How Mars Entering Pisces Affects Your Relationships & Love Life Until June 27th

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How Mars Entering Pisces Affects Your Relationships & Love Life Until June 27th

Passion is the direction of purpose.

There will be an intensity rising in the air as Mars enters Pisces, a soft and inspiring zodiac sign, on May 13th, changing the landscape of our romantic lives and making our purpose clear.

With Mars in Pisces, what can we expect for our relationships?

In astrology, Mars is the planet of ambition, drive and passion; depending upon the sun sign that this fire-based planet is moving through, we will find those areas of our lives affected.

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To have Mars move through Pisces is the collision of fire and water energy, which, in excess, can extinguish both. But it also creates balance and gives us enough steam to move forward in any area of our life.

Generally, this is a planet that spends about four to six weeks in each sign as it makes its way around the zodiac; however, after this transit in Pisces, we will see a much longer period due to retrograde.

That means that while Mars in Pisces energy is important, on June 27th this planet moves back into his home sign of Aries until January 2021, amplifying its importance. This is because there is a purpose for each sign Mars moves through to help and encourage our own process.

In Pisces, an emotional, empathetic and intuitive water sign, we’re asked to become clearer about where our passion resides — what fuels us, what inspires us, and what motivates us to continue to go after something, no matter what blocks may surface. Pisces is the sign of selflessness, helping and unconditional love, so while in this sign, Mars has to go about making things happen differently.

Normally, Mars likes to storm in and take what he needs, fight for what he wants and, in many ways, use aggression of physicality to make his point. But in Pisces he can’t operate this way. In Pisces, Mars has to become softer by nature, more subtle and more reliant upon his charms than his brute force, which is true for all of us during this time.

How does this translate into our own lives? With Mars in Pisces, we’re less likely to storm forward in our own lives, instead planting the seeds for change later on.

We’re going to be asked to have faith that love can move mountains, too. Pisces may work slower than Mars and be more gentle, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to become pushovers during this transit; quite the opposite, actually. As we move forward in this energy, we may be softer, but we’re going to be more determined and sure of ourselves.

But this is also about readying us for the next chapter, which has its own purpose. While Mars in Pisces is about steadfastness, roots, inspiration, passion and setting the intention for change, come the end of June we will be moving into Mars entering his home sign, where there is little talk and all action.

We have to be ready for this as a collective, meaning how we spend the following few weeks while he moves through Pisces will determine the rest of our 2020.

We first need to step into the true feelings we have surrounding our desires and emotions. If we block that truth from ourselves during this transit, once Mars moves into Aries we may take the wrong path or make decisions based on ego or responsibility, rather than those connected to our soul.

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What's helping us during this time is that many of us are still experiencing a slower pace because of what's occurring globally, so we're in the place to feel rather than keep doing. The truth is that we need to reconnect to our hearts, to that soul inside of us, realizing that while we can act and move with passion, we shouldn’t need to fight to make work, or even receive what's meant for us.

Often times, we get stuck in these paths of making something work, harnessing that Mars energy, and just being stuck in a cycle of doing without actually feeling a connectedness to it.

We can expect themes around what motivates us and our passions, challenging any previous decisions we’ve made, including those related to life path, career and especially love. The reason our love lives will likely be called into question is because Mars represents passion, while Pisces is the bearer of unconditional love.

Adding to that is Venus retrograde in Gemini occurring in this same time frame, which will dominate much of our energy and lives. Having this specific transit during the planet of love’s retrograde means we’re asked to do more feeling emotionally than just thinking logically.

During this time, we are asked to truly recognize the difference between working through challenges meant to strengthen us as we move towards what’s meant for us, versus becoming lost in the cycle of "this must work," even if it’s not meant to.

Pisces can only move with what she’s connected to, which will help Mars make this discernment for himself.

It’s okay to struggle on the path to pursue, because it teaches us many of the lessons we will need to utilize; however, even through those challenging times, passion should still be our fuel.

We know the truth by the way it feels, and this is true for our purpose, which is what both Pisces and Mars wants us to understand so we can start making the changes that enable us to take steps of action.

Sometimes, to lean into and accept our passion can be scary, because our purpose asks us to step outside of our comfort zone, to take a chance, and to trust in what we feel. But we have to understand that our feelings aren't something to fear, but knowledge to listen to.

If we have tuned into the deepest part of ourselves and found a feeling drawing us towards a specific life path, relationship or option in life, we are simply asked to trust ourselves.

We must trust that whatever we’re feeling is for a reason, and that what moves us deeply is what's meant to move us physically.

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