with more confidence, your head held high, your shoulders rolled back.

You’re stepping into your own and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Taurus

Taurus, Jupiter Direct will be in your 9th house. Allow yourself to be curious, especially when you’re on your quest for higher knowledge. Never stop learning.

This is a time to be introspective about the little lessons that life is trying to show you. Be open to the lessons that the universe comes presenting you in the forms of wise conversation, generous gifts, and valuable moments.

You are a student of the world; it’s up to you which path you choose to explore. Give yourself the room to explore something during this time that has always drawn you in but you never made enough time for in the past.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Gemini

Gemini, Jupiter Direct will be in your 8th house. If you’ve been seeking answers to some big questions you have about your life and your identity you can expect them to be answered during this time.

You will be able to take the time to dive deep into the mysteries that have been surrounding you, digging further into your memory and resources to better equip you with the understanding you need to solve the things that have been perplexing you.

These are questions that have kept you up at night, causing you to lose sleep. Focus on still staying in the moment and not losing yourself to these deep thoughts.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Cancer

Cancer, Jupiter Direct will be in your 7th house. The relationships you’ve been hoping to make will be manifested to the level you’ve been hoping they would escalate to.

This is especially true for single Cancers that have been hoping for a solidified relationship or couples who are looking to take the next step in their relationship.

Your communication style with those you love will be harmonious, with the ability to discuss anything that is deeply bothering you without worrying that anything is going to go sour with these serious talks.

You’ll have a deep appreciation and respect for the people who surround you during this time.

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Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Leo

Leo, Jupiter Direct will be in your 6th house. You’ve had to make some sacrifices at work during this time, causing you to be a little distressed, especially through Venus Retrograde.

However, the respect you’ve earned from sticking to it and working through this is paying off to bring you a high reward as Jupiter goes direct.

Expect the recognition you deserve during this time, especially from those you admire in the workplace.

You are on the path you’re on because you decided to choose dignity over glory. People recognize what you did and are beyond thankful for your diligence.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Virgo

Virgo, Jupiter Direct will be in your 5th house. This will be a blissful time in regards to family matters, your children or younger siblings, and any romantic or strong platonic relationships you have.

This is speaking to strengthening the bonds you’re making with the people that you want to pull closest to you and reworking who you decide to call family.

This will be a happy time, speaking to closer knit connections with people who may have formerly been estranged or non-existent in your life prior.

You’re not betraying any of your former connections by building new ones. You’re allowed to outgrow old connections that no longer exist.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Libra

Libra, Jupiter Direct will be in your 4th house. This will be a pleasant time in your private life. You’ll feel more comfortable within your home and less on edge, as though there’s something you’re always forgetting about.

Allow yourself to be fully you when you’re in the privacy of your own home. Challenge yourself to allow your inner child to come out to play and teach them the lessons you’re still learning today.

This is also a great time to call up an elder relative, former boss, or close family friend and catch up. There’s a lot of wisdom from your elders that you can be open and receptive to in order to lead you to your next chapter in life.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Scorpio

Scorpio, Jupiter Direct will be in your 3rd house. You can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Every day you grow anticipation for how great the next day will be.

Some days will be great, where you’ll be motivated to wake up tomorrow to do the same things that put a smile on your face.

Others you’ll be motivated by your misfortune that the following days to come will bring a brighter future. You’re becoming increasingly optimistic as Jupiter goes direct.

Be cautious that you’re not paying too much attention to the big picture and try to focus on the baby steps you need to take to see that success you’re dreaming of.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, Jupiter Direct will be in your 2nd house. Things seem to fall into your lap (this is something that frustrates the people that dislike you).

This isn’t because you have some cosmic karmic energy working in the universe, this is because you’re highly connected to your intuitive nature and perception.

During this time you will have such a heightened understanding of your environment and the way that it works that you’ll be able to move about with great successes and triumphs.

This will be a set up after trying to better understand your situations and circumstances during Jupiter Retrograde.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Capricorn

Capricorn, Jupiter Direct will be in your 1st house. You may appear to be more optimistic during this time, and perhaps you are (although you’ll never admit it, realist).

This is because during this time you’ll be able to have success by being authentic to your foundations and the fundamentals that make up who you are.

You don’t have to be someone else to be successful or emanate a certain persona to be taken seriously. You’re worthy and important enough as you are, and with your self-esteem heading for an uptick, you’re starting to find that to be more and more true. Enjoy this time of authenticity with rewards.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Aquarius

Aquarius, Jupiter Direct will be in your 12th house. You are divinely protected during this event. You have your angels, guides, and universal energies surrounding you and keeping you safe from any harm that anyone wishes to do onto you.

The universe is looking out for you. This might be a time you choose to be more mindful and solitary during your alone time. You want a little peace of mind and the outside world seems to be a little too loud these days.

Allow yourself room to be alone, while expressing yourself in your most divine ways. Feel the freedom to explore who you are without any judgment.

Jupiter direct career horoscopes for Pisces

Pisces, Jupiter Direct will be in your 11th house. You may find yourself wanting to engage more with those you’re close to.

You might even be feeling bold and looking to explore outside of your inner circle, joining a new club or social network, and meeting new people to call your friends.

You’re not always this outgoing or sure of yourself and the dialogues you’re having. You’re drawn to ways you can be uplifting your community, but that’s not to say you don’t also enjoy mischievous alliances that cause a little trouble.

Enjoy exploring who you are and where you fit into the world during this time.

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