What The August 20th New Moon In Leo Means For Your Love Horoscope & Life Changes

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What The August 20th New Moon In Leo Means For Your Love Horoscope & Life Changes, According To Astrology

More of the pieces seem to fall into place as we welcome in the August 20th New Moon in Leo, right before the Sun moves into Virgo season.

This year, the moon and zodiac dates are delayed. So, while this New Moon at the end of August is normally a Virgo New Moon, this year we sneak in a Leo New Moon after all!

The theme of divine timing, even in astrology, and learning to work with delays is something we’ve all been working through collectively this year. However, having this lunar event be a Leo New Moon rather than Virgo brings very different energy; it's likely a reminder and further encouragement to follow our heart while we prepare for changes in our lives.

What does a New Moon mean?

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In astrology, a New Moon is a time when we begin a new energetic cycle. Lunar cycles actually move within six-month time increments, as that is the length of time between a New Moon and a Full Moon within the same sign.

For this new cycle, we celebrate the New Moon in Leo on August 20th, which will peak at the next Full Moon in Leo on January 28th, 2021.

In this way, between lunar cycles, planet retrogrades, and zodiac changes, we are always closing one chapter and beginning an entirely new one. The difference is that, depending on the zodiac season, the cycle we enter into has a completely different theme and energy to it.

What does the New Moon in Leo mean for our relationships, love horoscope, family and personal growth?

Leo is represented by the Lion and is also the ruling sign of the Sun. Leo tends to be very expressive, external and, at times, even dramatic. Leo is confident and upfront, and makes decisions and choices with authority.

This is the energy we’re not just going to see in play around the time of the New Moon on the 20th, but carry us through this new Leo cycle we’re beginning.

While the energy of the moon is significant for us to know what to expect and how to make the most of this time, the other factor we have to take into consideration is what else is going on around the time of this lunar event.

We will see six planetary bodies in retrograde motion, heavily infusing us to reflect on what has brought us to this moment so we can choose where to go from here.

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With so many planets retrograding in combination with the spirited and ambitious Leo, we may be asked to rethink decisions or choices we’ve made in the past, and be prepared to swiftly act in correcting or redoing many of them.

2020 is the year of Cancer energy, with much of the focus being on home and family, as we’re seeing this month amplified by Venus moving into Cancer, directing our focus to long-term commitments. This Leo New Moon is very passionate and knows what he wants, so it's likely we’re going to see ourselves or others take unexpected steps towards big changes.

While we all might wish we could skip to the end of 2020 to see how it’s going to turn out, the theme of this delayed Leo New Moon is one of going slow, breathing into any impatience, and trusting that there isn’t a timeline on destiny.

In our lives, this moon likely will bring up strong feelings and emotions that have either been building or that we’ve been trying to repress.

We will be keenly aware of our energy and the energy of others, thanks to the influence of the Leo-Sun connection, which will make us more apt to want to protect our own and be around those who add to our energetic supply rather than suck it dry.

But because Uranus, the planet of sudden change and the great awakener, is already retrograde, it means that a change of heart in relationships, including home environments, is extremely likely.

However, the caveat is that we may have that change of heart but decide to wait to act upon it until later in the year — think October-November timeframe.

What challenges does this New Moon pose for our personal lives?

It wouldn’t be an astrological event without a few challenges, right?

This moon generally feels pretty good; however, with Leo involved, as great of an energy as he carries with his confidence, there is the tendency to be overly dramatic or brash in expressing himself. This can be especially true for those who have been repressing how we feel or waiting for that so-called perfect timing.

For most of us, the changes we’ve been working towards are in how we feel about ourselves, what kind of life we feel like we deserve or that we most align with, what or who feels like family and home, and, most importantly, what we are willing to sacrifice to live our truth.

These are the pieces of what we’ve been working through and experiencing, which are no small matter, and generally represent the heart of our own lives.

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Leo has a way of helping us realize what matters most. He gets down to the point of it and helps us feel confident in expressing ourselves, and in going after what we want.

Adding to this energy is a trine to Mars, currently in his home sign of Aries. Mars is the planet that not only rules the masculine, but also passion, motivation and ambition — in Aries, he’s full throttle ready to go and burn down anything in his path.

While this is adding fuel to our fire to take the steps, no matter how small, that will enable us to live a life of truth, this is also adding in some frustration for those of us who feel there are blocks to doing just that, especially in matters of the heart.

Nowhere else in our lives do we experience greater frustration than if we want to be with someone romantically but, for some reason, aren’t able to in this moment. This is exactly the sort of scenario that Mars in Aries may highlight during this moon.

Even if everything happens for a reason, be mindful of how to go about fulfilling your desires in a way that is rooted in honesty and communication, rather than frustration and impatience.

What positive changes are we facing during the Leo New Moon?

As with so many things in life, it’s the challenges that actually help bring about the success with this moon.

We have to be mindful of being overly dramatic, sharp tongued, and frustrated, but on the other side of that, we’re likely saying what we really mean, and no longer putting the feelings of others before our own.

The New Moon in Leo occurs just days before the Sun moves into the zodiac season of Virgo, which means there is a high likelihood of this New Moon initiating a beginning in our life that we’re then going to work and plan for through Virgo season, until we feel ready to take action.

For many, we will experience a change of heart, but only later will we understand that it means we’ve changed our minds, too.

We’re allowed to do this, especially if it means that we’re one step closer to ending this year living the life we’ve always dreamed we would, even if our fears told us it was impossible at one point.

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