How The Double Mars-Pluto Conjunctions Of April 1st Will Affect Your Relationships This Month (And Far Beyond!), According To Astrology

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How The Double Mars-Pluto Conjunctions Of April 1st Will Affect Your Relationships This Month (And Far Beyond!), According To Astrology
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April starts off with a dramatic twist, as we experience two powerful conjunctions on April 1st. One is rarely experienced, which will be responsible for changing the landscapes of our lives forever.

A conjunction in astrology is when two planets are within five degrees of one another, combining their energies and acting as one powerful life-changing force. And it's certain for our zodiac signs that our relationships and love horoscopes will be part of that change.

The first transit is Mars conjunct Saturn, with both planets in Aquarius. This will help bring a sense of motivation and divine timing to the second transit.

The next one is quite powerful and uncommon, which always tends to amplify its affects as well. Pluto conjunct Jupiter, with both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, is about working hard and being motivated to accomplish our deepest desires, even if they go against the status quo.

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The Mars-Saturn conjunction is actually one that began on March 31st but is still exact as of today, and with the next one not occurring again until 2022, it’s one that begins a new era in our lives.

But the big story is the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction, as this transit occurs only once every 13 years; however, this year, we will be experiencing a triad of them as we begin a new decade and a new phase in our lives. The conjunction between these two intense planets will occur on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th.

Because of this, we can expect to see a peak in this particular storyline around the end of June, with the full manifestation of whatever is supposed to occur likely not happening until mid-November of this year.

Potentially, the astrology we experience today will start the wheels in motion for the next 13 years. While this sounds dramatic, it isn’t uncommon in astrology as Saturn’s movement into Aquarius and retrograde later this year will bring about a theme for the next decade within our lives.

Sometimes at the beginning of such periods, we feel skeptical and can’t yet see how the dots connect, usually only gaining awareness as time passes. But if we can become aware of what to look for, the nuances and subtle shifts, then having that awareness early on can help us make the most of this new time in our lives.

This year is all about expansion and breaking free from whatever was holding us back from living the lives we had dreamed of or from being ourselves. Whether we’re welcoming all of these changes or not, it doesn’t change that we’ve been praying for this moment for a long time; wishing and hoping to understand, to gain clarity and start taking strides towards our future.

Mars is the planet that rules ambition and drive. In Aquarius, he’s very active, enjoying a more productive thought process and feeling like he can think his way out of any possible dilemma.

While normally an impulsive planet, in Aquarius Mars still may move fast, but it’s because he’s thought it through beforehand and weighed out if taking a particular path will help bring him closer to his dreams. This is action, but it's also authentically driven.

Mars in Aquarius doesn’t need the approval of others or to hear that his choices are validated. But it’s the true inner voice of who he wants to be that’s guiding him, which is exactly the energy we’re going to feel.

Combining all of that forward movement with Saturn, the lord and time of karma, who is also in Aquarius, is like feeling what true divine timing is like and what a difference it can make in our lives. For many, we think of time as not being on our side; however, in this case, it’s only the beginning.

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We need to feel not only that sense of action thanks to Mars, but also that sense of purpose, which is what Saturn in Aquarius comes across as. This usually rigid planet becomes almost magical in Aquarius, bringing together long-lost loves and helping set us on a course to intersect our fate.

It’s all beautiful and it’s all divine, even if we have to be wary of ego taking over and somehow not make the choices we’re meant to. This is still all about trust — not just trusting how we feel, but in believing we will know when to make choices and act.

While Mars and Saturn are certainly important as far as having the motivation to go after our dreams and desires, the real showstopper is the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. This conjunction hasn’t been felt since December 11th, 2007 and won’t be felt again until 2033!

This isn’t now or never pressure, but it's realizing that whether we sit out or wish to partake, it doesn’t take away from this being a moment that will forever change our lives and likely the direction we had anticipated on taking.

Pluto is the lord of the underworld, the planet that rules secrets and all that is hidden from sight. In Capricorn, this means that anything covered comes to light; it isn’t only for the best, but also for greater stability and growth long-term.

Pluto in Capricorn wants to take the darkness we’ve been hiding from and help us see that it’s our greatest treasure.

Pluto tends to bring change in ways we like least. Usually affecting the deepest part of our lives, those structures we have built thinking they would withstand the test of time, now suddenly seem to crumble so easily.

But in order for something new to grow, something else needs to end. In order to plant seeds, we need to not be afraid to dig up the earth a little bit. And this is what this transit is (and will be all year).

We need to not be afraid to see the truth, to put in the hard work, and to believe in the spiritual significance of what we’re doing, knowing it’s not ego that says we all have a different path and purpose, but the truth of Spirit.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose or goals of others are, only yourself. Our driving force is what matters most, as well as what is in our heart, because while life changes in a moment, the essence of who we are is what makes us, well... us.

It makes us able to ride the waves, not knowing what may come next, but trusting that as long as we trust ourselves, and as long as we trust Sprit, everything will be as it’s meant to.

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