What The July 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn Means For Your Relationships Until January 2021

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What The Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn Means For Our Lives For The Next Six Months

As we welcome in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th, we will be asked to step out of our struggle and become a part of our success in the new chapters we’ve been in the process of building.

In astrology, we normally experience only two Lunar Eclipses a year; however, this year we are experiencing four, with this being our third.

The energy we’re feeling now first began back in January, but because life is changing so dramatically this year, we’re being asked to reflect more frequently and let go of what no longer serves us.

Because moons move in six-month cycles, the energy we will see peak goes back to the New Moon in Capricorn that occurred in late December of 2019. What we see manifest now or take root will continue into January 2021.

What is the energy of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn?

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Recognizing the energy we’re feeling as part of the entire astrological experience is essential because it helps us see where more of our focus will be with this particular eclipse.

At the time of this eclipse, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto — not to mention asteroids Chiron and Ceres — are retrograde. While Venus technically turned direct, she’s still yet to arrive back at the degree she first turned retrograde in Gemini, so we can still feel her energy through this, too.

If it feels like this is a bit excessive as far as retrograding planets go, that’s because it is. This doesn’t happen every year where so many coincide together, which also means we’re being asked to seriously look twice before going any further.

It seems in so many ways, this entire year was about getting us to look at the most intimate parts of our lives before we rushed ahead into the plans we thought we wanted for our future.

Things began to really shift for us once Saturn moved into Aquarius a few months ago, and since then, with the other planets retrograding, changing signs, and the two other eclipses we saw in June, it's no surprise that nothing is left of what we thought would last forever.

We’re in the process of figuring out what forever even means, and that is part of this process of looking at the areas of home, family, relationships, love, motherhood, divine partnerships, karmic clearing, and self-love that have continually come up over the past few months.

At the time that this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn occurs, we should have seen the truth in many ways. We should, in our hearts, feel the truth we know we need to act on, but instead of this moon breaking us down, it’s going to build us up so we can rebuild these new lives we feel taking seed.

Thankfully, this moon itself isn’t bringing a lot of challenges. There aren’t any dark stars or difficult aspects.

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In fact, with Mercury and Uranus showing up with this moon, it means that exciting changes and conversations are in store — all of which are a positive thing.

Honestly, we so deserve this energy after the past few difficult months, both collectively and astrologically. Because while we need to go through challenging times, we also need to remember why it’s worth it.

This is the moon that will help us start to bring a little more joy in our lives, and it’s not fleeting; this is the beginning of the new you, the new life, and the new way of being.

The other piece is that as much as there are no difficult aspects with this moon — and with asteroid Vesta in the mix, promises to be one especially fulfilling for relationships, women, and connecting with divine partners — it doesn’t mean that the other planets are going to make it easy to get to the good stuff.

Retrograding planets aren't necessarily a bad thing.

Mercury retrograde kind of gave all retrograding planets a bad name because of the technical and communication issues that he causes. But, in many cases, like Neptune and even Venus, there is a benefit.

But before we can get to the benefit, we need to overcome the lesson which presents itself best as a challenge.

With so many planets retrograding right now, and Venus still moving through her post-shadow phase, the themes that are still ongoing are choices in life path and love, living and speaking our truth, accepting and taking steps towards big change, divine timing, clearing our karmic debt, learning those Saturnian lessons, boundaries with those who take more than they give, healing ourselves, and believing that we are worthy of having our needs met.

These are the challenges we’re going to be asked to move through as we approach this moon so we give ourselves the greenlight to move forward in our lives. The truth is, we are the only ones who can.

This moon will help us see that while there are challenges in life (and there will always be) they don’t actually have to stop us from moving ahead, unless we want to use them as a crutch for why we aren’t living the life we’ve dreamed of.

Now, for the sweet stuff!

The good news is that as daunting as all those lessons are, it’s also completely possible for us to accomplish them with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

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We can be successful at incorporating what we learn into our lives so we don’t have to keep repeating patterns and cycles.

The other good news is that we’ve already done more of that work than we think we have, and the last piece to fall into place is us thinking we have to make it perfect in order to be ready.

This will be the perfect time for bringing fruition to what began around the New Moon in Capricorn, and what we’ve been continually working through since then.

While Capricorn is the masculine sign of the home, Cancer is the feminine. In this pairing, together with it being Cancer season, we are fully supported to step into what is in alignment with us.

Expect new beginnings in relationships, family, and home atmospheres, including those that bring with it greater abundance and love.

If relationships have been strained and a breakup or divorce is becoming inevitable, this moon will actually help us part ways kindly, and likely with more compassion and compromise.

This moon will help us see that we can get what we want and need, but we have to be willing to work the long game for it, trusting that right now, the pay off is right around the corner.

Where you are right now is the perfect time for a new beginning. For you to be happy. To be in love. To be living the life that you desire.

Now is the perfect time to let the joy in, trusting that the past doesn’t have to repeat itself, especially once we learn the lessons it was meant to teach us.

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