Your Zodiac Sign's Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For March 9 - 15, 2020

Your Zodiac Sign's Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For March 9 - 15, 2020
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The allure of the bad guy is real. They are mysterious, don't follow the rules, and shake you out of your comfort zone... or do they really?

The truth is, most of the time when you are attracted to the "bad type," it's because deep inside you are trying to fix some fatal flaws in one of your parents. Because that's exactly what we do when we date a bad guy: We try to fix them! And almost always fail miserably.

So, don't try to fix the bad guy. Just side-step him and choose someone better instead. That's the exact advice you'll find in your weekly horoscopes and Tarot card reading for March 9th to 15th, 2020.

Now, let's find out what the power of astrology and the Tarot have in store for your zodiac sign this week.

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Aries: Mother of Pentacles + Justice

Karma is on the side of the feminine this week, Aries. So if that's you and you were wronged by someone in your love life, karma is going to get them this week.

Also, if you have a tense relationship with your mother, the cards are saying that you will have the upper hand this week. Because you are actually right, and she is failing to see your perspective.

Taurus: 6 of Pentacles

Taurus, whether you are dating someone or are in a committed relationship, this week your relationship is going to grow and flourish beautifully. And if you are single, don't worry. It looks like someone quite sweet and giving is coming into your life soon.

Gemini: Son of Cups

It's not always the other person's fault, Gemini. Yes, they may be more incorrect in the situation (which is the reason why you are fighting in the first place), but they don't shoulder all the blame. Some of it is on you.

So the Tarot's advice for you is this: try to see their perspective and you will end this fighter sooner.

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Cancer: Father of Pentacles

Someone is going to offer you commitment this week, Cancer. Someone wealthy (even if they are not a millionaire) and quite established in their career. This person might even be older than you. This could be a marriage proposal for some!

In case you identify as masculine, it looks like you will be doing the offering.

Leo: 5 of Swords + 6 of Swords

You are surrounded by people who don't want you to succeed, Leo. And the reason why everything feels so hopeless right now is because life is waiting to see if you are going to take back control and do something about this sordid situation, or allow it to continue battering you from every which way.

So what's it gonna be?

Virgo: Reversed Daughter of Cups

Virgo, don't lose hope in love.

Yes, there are a lot of nasty people out there who will take advantage of you and betray your trust, but there are also great people who will love and cherish you just the way you deserve to be loved and cherished. So don't give into pessimism.

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Libra: 6 of Cups + 8 of Wands

There's someone in your past who has a strong hold on your heart still, Libra. And the Tarot wants you to admit that to yourself. Because you can only take action once you accept the truth.

Yes, it can go either way if you choose to approach this individual. But you won't know where you stand until you make a move. And to do so, you need to accept the truth first.

Scorpio: Mother of Wands

Keep your business to yourself, Scorpio. There's danger in letting people in on this secret, whether it's a new relationship or a passion project.

Sagittarius: Son of Pentacles

Someone angsty and immature will come into your life this week, Sagittarius. They will be all "woe is me" when they speak to you. But don't fall for their victim act. They pull this on every person they are interested in.

It's their version of a cheesy pick-up line. Only, it's targeted at those with a compassionate heart.

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Capricorn: Temperance + 8 of Swords

Capricorn, no one is coming to save you from this situation. You are the only one who can help yourself. And the way to do that is by taking a stand for yourself, even if you are afraid.

That's the only way these folks who are attacking you will back off. Trust us, if you don't fight back, you are indirectly telling the universe to keep sending you people who will treat you badly.

Aquarius: Reversed 5 of Wands

You know you have made a mistake, Aquarius. You shouldn't have chosen to commit to this individual. In fact, some of you shouldn't have married them at all. But you did. And now you are stuck.

Well, it looks like you are making all sorts of excuses to justify why your decision was a good one. But deep inside you know it was not. So, yes, you can hide from the truth, but that won't make the truth go away.

Pisces: Wheel of Fortune

Pisces, if you ended a relationship with someone recently (whether committed or not), the Tarot says that someone new is going to come in soon. You were destined to go through this situation to clear the path for the right person.

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