How The September 17th Virgo New Moon Affects Your Relationships & Life For The Rest Of 2020

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How The Virgo New Moon Affects Your Love Horoscope For The Rest Of 2020

It’s time to focus on the plans we have made for the rest of 2020 as we celebrate the New Moon in Virgo on September 17th.

What’s interesting about this moon is that it’s part of that cycle of delayed moons where, instead of seeing the New Moon at the beginning of the corresponding zodiac season, we’re seeing it at the end.

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It’s more pronounced with this moon because while it’s exact at 7:00 AM EST on the 17th, by 6:55 PM that evening, the moon will move into Libra, the sign in which we normally see September’s New Moon.

This means that while the Virgo New Moon is exact on September 17th, most of us will look to the sky on the evening of the 16th to celebrate it. That is important to make note of because of the combined energies of Virgo and Libra we’re moving through with this lunar event.

What is the meaning of a New Moon?

When we look at celebrating New Moons, it means we’re also beginning a new lunar cycle. This is because moons move in six-month cycles, from the New Moon to the Full Moon in the same zodiac sign.

While Full Moons are all about fruition and completion, New Moons are about manifestations and for planting the seeds that we hope to reap in this new cycle.

This new Virgo cycle is beginning on September 16th/17th with the New Moon, and will reach fruition at the Full Moon in Virgo on February 27th, 2021.

During these next six months, we will have time and opportunity to explore what we’re planting now. For all of us, in one way or another, we’re going through huge periods of transformation within our lives this year, and an important part of change is the plans we make.

Sometimes, things really can go according to plan, especially if you have the right people in your corner and you actually believe they can.

What does the New Moon in Virgo mean for relationships, love horoscope, family and personal growth?

Virgo is associated with the symbol of the maiden or goddess, who is known as the virgin Astraea. In one myth, she was the last goddess to leave Earth when the Gods ascended into the sky, and that is why she represents the earth element so strongly.

This is why the Virgo New Moon is a more fruitful time for new beginnings than any other moon. In part because of the virgin energy attached to Astraea, we're more apt to let the past be the past, and start new with this moon.

It’s easier to attach that virgin meaning of being untouched or exploited to our future and to the rest of 2020.

Often, we distort reality and create limitations or blocks where none exist. This is part of what that Virgo energy wants us to know: nothing is ruined, nothing is tainted. While everything had to happen exactly as it was meant to, it’s up to us to dream and create the futures we want to live.

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Attaching that earth element to this sign and the New Moon strongly supports a time of beginnings because it means we’re rooted in reality.

We can see the truth. We can acknowledge what brought us here; this isn’t an issue of wearing rose-colored glasses or ignoring the truth, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t choose to have a new beginning.

During September 9th to 12th, we had a collective slow down thanks to six planets all being retrograde at the same time. This means we were given the time and opportunity to really reflect on the plans that have been the focus since we began Virgo season back in August. But maybe we weren’t ready until now to act upon them.

With this Virgo New Moon, we can expect a desire to move ahead more rapidly, and with less planets retrograding we will likely find things going more slowly. This means that many of the delays we felt weighed down by in August will be lifted enough so we can start taking small steps towards that future we’ve been dreaming about.

We know that while Virgo doesn’t rule family- or love-related matters, Libra does, and this lunation not only occurs on the cusp of the moon moving into Libra, but the Sun as well.

Along with that Cancer energy we’re still seeing in play for this year, it means that many of us may be able to move ahead with plans in those areas, which is a Virgo influence.

Adding to this energy are two separate aspects that will affect this moon and the subsequent choices that we make.

Mercury in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn will have us understanding the importance of meaningful conversations centering around partnership, emphasizing the theme that it’s not just the direction we go in, but who we have by our side that makes all the difference.

Also occurring on the same day is Sun in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn, bringing with it the theme that sometimes we can only be reborn into something new through the destruction of something old.

With Saturn in the mix, there’s also a karmic, divine timing energy, indicating that we could be in the process of leveling up to a new version of ourselves, having now learned some important soul lessons.

What challenges does the Virgo New Moon bring?

Even the best of opportunities can come with challenges, and that is the case for this moon.

New Moon in Virgo is unto itself an excellent time for a new beginning, to plant the seeds of what we hope to be starting 2021 with, and setting ourselves free from thinking that things won’t go our way.

But there are a few things we need to be aware of first.

This is a year of big change, which means it’s not about gently carrying the pieces of our pasts with us as we move into the future, but in realizing that we can’t take them where we’re headed.

We will have to see parts of our lives burn down, and even if there is new growth or a transition of sorts, it means that never again will things be as they are.

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We are entering a period where things will forever be different. In part that is because of the energy of this year, but, more specifically, it’s also about the events that are surrounding this moon.

At the beginning of the month, we experienced the slow down of six planets being retrograde that began when Mars turned. Then, we’ve seen Jupiter turn direct, indicating it's time to take steps into our abundant future, and within a week Saturn will follow.

As we begin Libra season with the energy of this Virgo New Moon lasting for two weeks, it means we’re feeling free to take action to create more grounded, lasting balance in our lives.

While this is a great thing, if we’re still feeling constricted in any way, thanks to Mars retrograde and his almost exact square to Saturn, we might find ourselves blowing up our lives in order to feel like we can break free.

During this time, be gentle with yourself. Remember that whatever happens is what is meant to happen, so if things are meant to end better, it would have. If the transition or new beginning that is occurring was supposed to be smooth or planned out, it would have.

Part of Virgo’s magic is trusting that everything happens as it’s meant to, even if it’s different from how we thought or hoped it would happen.

What positive changes will occur with the Virgo New Moon?

During this New Moon, we have the chance to take steps on the plans we’ve been making, especially those that were the focus during the major planetary slow down from September 9th to 12th.

We will be more apt to trust the timing of events thanks to Saturn, which will allow us to go with the divine flow in life, rather than try to control outcomes or situations.

There will be opportunities that arise that allow us to reflect on the karmic lessons we’ve learned, which will be part of our ability to create a new future. While there have been many delays, this moon will be the start of action that will continue to gain momentum as the next few months pass.

This New Moon in Virgo will enable us to firmly put the past behind us so it doesn’t end up ruining our future. At a certain point, it stops being anyone else’s fault if we’re not living the life we want.

There also could be themes of forgiveness, both of self and others, associated with this moon, which will assist us with moving forward in our plans and life.

But perhaps most important is a feeling of hope starting to filter in. The hope that maybe we never messed up as much as we thought we had, that maybe we never ruined anything.

Now that we’re here, we’re starting to see why everything had to happen exactly as it did. Because now, we can say there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than right where we are.

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