How The Saturn-Mars Conjunction Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Initiate A New Life Phase Until April 2022, According To Astrology

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How The Saturn-Mars Conjunction Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Initiate A New Life Phase Until April 2022, According To Astrology
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We all wanted 2020 to be different, but we didn’t know it would be this difficult. This is the message for zodiac signs when Saturn conjunct Mars, with Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Aquarius as well.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets are within just a few degrees of one another in the same sign. With this aspect, however, it will be exact for both March 31st and April 1st, as both planets will be within one degree of each another, creating a very tight alliance of energy.

The Saturn-Mars conjunction occurs on March 31st, but we haven't seen happen since April 2018, and it won’t occur again until April 2022. So, it’s important to understand how to use this energy to make the most of the challenges it brings.

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Mars is the planet that rules the divine masculine, so while this transit really represents a new phase in our lives for all of us, regardless of gender, there may be a shift with men who have been on this path of greater self-reflection and awareness. The other major player in this scenario, Saturn, just shifted into Aquarius on the 21st for a bit of a prequel to his official transit of this air sign come December.

Aquarius is a very independent and outspoken zodiac sign. Aquarius is a rebel with a cause, and has no problem choosing the least popular option or taking the road less traveled. Having Saturn, the planet of boundaries, time and karma, entering a sign that is much less rigid or by the rule book like Capricorn means we’re going to see big changes, both within ourselves and thanks to Mars.

For those divine masculine men in our lives, we could see a push for big change that leads to them to living their truth in a more authentic and independent way.

Currently in Aquarius, Mars is more apt to take chances and to do what it wants, rather than waiting for that perceived right time. So, if you’ve been holding space for any men in your life, know that their time of action could likely be right around the corner.

A conjunction is all about combining energies; in this case, its masculine-driven, ambitious, independent energy comes together with self-awareness, planning, internal validation, and lack of caring what anyone else says.

It's truly phenomenal energy when we think of what we’ve been through so far this year. Especially with the long and dark Mercury retrograde, we’ve just started feeling full of life in the past week.

While this transit is exact for only two days of the next two years, it doesn’t mean its impact is short-lived. To have an idea of how it likely will affect your life, try to reflect back to what was occurring in April 2018, specifically around those same themes of involving a dominant masculine figure, motivation, desire, independence, timing, boundaries, and preexisting structures we were living by.

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Because both planets were in Capricorn at the time, things felt more rigid; in all likelihood, we were still doing what we were supposed to according to ego or the expectations of others. Perhaps we still let ourselves experiment with following our desires, but more than likely we still ended up holding back from going all in on a particular path that was calling to us.

But now it’s been two years since then, and while so much has changed, we still might need to make that final push. To break away as the astrology of March has been challenging us, and to not worry about what may come next, but instead take charge of this moment and trust it will be what it’s meant to be.

The next few months of 2020 will be very interesting, and with this transit having Saturn in Aquarius for the first time since 1994, we’re just getting that first taste of what it feels like when the boundaries in our life assist us in being freer. When we’ve actually learned our lessons enough to have changed behavior and see that maybe it was never supposed to be easy. Because in the challenges, we also end up earning our rewards.

Universe will continually test and challenge us to see if we’ve learned what we were meant to, if we are who we say we are, and if we’re ready for that next level within our development and lives. Not because we’re being tricked or because we’re supposed to be delayed or run into challenges so big that we almost quit; rather, this is what it means to live.

Many times, we will hear ourselves or others say, “Why me? Why do I deserve this abundance, this love, this opportunity?” But the point is that we've already earned the path that leads to whatever situation involving that next level.

We earn our reward, our love, our gratitude and appreciation by the struggle it took to get there. Whatever our own personal struggle looked like, that is how we earn that next level. And for us, at this point, we’ve earned this.

The Saturn-Mars conjunct is about understanding we’ve earned freedom, time being on our side, acting on our desires with confidence, and having motivation to trust that we are right where we're supposed to be, and all the effort was worth it.

Saturn and Mars may have been challenging in the past, but now they are presenting us with a crossroads. Will we continue to believe that we have to struggle? Or, will we see that we’ve come as far as we were meant to, in this moment? Can we step into this new phase of being, living, and loving?

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